Set those Jewish lasers on STUN

In the latest lunacy, lunatic Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Crossfit) had this to say about wearing masks to combat COVID-19:

You know, we can look back at a time in history where people were told to wear a gold star, and they were definitely treated like second class citizens, so much so that they were put in trains and taken to gas chambers in Nazi Germany, and this is exactly the type of abuse that Nancy Pelosi is talking about.

In response to the QAnon Jewish Laser-dodging imbecile, Kevin “Shecky” McCarthy had this to say:

” “

Yes, MTG has no business being in Congress, but, IMHO, Shecky McCarthy is far more dangerous, because he allows her and the other whackadoodles to set the agenda while giving them cover. Therefore…

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20 responses to “Set those Jewish lasers on STUN

  1. vincelamb

    Set phasers to LOL! It’s Bat Sh!t and Chicken Sh!t, although my preferred name for McCarthy is Pickled Tongue after a delicacy served at one of the most famous restaurants in his hometown. I only know about it because I used to live in his hometown, too, and my ex-girlfriend’s family ate there.

    Speaking of bats, maybe you should take Michele Bachmann’s bat out of retirement for MTG, who people on Twitter say looks like a Neanderthal woman and they have the image to prove it.

    • Vince,

      Two great minds with one thought. I actually dusted off the Batshit Bachmann bats for Marjie, but them I removed them. The bats aren’t batshitty enough for Marjie. I was thinking that she is what you would get if Batshit Bachmann was impregnated by Rand Paul and the embryo was removed and implanted in Sidney Powell, who raises the child with Tommy Tuberville, and Uncle Louie Gohmert and Aunt Lauren Boebert are frequent guests. When the child grew up, she was hit in the head by a falling Cross-fit machine, and that’s how MTG came to be.

      Coincidence! Just today, I got an email that mentioned pickled tongue (it’s from a site that has articles about and recipes for Jewish food). I think Pickled Tongue Shecky is perfect.

      • vincelamb

        You need an image of a crazier bat, then. Pickled Tongue must be a more common menu item than I thought. The restaurant in Bakersfield that has it on its menu is Basque.

        • When I was a kid and living in New Yawk, tongue was in every deli counter and deli restaurant. I used to love it when I was little, but now the thought of it makes me gag. I never knew it could be pickled until I read the email today. I’m curious as to how different it tastes, but not curious enough that it doesn’t make me gag.

          If you google “Bakersfield pickled tongue” you will see that there is more than one restaurant that serves it. In fact, Yelp has a top 10 list of the best pickled tongue there.

          Maybe I can photoshop a picture of a bat with a pickled tongue?

  2. therub

    snl is happy as a lark. they don’t have to write jokes anymore. all they have to do is show clips of the bat shit crazy gop.

  3. How do these idiots have the nerve to come up with such analogies? “The police won’t let me drive on the wrong side of the road just because I might crash into other cars. It’s exactly the same as being burned at the stake for heresy like in the Dark Ages.” I know she’s chosen the Ann Coulter “appeal to the morons by deliberately shocking the grown-ups” pathway, but she clearly has no capacity for embarrassment, and a determination to carry out her schtick in the ugliest way possible.

    A person who behaved like she does in any normal workplace would be fired. They really need to consider expulsion.

    Yes, I noticed the Trumpified teddy bear and his shadowy presence in the red lettering. It’s interesting, though, that his new blog isn’t getting all that much traffic. It may be that his devotees among rank-and-file Republicans are losing some of their fervor or dwindling in number. McCarthy’s cowardly white flag may represent groveling before a dwindling threat.

    And I still think Trump will be in prison by 2024.

    • Infidel, I don’t think this moron has the mental capacity to form a strategy. She just says shit publicly that she would have said in private. Unfortunately, there are enough members of the cult that love that shit, and they shower her with money. That’s why Shecky keeps her around. He finally got out his MadLibs book and sent out a statement saying that her words were wrong. Of course, that was not followed up by any punishment. Meanwhile, I haven’t heard a word from the Gooper Jewish congressional conference (which could literally meet in a phone booth and still have plenty of elbow room—spoiler: there’s only two of them!). Coulter is evil, but she’s smart. This moron is evil, but she’s stupid. I have to wonder if the voters in her district are just lazy and didn’t show up or if they are overwhelmingly as bigoted and stupid as she is.

      i don’t think a lot of people can even find the blogger’s blog. Even if they can, from what I’ve read, it’s really just a series of short boring statements (sort of like tweets). I’m not interested enough to try to look for it. He was a useful tool for a while, but I think his usefulness is fading quickly. There will soon be a transfer of devotion to him to someone who is a bit smarter but still willing to stoop as low as possible to appeal to the troglodytes in the Q cult while still maintaining a patina of not being totally insane (DeathSantis? Heaven help us!!!).

      Shecky’s white flag signifies his surrender to the likes of MTG and the rest of the Clown Car Caucus. He’s a wuss and will never stand up to anyone in hopes of being Speaker one day. I’m not so sure that his flock will be that faithful to him. I don’t think he’s well-liked. He certainly isn’t respected.

      I think you are correct, and the blogger will be blogging from prison by 2024. At least, I hope so. If not him, I’d be happy with several members of his family doing time, even if it’s just having to stay home with their horrible relatives while wearing an ankle bracelet.

      • vincelamb

        Would it surprise you that the book “Deliverance” was set in her district?

      • I’m impressed that the Coup Klux Klan has even two openly non-Christian members in Congress.

        DeSanitize is well-positioned to rally the trogs once Agolf Twitler finally disappears behind bars, if he can stay in the latter’s favor — the man is capricious and will turn on even the most loyal follower over an imagined slight. It’s a crapshoot. And the QAnon qrackpots are getting nuttier by the day. That patina of not being insane may become impossible.

        We live in interesting times — well, not really interesting, but stressful in a way which would look interesting if one were a dispassionate observer from Mars.

        • One of the Jewish Goopers, Lee Zeldin, had to publicly say that he has never experienced antisemitism within the GQP. I will resist the urge to make a Holocaust comparison, so I won’t mention Judenrat. 🙂

        • Agolf Twitler! Infidel, you win the Interwebz today! Thank you for that.

          • Hi Eurobrat!

            Hope you are well.

            Infidel and I had a long discussion on names for The Blogger a while back. It was fun. I wish there was a search function for comments, so I could find it. My memory is less than stellar these days, but I think we decided on Hair Furor Agolf Twitler of Merde-a-Lago in the end. Infidel might have a better recollection.

    • They never know when to stop. McCarthy should have known that the minute he objected to her flinging poo all over the place, he’d get a handful thrown at himself. Let’s hope they start hating on each other, even if they don’t take it public.