Dr. Frankenmurdoch, Meet Your Monster


President Trump has told friends he wants to start a digital media company to clobber Fox News and undermine the conservative-friendly network, sources tell Axios.

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With loyal viewers and longtime dominance, Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch said on a Nov. 3 earnings call:

  • “We love competition. We have always thrived with competition. … Fox News has been the number one network, including broadcast networks, … from Labor Day through to Election Day.”

Here’s Trump’s plan, according to the source:

  • There’s been lots of speculation about Trump starting a cable channel. But getting carried on cable systems would be expensive and time-consuming.
  • Instead, Trump is considering a digital media channel that would stream online, which would be cheaper and quicker to start.
  • Trump’s digital offering would likely charge a monthly fee to MAGA fans. Many are Fox News viewers, and he’d aim to replace the network — and the $5.99-a-month Fox Nation streaming service, which has an 85% conversion rate from free trials to paid subscribers — as their top destination.


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12 responses to “Dr. Frankenmurdoch, Meet Your Monster

  1. Just let me add a note that the text under the image is a quote from Axios, but I was unable to add the quote box, because WordPress changed its editing, and it sucks. I was unable to add tags, too. Maybe I’ll figure it out one of these days, but in the meantime, I will just smack my hand on my desk and curse WordPress and its “improvements.”

    I also don’t know why WordPress made the image smaller (at least that’s how it appears on my screen), but if you click on it, a larger version will appear.

  2. That’s the problem with committing to Trump — he’s a ship which expects every rat to stay loyally on board as he sinks. Fox knows the game is up and is trying to transition to a post-Trump future. To Trump and many Trumpanzees, that’s betrayal.

    But I’d like to see this pack of clowns, who held a press conference at a landscaping company because they got it mixed up with a hotel, try to run something as complicated as a video news service. It will probably end up looking like Fox as interpreted by the Three Stooges.

    Thing is, there’s already a post-Fox Trumpist news/propaganda network (ONAN or whatever it’s called), so who knows if there’s room in the wingnut media ecosystem for yet another.

    We may never find out. Hopefully, starting with January 21, Trump will be too busy dealing with indictments from the SDNY for his various financial crimes to spend any time playing with video cameras.

    • Hi Infidel!

      Twitler demands loyalty, but it’s a one-way street. He uses people and then throws them away when they are no longer useful. It has to make one wonder why Lindseypoo and Ted Cruz and the others continue to back him. I think that the GOP has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they will put party over country every single time, but this is different. There must be some serious kompromat that some of the Rethugs are terrified of for them to act this way. It will be interesting to see how they deal with Faux News once Twitler is out of office.

      There’s not only OANN, but the Sinclair stations, too. I can’t see anyone throwing money away on a Twitler network. It would have to be online, because there’s no way Twitler has the bucks for an on air station. Twitler will insist on being the boss, and we all know how he drives any business he has a hand into the ground. I don’t see OANN surviving either. I hope they will have their press passes cancelled once Joe is in office, and without access, what will they do? The only reason they get any attention now is the moron reporter (Chanel Rion) who got called on to spew propaganda during every press conference or briefing. OANN is the fledgling Faux News wannabe with more conspiracy theories and brunettes instead of blondes.

      As you noted, Twitler will be too busy trying to dodge depositions and warrants to be spending too much time in front of the cameras. He won’t be able to pass the baton to Junior, because he’s totally unappealing to people in New Yawk, and there is no other place he can run.

  3. gregory gallina

    I bet Ivanka and the 2 eldest nitwit sons are in the basement of the White House trying to find the overhead projector and mimeograph machine they heard Ike had stored down there in the 50’s.

  4. I’m with infidel, good comment!

  5. Yes, well- El Trumpo is not gone yet and he is hanging on for dear life by yelling voter fraud. I put nothing and I mean nothing past that den of WH crooks who are busy working overtime to discredit votes in Michigan and else where. The US is no longer a democracy and you can bet your bottom dollar that money under the table will buy politicians any day of the week. And last but not least- sure as hell Russia has dirt on Graham and Trump and a host of other politicians. Few of the repubs are speaking up to tell Trump to give up his fight trying to prove election fraud. None of those wimps want to lose their cushy job which enables a good many of them to make a manure wagon load of money.

    • Sorry for not answering sooner, Yvonne. I’ve been sick as a dog since the Friday before Thanksgiving. I’m getting better, but it’s taking forever.

      The Goopers have proven themselves to be enemies of democracy. I don’t understand how they can be so stupid. Twitler will soon be out of power. He has lots of followers, but so did Sarah Palin. When do you ever hear about her now, except for an occasional appearance on Faux News (which is not radical enough for the Twitlerites)? I hope the mainstream media ignores the orange shitgibbon after January 21st. Attention is oxygen to him. They should starve him of it.

      • Dear Noonie, I don’t keep track of who answers my comments but since you had not posted in a while I feared that you were ill with covid. You don’t say what made you sick and what ever it was, I pray that you are truly on the plus side of your health going forward.

        I agree with you that attention feeds Twiltter and I really believe that all the media attention that Twittler received helped him quite a bit in getting him elected. Now if only the networks will focus on positive aspects of he new administration and to tell the good and bad stories without attention to Twittler, things will die down considerably.

        As you say oxygen feeds the fire and that makes his day even if most of it is negative because it gives him something to gripe about and to direct his hate to someone that he perceives to have “done him wrong.”

        I am tickled pink that he is now angry with Barr who had been at his every beck and call.

  6. Well, the good news is that if Trump’s behind it, he’ll probably run it into the ground as he has with so many of his ventures.

    • Exactly! He’s a failure. He fails at everything. No matter how much money the idiots who follow him give, he won’t have enough for all his legal bills and for a new network, too.