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Pardon My Pardon!

From Times Online:

President Bush has been forced into an unprecedented U-turn over a pardon he recommended for a convicted fraudster after it emerged that the conman’s father had given a sizeable donation to the Republican Party this year.

Isaac Toussie, who conned hundreds of poor New Yorkers in a 2001 property fraud, was one of 19 people whose names were put forward for clemency by the outgoing President.

But after it emerged that Toussie’s father, Robert, had given $28,500 to the Republican National Committee in April – his first political donation – the Bush Administration did a rapid volte face.

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Hell, No! They Won’t Go!


Sen. Pat Roberts (KS) is now the eighth Republican senator to announce that they will not attend the GOP Convention in St. Paul, Minn., next month.

Roberts spokeswoman told the Topeka Capital Journal today that Roberts will be campaigning that week, finishing up his 105 county statewide tour during the convention week.

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Death of the Party?

From the L. A. Times:

Election day is more than a year away, but Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine is already facing a barrage of attack ads, protesters at her local offices and a strong Democratic challenger. It’s a far different environment than in her last race for reelection, when her popularity was soaring and she won a commanding 58% of the vote.

The one-word explanation for the change: Iraq.

Life of the Party
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All Night Long

Senate leader Harry Reid (D-NV) called for an all-night session of the Senate to pressure Rethuglicans to back an amendment proposed by Senators Jack Reed (D-RI) and Carl Levin (D-MI). The amendment would begin troop withdrawal from Iraq within 120 days of the bill’s enactment. The Rethugs were threatening a filibuster, which would require that the amendment pass with 60 votes instead of a simple majority. Senator Reid explained:

This week we’ll make Republicans answer for their refusal to allow an up or down vote on the most important issue facing our country today. We’re going to work today. We’re going to work tomorrow and work tomorrow night. We’re going to continue working on this until we get a vote on this amendment.

July 18 (Bloomberg) Cots were rolled into a room near the Senate chamber and food was prepared as senators took part in a night of debate that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pledged would last past dawn.


Top row: Harry Reid, Carl Levin, Jack Reed, Charles Schumer
Bottom row: Mitch McConnell, David Vitter, John Warner

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