And Justice for One

From Yahoo! Finance:

When West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, R, announced his decision last month to cut federal unemployment benefits for his state’s jobless residents, he pointed to what he said was a plethora of openings for those who needed work.


Justice didn’t need to look far for examples of companies struggling to hire workers. The storied West Virginia resort he owns, the Greenbrier, has been looking for dozens of new employees in recent weeks and until recently had received far fewer applications than normal. But after Justice announced his decision, that started to change, said Kathy Miller, vice president of human resources at the luxury hotel.

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Justice’s sprawling business empire, which in addition to the Greenbrier includes agricultural companies and coal enterprises, has made him a lightning rod for criticism from ethics watchdogs. A 2019 investigation by the Charleston Gazette-Mail and ProPublica found a thicket of conflicts of interest inherent in his dual roles as business magnate and public servant. Justice’s most recent financial disclosure lists over 100 corporate entities.


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9 responses to “And Justice for One

  1. WordPress is driving me crazy, and I could not include all the content I intended. If you read the article, you’ll see that the ironically-named Justice is not the only Rethug governor who will benefit by forcing people to work for shitty wages. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, Taint…I mean Tate Reeves of Mississippi and North Dakota’s Doug Burgum will benefit from cutting unemployment aid.

  2. Well the good governor of West Virginia can be added to the rest of the repub govs who keep their business empires going as a well oiled machine. I am certain they all have a conflict of interests just as El Trumpo did while in office.

    I think I have probably missed some of your posts. All the WP blogs that I follow have been going to spam. I don’t think about looking there for quite a while and then I am too far behind to catch up.

    • Hi Yvonne,

      Hope you are well.

      These guys would have taken away the extra benefits from people who really need it, even if they didn’t need to hire people. They’ll probably have boners for a week, because they were able to shit on people in need while lining their own pockets. It’s a twofer!!!

      WordPress is really pissing me off. It used to be so easy and intuitive, and now trying to post anything takes me longer than it does to make the posters. It makes me not want to post. I don’t know why they keep “improving” things when there was nothing wrong with it. Then again, maybe there’s something wrong with me, because as much as I read about how to navigate, the less I understand.

      • Yes, I am doing ok and well as can be for an eighty four year old.


      • So sorry but I hit the return and it flew away. I think I have only reblogged one thing and posted one little piddly quote about dogs since the change which was not an improvement.. You are not alone in WP complaints. Other bloggers that I follow are also grumbling and they are all computer savvy just as you are, Maybe one day I will get in the mood to do a “real” post but have no idea if I will be successful when I try.

  3. Most employers, it seems, will do almost anything except offer decent wages. Those few who have raised wages substantially are getting plenty of applicants.

    [scroll scroll scroll] Recent job postings [at the Greenbrier] advertise wages of $9.86 per hour for kitchen workers, $4.66 plus tips for pool deckhands and $20.20 for HVAC mechanics

    Kitchen workers have had the highest increase in mortality of any category of worker during the pandemic, which is far from over, especially in red states (like West Virginia) where so many people are refusing the vaccine. Ten bucks an hour for that? We need to pass that minimum wage hike and get the minimum wage in this country more in line with what other developed countries have.

    At first I thought that was a pile of horseshit at the lower left of the poster, but I guess it’s actually coal. Fitting either way.

    I don’t know what the deal is with blogging platforms making pointless changes. The one I use (Google’s Blogger) did the same thing a while back, and everyone agreed the changes were for the worse, though they’ve made it somewhat more user-friendly since then.

    • Leave it to you, Infidel, for getting all the “deets” on Justice’s employment opportunities for the great unwashed.

      I had no idea that kitchen work was so hazardous. Shitheads like Justice, who are offering their shitty salaries to people in the service industry, should be forced to work at the jobs they are advertising and for which they refuse to pay decent wages. I would be that most of them wouldn’t last a week.

      You are correct, that is coal. I figured someone would mistake it for poop. Like you said, it really makes no difference.

      Every time I get used to something WordPress does to change how posting is done, they change it again. Now, they have “blocks”, but I think they should call them blockages, because they are about as manageable. I don’t understand why they did it. There is nothing intuitive about it. It was so easy before. I can’t even figure out how to make a page break, so I have to post everything on one page, making the post too long on the main page and not including all the content I wanted. I wish they would allow us to use an older version (because I am an older version) like they used to.

      Thanks for the link to the post from your page. Always appreciated.

  4. Wesley Sandel

    High unemployment and desperate people are every capitalists dream.

    • Hi Wesley Sandel,

      Welcome to The Raisin! 🙂

      Forgive me for not answering you sooner. I have been a very bad blogtender.

      The Koch Brothers and the rest of that ilk are tearing up their Viagra prescriptions. They no longer need them, because cheap labor and people with very little choice get them more aroused than Viagra ever did.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Wesley. Hope to see you again soon.