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Crappy Daze

From The Guardian:

This sense of optimism has been in retreat in almost every sense over the past few years. According to Rasmussen polls, just 21% of Americans believe the country is on the right track, a figure that has fallen by more than a half since the presidential election of 2004. Meanwhile only a third think the country’s best days are yet to come, as opposed to 43% who believe they have come and gone – again a steep decline on three years ago. These are not one-offs. In the past 18 months almost every poll that has asked Americans about their country’s direction has produced among the most pessimistic responses on record – a more extended period than anyone can remember since Watergate.

America, in short, is in a deep funk.

Hey!! Not everybody!!

Original DVD cover.
(Note: I am never sure if Michael Chertoff is actually happy, or if he just has gas. You know, trouble in his gut.)
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