Go ahead and google the definition of fluffer, kids. I’ll wait.

From Fox 13 News:

Thursday, President Donald Trump laid out his three-phase plan to re-open America. It’s a gradual, deliberate approach, first depending on, in part, a downward trend in positive COVID-19 cases and robust testing.

Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis said Florida would follow the federal guidelines — mostly.

”We will obviously use that as a baseline,” he said. “Doesn’t mean that Florida is going go do everything they say and not say. That’s a pretty good baseline.”

Translation: “I will do everything Twitler says.”


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DeSantis said he will be in contact with leaders in Southeast Florida, where the virus has hit the hardest, as a next step.

“Maybe Southeast Florida, the next phase, will look a little different than the rest of the state,” he said during a press conference in Fort Lauderdale, where he announced two new testing sites — one in Pompano Beach and the other at the Urban League of Broward County.

Translation: “I really don’t give a shit about Southeast Floriduhhh, because they hate me and they hate Twitler there.”

As the state tries to reopen from the coronavirus shutdown, there will no doubt be bumps and hurdles along the way. Unemployment claims have topped 600,000 over the last three weeks in Florida and major issues with the state’s unemployment website haven’t helped matters.

As of Thursday, over 33,000 out-of-work residents have received their claims — that’s about 4% of the total number of people asking for help.

Translation: “The thief who was governor before me, Rick Scott, made sure that Floriduhhh unemployment benefits are really low, so his rich friends (the ones who donate to me and tell me what to do) won’t have to pay much in taxes, and the system sucks, but I really don’t care. Let the poor people starve.”

Meanwhile, while the COVID-19 infections and deaths keep rising, beaches and parks are going to be reopened. What else would you expect from a shithead who says wrestling is an essential service?


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9 responses to “Floridiot!

  1. therub

    i don’t understand how the human race has lasted this long. one would think the stupid people would have destroyed us by now. wars, greed, viruses, global warming. now all we need are alien attacks from outer space.

    • I think the aliens also have stupid aliens on their planet who keep cutting funding for their space program.

    • Like my friend Diana said on Facebook, “Aliens probably ride past Earth and lock their doors.” I bet they make their radios louder, too, so there is no danger of hearing anything.

  2. …..a downward trend in positive COVID-19 cases and robust testing

    Neither of which is remotely in evidence. What DeSanitize is doing is politics by wishful thinking.

    I wonder how many people will actually go to those opened beaches and parks, knowing what’s really going on? I suspect those who go will mostly be Trumpanzees who believe the bullshit over the science. Natural selection in action again.

    And yes, I did notice your, er, oral enhancements to the portrait. You really hate this guy, don’t you?

    • DeSanitize made me laugh (not the so-called person, the nickname).

      The beaches are crowded, and we had 1400 reported new cases of COVID-19 today. Unfortunately, natural selection won’t protect people who aren’t stupid enough to go to the beach unprotected but are unlucky enough to come into contact with the Floridiots who don’t seem to give a shit about anyone other than themselves.

      Oral enhancements? Oh my! Is there something around Racist Ronnie’s mouth that I didn’t notice. I’ll have to be more careful next time, I guess. 😉

  3. DeSanatize is too funny. Amazing what a dumb ass some of the governors are and he more or less leads the pack for stupidity. Of course if you open the beaches there will be consequences and if there are none, it will be surprising. What better way than a beach packed with mostly nakedness and drunkenness to pass the bug around?

    • DeSantize had the title of the dumbest governor until Kemp in Georgia said, “Hold my beer.” He’s opening up massage parlors, hair salons,tattoo parlors,bowling alleys and gyms. I am anxious to see how people can maintain a 6-foot distance from another person when getting a massage, haircut or manicure. And gyms? Great idea! People breathing heavy while using machines 20 other people just used. And, of course, who doesn’t want to stick their fingers in bowling balls and put their feet in rented shoes when trying to avoid cooties?

  4. Just one more bit of evidence that DeSantis is following trump’s lead just as closely as he can. Like Rick Scott before him, the PR folks on the payroll do a pretty good job of writing down nice-sounding talking points and he regurgitates them fairly well but if you drill down deeply you’ll see that every decision he makes is about protecting the uber-rich — his donors, in particular — and the major corporations who are actually calling the shots.

    Just another big-business lackey who cares nothing about ordinary citizens. Doesn’t matter whether the issues are about the economy or public health or anything else. He/they will walk all over working people and do the will of the corporate masters every time.

    • Hi Bulldog Ben,

      Welcome to The Raisin! 😀

      I take it you live in Floriduhhh like I do. Racist Ronnie DeSanitize has never had an original thought. He is a puppet of Twitler, the Chamber of Commerce and the hospitality lobby. He doesn’t give a damn about the people he is supposed to serve. I despise him. I thought we couldn’t do worse than the Medicare felon Rick Scott, but I always seem to be unpleasantly surprised these days.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see you again soon. 🙂