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Hanni-tea Insani-tea

From the Cincinnatti Enquirer:

CINCINNATI – Fox News unexpectedly canceled conservative talk show host Sean Hannity’s appearance Thursday night at the Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day rally, leaving a lot of disappointed fans – and a lot of confusion.

Hannity was scheduled to hold a book-signing and a live taping of his talk show during the event.

Fox News Executive Vice President of Programming Bill Shine issued a statement to the media Thursday evening saying Fox had decided to call Hannity back to New York to do the show because officials believed the Tea Party was using Hannity to make a profit at the event.

Because the tea parties are supposed to make money for Faux News, not the other way around.

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Let DeWine-ing Begin!

From WZZM13 News:

CINCINNATI – The coming together of Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign and conservative radio talk-show host Bill Cunningham was a shaky and extraordinarily brief marriage.

That it ended Tuesday in a bitter divorce could mean that McCain might lose custody of the marriage’s only asset – millions of conservative Republican voters who listen to and believe in syndicated radio hosts like Cunningham and his colleagues.

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