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It’s Comical, Part 7: King of the Hill Edition

One of my favorite animated shows on television was King of the Hill.  It took place in Texas, so it naturally reminded me of Chimpy.  Since it’s the 10th anniversary of the Supreme Court appointing Chimpy to the preznitcy, it’s fitting we begin with a picture of him (and even more fitting that it celebrates the end of his reign, knowing all the damage he did)…
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It’s His Party, and He’ll Leave If He Wants To!

From the Los Angeles Times:

Standing before the cameras and the Klieg lights Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) kept a brave face.

“This is not a national story,” McConnell said, playing down the party defection of Pennsylvania’s now-Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter. “This is a Pennsylvania story about his inability to be renominated by the Republican Party or be elected as an independent. He made a totally political decision.”

It’s a decision, however, that leaves the Senate with no GOP representation in the Northeast save for Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, who is retiring, and moderates Susan Collins and Olympia J. Snowe in Maine — both of whom joined with Specter in deserting their Republican colleagues to support President Obama’s economic stimulus package.

Original DVD cover.
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Rethuglican National Convention in Pictures, Part I

Not a lot of reading tonight, kids! I thought we would take a look at our favorite moments at the Rethuglican National Convention, where John MCain was hailed as King of the Shill King Who’s Over the Hill King of the Hill.

Of course, not everyone could be there….

Chimpy and Condi were too busy…


I don’t know why Dead Eye Dick couldn’t be there. Perhaps he was hunting with Harry Whittington…


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