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I Bet He Grinds Organs, Too!

Is it true that money buys happiness? Apparently, the Bancroft family thinks so. From the Guardian:

It was a sad week, perhaps, for the Bancroft family – that paternal clan of old-time warriors who fought valiantly to maintain the independent integrity of the Wall Street Journal. Or did they?

A less sympathetic observer might suggest that the Bancrofts spent three months indulging in navel-gazing dithering over Rupert Murdoch’s $5.6bn offer for their family media vehicle before indulging in a venal lunge for cash at the flimsiest hint of an extra incentive.

Whatever you think of the Dirty Digger’s politics, you’ve got to hand it to Murdoch – his handling of the Dow Jones battle has shown business brilliance and he has left the Bancrofts looking more dysfunctional than the House of Windsor.

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Weasel Joe in His Natural Habitat

Did’ja see the mutual masturbation session interview that Helmet-Head Sean Hannity had with ass-wipe Joe Lieberman (I-CT) last week right before the Senate pajama party? Me neither. I don’t watch Faux News. Never have, never will. However, while googling, I happened upon the transcript. Get out your barf bags, kids; here are a few snippets:

HANNITY:…Congress’ approval rating now that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have been in power is now at an all-time low in the history of poll taking at 16 percent. We have been through non-binding resolutions, we have been through the idea that Petraeus was appointed unanimously. Harry Reid at the time said trust the generals. The surge was approved. We’re not supposed to get the full report until September.

Why did they decide do this now, considering they were supposed to give General Petraeus that time?

LIEBERMAN: There is no good reason to have this vote and this series of votes now. I know the war is unpopular. I know that there is pressure within different constituencies to do something. But Sean, what you said is basically right. We adopted a law in May that set a series of benchmarks. First the interim report last week.
The only reason to have the vote now would be, apart from politics, would be if you thought there was evidence that the surge counteroffensive was failing. In fact, as you know, all of the evidence is that it was succeeding. So this is wrong.

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