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The State Department: Where the Rubber Meets the Toad

Original DVD cover.

From ABC News:

Randall L. Tobias, a deputy secretary of state, tendered his resignation after ABC (After Being Caught?) News called with questions about an escort service allegedly involved in prostitution. Tobias was tasked with leading the African HIV/AIDS effort and promoted abstinence and faithfulness (can you say irony?). Tobias was uniquely qualified to carry out his duties, because he and his wife donated over 100,000 bucks to Republican candidates.
When queried about the escort service, Tobias insisted that there was no sex involved, just massages. It is not known if the ladies from the escort service rubbed him the wrong way.
The so-called D. C. Madam who ran the escort service, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, maintains that her service was legal and merely a sexual fantasy business. She said that if any of the women working for her had sex with clients, she was unaware of it (hey! she could be Attorney General!!).


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