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‘Tis the Season….

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Geld this Guild!

Did’ya see it, kids? The Three Stooges–Joe McLiebercain, Captain Underpants, and Lindseypoo teamed up and wrote up some advice about Iraq for the new Obama administration. And who wouldn’t want advice from them, especially Captain Underpants!? Remember this scene? From Salon (you might have to click on the enter button over on the right to get to the article):

March 21, 2008 | When John McCain, speaking at a press conference in Amman, Jordan, on Tuesday, accused Iran of harboring and training al-Qaida terrorists, he apologized as soon as Joe Lieberman loudly whispered in his ear that he had uttered a blooper. He withdrew that remark and noted that while the Iranian government is training other “Islamic extremists” across the border, that does not mean they are involved with al-Qaida in Iraq.

Original photo.
Original movie still.
(And, yes, I might be obsessed with the Lollipop Guild.)
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Lieberman Endorses McCain, the World Yawns

The jowl meets the scowl, and they are both on the prowl!
The Sucker Lollipop Guild (A guild? That might be too close to a union for a card-carrying Rethuglican!):
Original photo.
Quarrel and Farty (you decide which one is which):
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