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Personal Fouls-Sports Night at the Raisin!

From Business Week (January 30):

So much for bipartisanship…10 days into the President’s term and it’s over. Only the tiniest signs of inter-party mixing and mingling exist.

We’re not talking the stimulus bill here. We’re talking serious stuff: the President’s Super Bowl party.

After two days of questioning, the press office just released a list of the elected officials who will be watching the big game with Obama in the White House. The final score? Donkeys: 11. Elephants: 3. Seven of the guests hail from either Arizona or Pennsylvania, though apparently neither presidential rival John McCain or John Kyl, Arizona’s two Republican Senators, will be there. Pennsylvania will be better represented: both Democrat Bob Casey and Republican Arlen Specter will be in the house.

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Doesn’t this guy have TIVO?

From NPR:

Congressman Cliff Stearns, a Republican from Florida, asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to reconsider any votes scheduled for Thursday. The reason: Stearns is hoping to go to college football’s championship game. Number-two Florida plays number-one Oklahoma in Miami. Pelosi’s office says there won’t be a change in the schedule. Among the issues to be considered: certification of the Electoral College vote that gives Barack Obama the presidency.

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