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Huntsman and Huntsboy

From The New York Times:

SALT LAKE CITY — Jon M. Huntsman Jr. was 10 years old when his father packed up their growing family to move east in 1970, leaving behind his fledgling company to work for President Richard M. Nixon.

A driven businessman with deep roots in the Mormon Church, the elder Huntsman found little to like about his experience in the Nixon White House. It was poorly run, in his view — not at all like a business — and he felt terrorized by H. R. Haldeman, the mercurial chief of staff.

“You asked me what I took out,” he told an interviewer years later. “I didn’t take anything but fear out.”
Yet Mr. Huntsman did leave Washington with something that proved valuable when he resettled his family here: a thick Rolodex and a deep understanding of politics. In the years that followed, as he became a billionaire industrialist, a philanthropist, a campaign donor and one of Utah’s most powerful men, his connections and wealth proved critical in carving a path into politics for his namesake and eldest son.

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The Russians are Unbecoming! The Russians are Unbecoming!


Not that there was any doubt that men’s figure skating silver medalist Evgeni Plushenko was in the running for worst sportsman of the 2012 Olympic Games before, but Plushenko, always the fierce competitor, has taken his unique ability to alter reality to new heights with his latest online antics. It seems the reason he has kept quiet in the past days, after spending a good amount of last week trashing gold medalist Evan Lysacek for not being able to perform a quadruple jump (“It’s not men’s figure skating… it’s dancing”), is that he has convinced himself that he didn’t lose a gold medal– he won a platinum one.

Yes, Plushenko […] has overridden Olympic tradition and awarded himself a non-existent platinum medal on his website. The graphic, clearly a scan of a regular Vancouver silver, is unconvincing at best, but at least his countrymen appear to back him in asserting his dominance. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told Plushenko his “silver is worth gold,” and Russian television originally presented him with his platinum medal, with RTR host Alexei Popov telling him, “You already have one gold and one silver so here’s a platinum medal for you… You are the real champion.”

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Sweet Home, Chicago


September 30, 2009 (COPENHAGEN, Denmark) (WLS) — Michelle Obama begins to lobby members of the International Olympic Committee, who will decide if Chicago will host the 2016 Summer Games.

Michelle Obama arrived in Denmark just before 5 a.m. Chicago time and was greeted by Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and his wife, Maggie. About two hours later, Oprah landed.

Only two days remain before the big decision. The Chicago bid team is looking to sway as many voters as possible.

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The so-called Russian expert not rushin’ to help

From Time:

Russia’s invasion of Georgia spread into a multi-front war Monday as Moscow’s troops attacked in the west of the country and took the town of Gori in its center, effectively splitting the nation in two. The incursion of Russian troops beyond the secessionist province of South Ossetia represents a direct challenge by Russia to the U.S., the European Union and NATO, and threatens to draw a new line of confrontation between the former cold war adversaries. It is also a test case for the limits of post-Iraq U.S. Power.

But if the stakes are high, you wouldn’t know it from Washington’s early reaction. The administration of George W. Bush has been slow to respond, with the President making cautious statements of condemnation over the weekend at the Olympic games in Beijing, and Condoleezza Rice remaining on vacation and oddly absent from public view.

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