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Schlock Market Smackdown

From the Los Angeles Times:

The “weeklong feud of the century” reached its climax Thursday night as Jon Stewart welcomed freshly minted nemesis Jim Cramer to ” The Daily Show.”

Cramer, who hosts the CNBC show “Mad Money,” had figured heavily in a “Daily Show” piece highlighting that network’s poor track record on the financial apocalypse, an attack originally inspired by reporter Rick Santelli’s diatribe against over-leveraged homeowners. (“If I only followed CNBC’s advice,” Stewart said then, “I’d have a million dollars today — provided I’d started with $100 million.”)

When Cramer objected publicly to what he considered unfair treatment, Stewart and his writers, smelling comedy blood, turned their sights toward him. Or, as the host described it last night, “We threw some Boston cream pies at CNBC, you got a little, obviously, shmutz on your jacket from it, you took exception, and then we decided to hit you with pies.”

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Tennessee Schmaltz

From Time:

The reviews are in, and the consensus is that Fred Thompson performed just well enough at Tuesday’s Republican debate in Dearborn, Mich., to keep his nascent presidential campaign alive and lurching forward.

Original DVD cover.
This, kids, is Chimpy’s true legacy! You now only have to be smarter than George W. Bush to run for the Rethuglican nomination. If you can manage to stay awake, keep your food down, and not drool, you can be preznit!! Countless doorknobs are expected to jump into the race at any moment.
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