Shecky Bo Peep has lost his balls and doesn’t know where to find them…

From Matt Lewis at Daily Beast:

“[Donald] Trump, not McCarthy, is the leader of the Republican Party. Trump can be the 2024 presidential nominee if he wants. Or he can be the Speaker of the House (assuming Republicans take back the House). Or he could probably get Kevin McCarthy to dress up like Little Bo Peep if he wants. He is the master, and when the master summons you, you go.”

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Click on the Daily Beast link above to read the entire article. It’s worth the time.


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6 responses to “Shecky Bo Peep has lost his balls and doesn’t know where to find them…

  1. therub

    if you don’t kiss the ring, you lose your job. if you lose your job, you lose power. if you lose power, the money chain dries up. wash, rinse, repeat . . .

  2. singe

    When you go to work for Pennywise the Evil Clown even though the Bo Peep outfit is humiliating when it is removed and your big red nose and floppy shoes are sew on with an industrial sewing machine Pennywise and his brood of hyenas really get some laughs!

    • Shecky will do anything to be Speaker, but the more he does, the more unlikely it is that he ever will be. At least, I hope not. He’s a coward. Even calling him “Leader” is like calling a perpetually miserable person Smiley.

  3. Great cartoon. I really think that Twitler will run for president again. He is keeping himself alive by staging the rallies and all of his adoring fans keep his ego stoked. As for Kevin the ring kisser, well he probably has great aspirations and expectations to eventually become something really big in the GOP. He is such an a— kisser and a weasel to boot.

    • Twitler is not going to run. He lost, and he will never risk losing again, especially so publicly. He’ll say he is running, but it’ll just be another grift to rake in the money from the great unwashed. He’ll use the excuse of everything being rigged in order to get out of running. All this, unless, of course, he’s in jail by then. We can only hope.