Peter Welch, Jim Teacher

From GQ:

On Wednesday, the House Intelligence Committee held its first public hearings for the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump. U.S. diplomat Bill Taylor gave a particularly damning testimony about the president’s efforts to withhold military aid from the Ukrainian president in an attempt to force him to announce a corruption investigation of former vice president Joe Biden. For the most part, Republican lawmakers used it as an opportunity to grandstand: Ohio’s Jim Jordan and California’s Devin Nunes, in particular, made loud efforts to distract from the facts at hand.


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The White House has been actively blocking members of the administration from speaking to Congress.


Jordan—a Trump devotee who’s been accused of looking the other way during his tenure as a coach at Ohio State University when student athletes reported being sexually assaulted—stuck with the Republicans’ official line.


[…]Jordan launched into an extended monologue about how unjust it was that Democrats weren’t allowing the committee to question “the person who started it all,” referring to the whistleblower.


Peter Welch, a Democrat from Vermont, took the opportunity to respond to Jordan’s lament. “I’d be glad to have the person who ‘started it all’ come in and testify,” said Welch, then gesturing towards the witness table. “President Trump is welcome to take a seat right there.” The chamber erupted in laughter.


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6 responses to “Peter Welch, Jim Teacher

  1. vincelamb

    The monkeys see no evil and hear no evil. Gym Jordan isn’t following along by speaking no evil. Gym Jordan can’t even play “monkey see, monkey do!”

    • Gym Jordan lives by the motto: See No Evil, Speak No Evil, but speak all the shit you want to as long as it furthers your political career and gives Twitler the warm fuzzies.

  2. Yeh, “Gym” Jordan is a regular ass and just keeps on showing what a crass and immoral man he really is. Yes, I call anyone who looks the other way regarding sexual assault, immoral.

    The other ass in my book is Nunes who makes a donkey’s rear end look good in comparison to his face expressions and behavior. He equals red faced Lindsey and grim lips Mitch.

    All the men that so stead fastly defending Trump must be desperate to hold onto their government jobs and are bound to have some steak/stake in their over the top desire to defend Twittler.

    • All the Rethugs, including their attorney looked like idiots. They embarrassed themselves and the country. I’m ashamed that the world watched that and think that is who we are. I was very impressed with the Dems. I give a lot of credit to Adam Schiff. That could have turned into a real shit show, but he held onto the reins, and he didn’t allow it to become a circus. Of course, it was Peter Welch who made my day.

  3. therub

    i loved peter welch’s comment! i also loved how adam schiff allowed nunes and jordan to grandstand with a straight face and no reaction then continued the hearings as though their hyperbole was just background noise not worth acknowledging. someone should do a photoshop video showing schiff yawning and checking his news feed on his iPhone while nunes and jordan pontificate. and dems need to point at the fact that if nothing happened then why is the full transcript of the phone call in a super secure server and why are all the people who spoke directly to twittler blocked from testifying? could they be any more guilty? do they really think we’re as stupid as twittler’s cult?!

    • This hearing is just the foundation for all the hearings to come. I am sure they will get to the “transcript” and how unusual it is for a phone call to be put in the super-duper extra colossal impregnable server.