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Meanwhile, at the Justice Department…

Deputy Barney Fife Attorney General Paul McNulty, mired up to his eyeballs in the shitstorm of Gonzogate worried about his family’s future, has tendered his resignation effective late this summer:

“The financial realities of college-age children and two decades of public service lead me to a long overdue transition in my career.”

Paul McNulty, soon gone. Monica Goodling, poof! Kyle Sampson, see ya! Let’s hope that pretty soon, we will be able to say…

Original DVD cover.


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Take my Justice Department, please…

Original DVD cover.
I am sure that by now you recognize Karl Rove, Alberto “Fredo” Gonzales, and Monica “I-Plead-the-Fifth” Goodling (draping herself over the seal of the Justice Department). However, who are those 2 other guys? Well, I am glad you asked! (go on, click keep reading!)
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