Benedict Donald


Veterans’ group VoteVets has released a new attack ad that criticises president Donald Trump over reports that he was briefed about Russia putting bounties on American military personnel in Afghanistan and failed to act.

The group, whose Twitter description states “blocked by Donald Trump”, has compared the president to Benedict Arnold, who infamously defected from the US Continental Army to the British side in the Revolutionary War.

benedict arnold

Original painting (by Thomas Hart, 1776)

VoteVets published the video to Twitter on 3 July, the day before the US’s Independence Day, an annual celebration of the country’s Declaration of Independence from Britain.


It was reported earlier this week that the White House withheld evidence of Russian bounties on American soldiers from Republican representatives.

A report from The New York Times on Tuesday alleged that American officials had intercepted electronic data showing large financial transfers from Russia’s military intelligence agency to a Taliban-linked account that corroborated the initial bounty intelligence.


(Video is in the comments)




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7 responses to “Benedict Donald

  1. Well, this should be the last nail in the coffin of any hope that the military would support him in a coup if he loses the election.

    This one should become the official portrait. Everything’s there — the overlong tie, the golf club, MAGA, the tiny hands, the Russian flag, and I assume that background is Merde-a-Lego or whatever it’s called. At first I thought you’d neglected to include a coronavirus reference, but then I spotted them.

    • I tried over and over and over again to put the upside-down bible in his tiny hand, but, alas, his hand is so tiny, it kept falling off. I’ll have to save it for another poster.

      Even Chimpy Bush’s former officials have formed a super PAC for Biden. I guess the only one on the Bush side still supporting Twitler is Jeb!’s son George P., but that doesn’t really matter, since his mother is Mexican, and that makes him a half-rapist, he’s half-bringing drugs, and he’s half-bringing crime, so we can just discount at least half of what he says.

  2. Ed Martin

    I need a definition of “America”.