It’s a Blog Mitzvah!

I realized the other day that February 17, 2007 was the very first post on Hysterical Raisins. Those were the pre-Photoshop days of The Raisin, and the MS Paint image is embarrassing when I look at it today. So, kids, in honor of The Raisin’s 13th birthday (its blog mitzvah!), I thought I would recreate and update the very first poster. I couldn’t find the same image, but I did find the cover of the DVD box.

charles in charge

Original DVD cover

(Pictured: Bill Barr, Jared Kushner, Kellyanne Conway, Twitler, Stephen Miller, Mike Pence, Ivanka Trump)

Thirteen years ago, we were so young and innocent. We thought the Supreme Court-appointed Chimpy Bush and Deadeye Dick Cheney meant the end of our democracy. Little did we anticipate the sheer horror the Twitler era would unleash.

Instead of wallowing in our despair, sit down, have a bowl of matzoh ball soup and a glass of Manischewitz wine, and let’s celebrate a little before we buckle down and do the hard work of getting rid of the Grifter-in-Chief and all his minions.


bar mitzvah raisin



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16 responses to “It’s a Blog Mitzvah!

  1. The Raisinettes are what will make this a real party. Love all of you! ♥

  2. therub

    happy anniversary knoodles! because of hysterical raisins, i’ve been kept out of the looney bin for which i’ve been named. – the loon

    • Thanks Loonietic! Our daily sessions are what keeps me out of the loony bin. Hopefully, we can both stay out until it’s time to move to assisted living, where we can text each other from opposite sides of the dining room.

  3. Mazel tov, Nonnie, and may the Raisins continue to prosper!

  4. Congratulations on the anniversary!

    It’s true that Republican dumbth has been on a steady downward trend. I can remember when Dan Quayle seemed as bad as it could get. Then came Bush II, and it seemed like that was as bad as it could get. Then came Sarah Palin. At least then most of us were sure they’d finally hit rock bottom. But now….. Seriously, they can’t do any worse than Trump — can they?

    Well, here’s to another 13 years of raisin’ visual hysterics — and hopefully better days for the country.

    • Thanks Infidel! I think it was something on your blog that made me look and see when I first posted here. For some reason, I had updated the Raisin box with a banner than said “since 2004.” I have no idea why I thought the blog was 3 years older than it really is. I had to redo the box. Embarrassing! 😳

      I think we’ve been on this downward slide since Reagan and his racism and later beatification became acceptable. It keeps getting worse and worse, and I shudder to think where it ends. What is rock bottom to the Rethugs? How low can they stoop to continue to shore up morons?

      Oh, well, today’s for celebrating. We can go back to bitchin’ and moanin’ tomorrow.

      Thanks for stopping by. Just for that, you get an extra piece of cake! ♥

      • I have no idea why I thought the blog was 3 years older than it really is.

        Each year of Trump is so stressful it counts as two.

        you get an extra piece of cake!


  5. Donald Watson

    Happy Blogoversary Nonnie!

  6. And oh shit, there’s another chump in charge!

  7. 😘. And happy anniversary!

  8. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary and here’s wishing you many more. I love the poster. It’s hilarious.