Cheney Leaves the House of Twitler

From AP News:

No. 3 House Republican Liz Cheney was clinging to her post Wednesday as party leaders lined up behind an heir apparent, signaling that fallout over her clashes with former President Donald Trump was becoming too much for her to overcome.

Unbowed, she implored her GOP colleagues to pry themselves from a Trump “cult of personality,” declaring that the party and even American democracy were at stake. “History is watching,” she said.

Trump issued a statement giving his “COMPLETE and TOTAL Endorsement” to Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York to replace Cheney. Stefanik, a 36-year-old Trump loyalist who’s played an increasingly visible role within the GOP, responded quickly, highlighting his backing to colleagues who will decide her political future.

Original image (Peter Paul Rubens: Hagar Leaves the House of Abraham)

(Click on image for larger version)

My 2¢: Listening to talking heads exalting Liz Cheney as the new Joan of Arc turns my stomach. She’s looking down the road. She thinks the GOP will come to its senses and cast Twitler into the bowels of history and move on. She’s not a martyr; she’s politically savvy and making sure she can run for higher office in the future or at least make plenty of money with a book explaining why she is the new Joan of Arc.

2¢ more: Shecky McCarthy is a spineless asshole whom we can only pray will never be Speaker of the House. Elise “The Little Slurmaid” Stefanik is an opportunist and nothing more.


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15 responses to “Cheney Leaves the House of Twitler

  1. Welcome back! I really thought you’d signed off from the blogosphere forever.

    I get the Q hanging on the wall, the Agolf Twitler hairdo on the mini-elephant, etc, but what do the added birds represent? Vultures?

    Cheney is no hero. Bad guys can turn on each other and still remain bad guys. The Republicans eventually got so deranged she couldn’t stomach it, but all the stuff she could stomach prior to that was bad enough.

    • Hi Infidel!

      Thank you for the welcome back. I’ve missed you and all the Raisinettes. I haven’t quite sworn off the internets. I mostly lurk. This past year hit hard, and I guess I needed time to figure out the new reality. I was hanging out on Twitter, but I got suspended (again), and I think it’s permanent. No more megaphone for The Raisin over there unless I create a new identity. 😡

      Cheney built her career on her father’s lies. I wouldn’t say that he invented big lies, but he sure as hell perpetuated them. Ironic that Liz of Arc is so adamant about Biden winning the election when she can’t admit that her father and Chimpy Bush actually lost their first one.

      Those are buzzards circling. They can sense dead meat, and it sure looks like that’s what Lizzie is.

      Thanks for stopping by and not forgetting about me after so much time. Thanks, too, for the link. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. ♥

  2. singe

    Bottom feeder Stefanick who rules just north of me in the land of the lost makes Cheney look less vile in the same way that John Wayne Gacy made David Berkowitz seem like a disgruntled postal worker who may or may not have had a dog.

    • Hi Singe!

      I agree with you completely. I don’t think Shecky realizes how abrasive and unlikable The Little Slurmaid is. I don’t she is going to win them any fans. Liz of Arc voted with Twitler way more than Slurmaid Stefanik did, and that will probably be noted every time her name is mentioned.

      Coincidence, I’m watching The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness on Netlfix right now. (Spoiler alert: There was more than one!!!! 😮 )

  3. therub

    great to see you back knoodles! the group of perverts (gop) is good at dividing the country but why stop there? now they’re dividing themselves. if we’re lucky, they’ll implode. once a pervert, always a pervert.

    • Loonietic!

      You’re the unfortunate one. You’ve been stuck with me this whole time. 😉

      I am going to pop some popcorn and keep watching the Rethuglican Civil War. We know how they love reliving civil wars, so I had better get lots and lots of popcorn.

  4. IMO, Cheney, Romney et. al. might as well start a different political party. Republicans are now a political cult, sans ethos. Great art! Welcome back!

    • So good to see you, Jim! 🙂

      I’ve been saying the same thing. Smart Rethugs who have not drunk the Kool-aid should announce they are forming a new party. They should say that they not only are distancing themselves from Twitler, but from Yertle McConnell, Shecky McCarthy, Gym Jordan, Lauren Boobert, Marjorie Crazy-Ass Taylor-Greene and all the other loud crazies as well. They should say that they don’t want to be just an opposition party, but to have a seat at the table and have their input considered. People really want compromise these days, and smart politicians should say so. Of course, the Rethugs are all scared shitless of being primaried from the right. If they spent their energy talking to their constituents and convincing them to go out and vote as much as they spent their energy kissing up to Twitler and running from microphones, they might not have to worry so much.

  5. Diana Frey

    Love this one, and glad to be able to comment again.

  6. I am so happy to see that you are ok. I figured you had the scourge and were either gone or recouping. I have been very worried about you and had no way of knowing if you were ok or not. The art work is fantastic. Yes, poor Cheney. She finally woke up and did the right thing and is now paying the price. Those repubs are a wicked bunch of addle brained monsters and ass lickers ,and if one of them disagrees they are an immediate outcast per the direction/s of their evil mafia boss’ Hitler copy cat boss, ex- Twitler himself.

    • Hi Yvonne! ♥

      I am so happy to see that you are okay, too. The past year has taken its toll, and now my little dog Macho, the official mascot of The Raisin, has some health problems. He’s 14 1/2, so there’s not much they can do for him. Thankfully, he’s not in pain, and he’s still frisky, so we just make believe that nothing is wrong, and he just lives his best life.

      I’m glad you like the poster. I have another in mind, and I hope I can get to it tomorrow. My Photoshop is acting up (either that, or it’s been so long, I forgot how to use it), but I’ll muddle through.

      I hope you got both doses of the vaccine. I got mine in March, and my son told me he got his second one last week, so I am breathing a sigh of relief, even if it might not be a full breath. My sister got vaccinated, too, so she comes over for dinner twice a week. It’s nice to have someone to cook for again, and it’s nice to be able to hug another human being again.

      Take good care of yourself, Yvonne. ♥

      • Aaah thank you for the sweet note/reply. I am so glad that you and your sis and son are all vaccinated, And yes, I completed the series of two vaxes by the second week of March. My docs clinic which is run’/owned by Ascension Providence secured shipments early on so that all patients of their clinics could receive the vaccines. They were giving both Moderna and Pfizer. I wanted Pfizer and was lucky enough to get that one with the first round. Both my kiddos have also been vaccinated as well as all my close friends. What a relief for all of us. Yes, hugs are important. It is that human contact.

        I hope your little dog lives as long as possible. Please try a good grade of CBD oil. I give it to all my old pets. It’s good for pain relief and stimulates the appetite.

        Stay well, Nonnie.

  7. Welcome back, Yvonne.
    Gosh I missed you! Having been in and out of Fb jail too = then appealed and they say “oops sorry we made a mistake”, I am fed up with their baloney so like you I am mostly lurking.
    Liz is mostly her father- and others all influenced by the horrible Lee Atwater long ago during George H Bush..and Roger Stone (slime incarnate).
    Dirty tricks, lies- it only destroys our country. It’s all about power, not the good.

    • Hi Karen!

      So good to see you here! ♥

      My big sin on Twitter was to comment on Pat Robertson actually criticized the police after the Derek Chauvin trial. It was so out of character, and I tweeted that maybe he had a stroke. My account was immediately frozen, and I was told that what I had tweeted was targeted harassment and wishing or hoping that someone experiences physical harm. I appealed and asked how that was harassment and how it wished harm on anyone. I admit it wasn’t my finest hour, but it was clear that it wasn’t serious, and it wasn’t wishing anyone harm. This was not my first suspension. The first one was for calling Ivanka the daughter/wife a bimbo. Again, not my finest hour, but she’s been called far worse by others. I came to learn that bimbo is a racially charged word in German. People are supposed to know that? Plus, there is the fact, if you type bimbo when searching for a gif in Twitter, several pop up. I didn’t appeal that suspension at the time, because it was so stupid. I think I was in Twitmo for a week for that. The other time I was suspended for a week or so was when I told a troll to go fuck himself, and when he was done, to do it again. I didn’t bother to appeal that either, even though I see people say the same thing to others a million times a day on Twitter with no consequences. I guess the accumulation of suspensions finally got me, no matter how stupid they were. My sister is trying to convince me to open a new account under a new name, but I’ve been resistant to do so. There are a lot of people I miss on Twitter, so maybe I’ll do that one of these days. I haven’t yet been kicked out of Facebook, but I don’t use it much, so that’s probably why. 😉

      Liz of Ark’s handwringing over lies is truly ironic. The lying started long before the previous guy, and her father was one of the biggest liars to ever cross the threshold of the White House. She’s not brave, and she is certainly not principled. She is doing what she thinks is in her own self-interest, and the stupid media swoons at her feet. She got her mother’s hair and her father’s sneer, and she inherited her dishonesty and cunning from both.