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Paul, Don’t be Such a Dick!

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From Times Online:

Paul Wolfowitz will plead to keep his job as President of the World Bank today before a special investigating committee, which is said to have concluded that he breached ethics by engineering a pay rise for his girlfriend.
Earlier on the same day Mr Bush had once again praised Mr Wolfowitz — who was sitting in the front row of an event at the White House — for his leadership in the bank’s fight against global poverty.
The crisis arose from revelations over an alleged conflict of interest in decisions to transfer his girlfriend, Shaha Ali Riza, to a the US State Department where she received a tax-free $60,000 (£30,000) pay rise.

So, here it is in a nutshell. Ol’ Paulie has been playing fast and loose with the rules, the adults at the World Bank want him to resign, and Ol’ Paulie, like a bad houseguest, refuses to leave and insists he didn’t leave the toilet seat up in the executive bathroom. President Bush backs his buddy completely and insists that Ol’ Paulie is doing a heckuva job. Mr. Bush cited the accomplishments of his friend during his tenure at the World Bank, including unchaining the pens from the tables. Then he asked when he will be receiving his free toaster.

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