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Gonzogate: The Story That Never Dies

From The New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Thousands of pages of internal e-mail and once-secret Congressional testimony showed Tuesday that Karl Rove and other senior aides in the Bush White House played an earlier and more active role than was previously known in the 2006 firings of a number of United States attorneys.

Aides to former President George W. Bush have asserted that the Justice Department took the lead in the dismissals, which set off a political firestorm that lasted months. Mr. Rove played down his role in the firings in a recent interview and in closed testimony last month before Congressional investigators.

But the documents, released by the House Judiciary Committee after a protracted fight over access to White House records and testimony, offer a detailed portrait of a nearly two-year effort, from early 2005 to 2007, by senior White House officials, including Mr. Rove, to dismiss some prosecutors for what appear to be political reasons.

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“I Have a Letter” is the New “I Don’t Recall”!

First Monica Goodling, and now the sequel.
From the Washington Post:

It took just nine minutes into the question-and-answer session this morning for Sara M. Taylor to make her first “very-clear-letter” reference. The former White House political director, appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee about its ongoing investigation into the firings last year of U.S. attorneys, was asked whether she had ever spoken directly to President Bush about the dismissals.

“I have a very clear letter from Mr. Fielding,” Taylor began at 10:40 a.m., pointing to the letter from White House Counsel Fred Fielding that has “directed” Taylor not to testify about internal deliberations and external communications while she worked in the West Wing.

Didn’t make for a very exciting hearing. In fact, I would have to say it was….
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Birds of a Feather…

So here’s the story. Tim Griffin, protégé and pastier version of Karl Rove, recently tearfully stepped down as U. S. Attorney in Arkansas. He replaced Bud Cummins, one of the victims of the shitstorm known as Gonzogate. Anyhoo, a couple of senators on the Judiciary Committee want to know what Timmy had been up to during the 2004 presidential election. There’s this activity known as “caging“, a form of voter suppression. Seems that Timmy was not too cagey about covering up his caging activities, and he accidentally sent evidence of his unlawful tinkering to the wrong email address. Monica Goodling knew all about it and has said that Paul McNulty, former deputy Attorney General, knew about it, too. Op-Ed News tells it much better that I can. Go on over and read it. I can wait….
All done? Good. Isn’t this the most fun scandal ever?! It’s comedy gold!!
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By the way, it’s been about a century or 2 since I took French in high school, so I have no idea if I parlezed le francais correctly or not, but, hey, it looks okay on the poster, and that’s all that counts. Right?


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Again Monica?

I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself!
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(From left to right: Carol Lam, John McKay, Al Fredo Chihuahua, Monica Loose Lips Goodling, David Iglesias, Bud Cummins, Margaret Chiara.

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