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The China Sin Drone

From Vox:

America, meet your newest superhero: He likes protectionist trade policies! Even though it’s not clear if he understands how they work.

It’s Tariff Man!

Okay, it’s not a real superhero. But it is Trump’s latest nickname — for himself.

the incredibles

Original movie poster

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Barbie’s Dreamhouse of Ill Repute

From USA Today:

NEW YORK — Toy maker Mattel isn’t amused by a model’s pornographic play on the name of its clean-cut Barbie dolls.

Mattel went to court Tuesday to complain that the website of an adult entertainer named China Barbie has tried to benefit from the success of the 48-year-old line of dolls. They include Barbie’s sister, Skipper, her best friend, Midge, and Skipper’s boyfriend, Kevin.


The lawsuit said Global China Networks used a domain name containing the word “barbie” in a “bad faith attempt to profit from Mattel’s Barbie trademarks” and had damaged Mattel’s good name.

But…but….but….Barbie doesn’t have a…well, you know! I guess some people aren’t picky.

Original DVD cover.

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