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From Alex Moore at death+taxes:

The economic stimulus package enacted in 2008 has created approximately 2.4 million jobs. We know this, in part, because last Friday the Obama Administration’s Economic Advisers Council released a report on the effects of the stimulus package, which said it “has raised employment relative to what it otherwise would have been by between 2.4 and 3.6 million.”

It is possible that the stimulus created fewer jobs than expected, because last year economists predicted that it would create 2.8 million jobs, and now it appears possible that it created only 2.4 million jobs.

This morning presidential Rick Santorum appeared on CNN’s “American Morning” and insisted that stimulus was supposed to create 280 million jobs and instead it had created 240 million jobs—and had therefore cost us the difference of 40 million jobs.

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First off, if Obama had created 240 million jobs rather than 2.4 million jobs, he would be FDR 100 times over and the national economy would be booming. Yet, having only created 2.4 million jobs instead of 2.8 million jobs still puts those jobs in the positive category, not the negative one.

We’re talking basic high school math, here. We’re also talking about basic high school geography. Any school kid knows that the US population is just north of 300 million, including babies and senior citizens.


Santorum also goes off the rails elsewhere, claiming he’d enact a zero percent corporate tax rate for any company who makes anything in America, and says he’s just as opposed to civil unions as marriage equality. I’m glad this asshole will never be president, but I’m also glad we’ll be able to beat up him through the primary season.

(Video at the death+taxes link above)


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32 responses to “Gaffe Track

  1. Santorum doesn’t even hear how he sounds. It’s a big dummy contest on the GOP side.

    • it’s one tall drink of stupid after another. i wonder if the mainstream rethugs who are paying attention are embarrassed. 😳 i know i would be.

      • David Brooks sure is. He’s finally figured out that the crazies are now running the GOP. Took him long enough.

        • some of the people who are embarrassed now are the enablers who helped put the teabagging asswipes in power.

          • Kevin Phillips is one of them. He was one of the people who put together the Southern Strategy for Nixon. When his brainchild resulted in George W. Bush becoming president, he realized that he had created a monster. At least he realized what had happened a decade ago.

            • the sad thing is that a lot of the abettors know damned well that they’re harming the country, but they don’t care, if it means personal enrichment or if it only means that they ‘win the game.’ ed rollins is one of them. he knows damned well that botox batshit bachmann is not presidential material by a looooooooooooooong shot, but he’ll collect the big bucks and make believe she’s not a total wingnut.

  2. Friend of the court

    that is one dumb wingnut. maybe, he is counting all the second and third jobs that some people have in order to make ends meet. and all the snow jobs the GOP keep trying to pull.

  3. johncerickson

    You know, I get the same feeling watching these idiots as I do watching old episodes of COPS. You KNOW the car is gonna skid, you KNOW it’s going to roll over, you KNOW the cops will drag the guy out through the broken windshield, but you watch it anyway. I’m actually a bit sad there is an election next year – I’d be willing to put it off for a couple more years, just for the entertainment value! 😀

    • 😆 ♫rethugs, rethugs, whatcha gonna do? whatcha gonna do, cause you stink like poo?♪ it just amazes me that these idiots can make the stupidest statements and then, instead of a self-deprecating oops, they double-down and insist that they’re correct. even worse, their faithful followers try to rewrite history to make it look like their idiotic idols were correct.

  4. jean-philippe

    That’s one very clever strategy to make voters forget about his google problem…

    • is it really? people who have never heard of him before might decide to google to see who said something so inane, and we all know what they’ll see.

  5. jeb

    It’s OK, just like the other good Senator’s comment about Planned Parenthood and 90%+ services being abortions, it’s not meant to be a factual statement. In Rethug world, facts are annoying things so it’s better just to make up your own and to cater to the lowest denominator possible by making up numbers like goodalygazillion and stuff. Only snooty liberals and elitists are mean enough to point out the discrepancies.

    • they’re very good at making ‘what ifs’ into facts. when they’re caught making shit up, they double down, and faux news is always around to reinforce that what they said was correct.

  6. The only good thing I can say about Santorum is that he gives you material to work with.

    • i would willingly give up the comedic possibilities that santorum brings if he would just disappear from public life forever. i would do that for my country. 😉

  7. Santorum’s logic:

    He’d enact a zero percent corporate tax rate for any company who makes anything in America

    I guess he’ll make up the deficit by Volume of the above theory????

    All these GOP’ers like to ply the “jobs card” when campaigning, but really all they do when elected is demand tax cuts for the rich, then go after Unions to bust them up & strip them of collective bargaining rights & in Bachmann’s case proposes getting rid of minimum wage.

    A job is a job…. never mind if it is a living wage.

    • a job to the goopers is not an opportunity for a citizen to make a good life for him/herself and his/her family. instead, it’s something in the expense column of corporations that must be kept to the barest minimum, no matter what.

  8. Never worry much about these goofs who have poll numbers so low that, with the margin of error, could be actually -2 or -3%. They actually owe votes just to break even at zero %.

    • i don’t worry about asswipes like santorum. in fact, i wish more people would pay attention to them, because then they’d realize that there is a wing of the rethuglican party that wants to replace our form of government with a theocracy. i wish that the dems would push the rethugs into having to defend the ultra-right religious crazies. i want to hear more of rick santorum said so-and-so, do you agree with that? drive a wedge into the rethug party with their own words.

  9. Nonnie, your right. He is an asshole!

  10. Snoring Dog Studio

    Unfortunately, a lot of the people who vote for idiots like Santorum have even worse math skills. gawd almighty, these fools just keep on coming.