Gaetz’s future relies on a wingman and a prayer


“Joel Greenberg—the Rep. Matt Gaetz wingman who pleaded guilty and is now helping authorities investigate the congressman’s involvement in an underage sex ring—has so much evidence that he needs more than 44 days to share it.

In a court document filed Tuesday, Greenberg, the disgraced local tax collector, asked a federal judge to push back his sentencing.”

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“The letter describes “ongoing cooperation which will not be completed prior to his current sentencing date.”

In May, Greenberg admitted to engaging in sex trafficking, identity theft, and other crimes on the condition that he would turn over evidence that implicated others who helped him. He was scheduled to be sentenced on Aug. 19.

Greenberg has become a witness in an ongoing probe into Gaetz’s alleged paid sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl, according to two sources familiar with the investigation who have spoken on condition of anonymity.”

(Don’t forget how chummy Gaetz and Greenberg were with Racist Ronnie DeSantis. And don’t forget that Kevin “Shecky” McCarthy has not stripped Gaetz of any committee assignments. And don’t forget that the GOP stands for Gross Odious Perverts.)


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8 responses to “Gaetz’s future relies on a wingman and a prayer

  1. We can only hope that Gaetz will be investigated and get some jail time.

  2. Gross Odious Perverts is right! And don’t forget that any kind of perversion is fine and acceptable to these “Christians”…as long as you worship the Orange Deity, that is!

    • Ain’t that the truth, Bratty!? They all got in line after the pussy-grabbing comment. We should have known then that the party would bathe in a sewer for him. Christians? In the words of Billy Sunday, Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.