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All Other Grifters Palin Comparison


Sarah Palin aligns her public image with the heartland, but it appears the former Alaska Governor has gone Hollywood. And when she leaves, she may be taking some of it with her.

On top of an appearance on the Tonight Show and rumors that she’s shopping around a TV show with reality producer Mark Burnett, Palin and her entourage were seen partaking in one of celebrity’s lushest rituals — the Oscar gifting suite.

While the group was loading up on freebies, the Los Angeles Times reported that, “Palin’s middle child, Willow, got her hair styled […].”

You kids know how I’m always anxious to help.  I’ve already thought of a name for Princess’s reality show!

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From Bad to Verse

From MTV:

It’s no “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” or “Rocket Man,” but William Shatner took to the airwaves on Monday night on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” and turned former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s rambling, magnetic poetry-esque farewell speech into a soaring benediction in the way only a tireless pitchman/geek legend/part-time beat poet can.

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Mom always said not to pick scabs

From the Los Angeles Times:

DES MOINES — Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was a guest Wednesday on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” — though he seemed earlier in the day not to know that he would be crossing a picket line to appear.

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