Getting Away With Murder in Floriduhhh

trayvon martin2May Trayvon Martin’s parents find peace. May George Zimmerman and his disgraceful attorneys never find any.



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  1. “Floriduhhh” is right…….

    So disappointed, but SO not surprised.

  2. Sherry

    Knew you’d be heartbroken like me tonight and wanted to touch base. Hope you are well. Miss you. Sherry (Lying eyes)

    • hi sherry! i was so shocked when i heard the verdict. i just can’t understand how 6 people could buy zimmerman’s bullshit story. no matter how many mistakes the prosecution made, it was obvious that zimmerman is a liar and that trayvon had no good choices. no matter what he did, he probably would have wound up dead, because zimmerman is a dickless little piece of shit whose can only prove his manhood by having a loaded gun. i’m so angry (especially after seeing zimmerman’s disgusting attorneys continuing to malign trayvon), that i don’t know what to do.

      i hope everyone remembers that it was jeb bush who signed the stand your ground bill into law. even though, technically, this was a self-defense case instead of a stand-your-ground case, the law gave zimmerman the cover he needed to get away with murder.

  3. Friend of the court

    people in the bay area are marching, peacefully, in the streets tonight. many signs and broken hearts.

  4. Snoring Dog Studio

    I’m utterly disgusted. I can’t believe we haven’t made any progress in justice for people of a different color. This is disgraceful. I almost puked when I saw the attorneys sitting there in the courtroom smiling – they acted as though this was a football match they had just won. Despicable.

    • i’m disgusted, too, sds. i keep thinking that i can’t get more outraged, and then i see zimmerman’s lawyers and brother continue to malign this kid who was gunned down for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

  5. Thanks Nonnie for this tribute. I am heartbroken, in despair, and afraid for my grandson. How can I tell this beautiful child who is colorblind, loves everyone he meets, and thinks that everyone who meets him loves him back about the dangers of “walking while black.” Between this and the Voting Rights Act cannibalism, I feel as if we’re being tossed back into the 1950’s. I feel undone.

    • eleanor, i keep thinking about an incident that happened when my son was in his late teens. he was at a 24-hour albertson’s store at around 1 in the morning. back then, he dressed like a slob and he had very long hair. there was another customer who was causing a scene for one reason or another. he was being abusive toward the cashier, so she called for security. security came running, and immediately ran toward my son. the cashier screamed at them that my son was a nice kid, and the well-dressed guy was the problem. no, my son is not black, but he was profiled. does that compare to being black and not being allowed to peacefully walk in a public place? absolutely not. however, it gave me a taste of what it is like to worry that your child might be unfairly put in a box because of how he looks. i still cringe thinking that the security guards might have pulled guns or inflicted violence on my son for no reason. well, my son grew up and cut his hair. a black child can grow up, but they can’t change their skin color. i can only imagine the frustration and anger they and their parents feel.

      i’m starting to ramble. i have to admit that i am a bit shocked that this verdict hit me as hard as it did. i keep thinking of that poor scared kid and how he had no good choices. if he saw the gun, can anyone blame him for trying to grab it? if he didn’t see the gun, then wasn’t he correct in trying to defend himself? even if he didn’t wind up in a physcial altercation with zimmerman (and i don’t for a moment believe that trayvon started the fight, but it doesn’t really matter if he did), i think zimmerman would still have shot him. zimmerman got out of the car. that was the beginning of this incident, and that’s the only reason this happened.

      i’m rambling again. i really would love to have a conversation with one of the jurors to find out what the hell they were thinking. i try to not second guess a jury. i was on a federal jury for 14 months, and i know how seriously we took our obligation. however, i can’t understand how they didn’t ask themselves if a kid bent on fighting would have continued talking on a cellphone. if he was bent on fighting, would he have chosen cement as his weapon when he had a full can of tea in his pocket?

      i have to stop now, or i’ll go on forever. hug your precious grandson for me, eleanor.

      • No, don’t stop! You are absolutely right. Next time it could be your son just because his profile was long hair one day or short hair the next and the profiler was afraid of that for some reason or another. This kind of cold-heartedness knows no boundaries and is emboldened when the cowards are allowed to carry a weapon, kill, and get away with it. I just posted a humorous story about being profiled all my life which I end with a tribute to Trayvon. My heart goes out to his parents. As badly as this has affected me, I can’t even imagine the grief they are dealing with. Warm Regards, E

        • i just ranted over at your place, eleanor. my apologies.

          trayvon’s family has more dignity and class than i would ever have in their situation. can’t say the same for zimmerman’s clan. don’t forget that his wife was arrested for perjury, and his brother is still trying to tarnish trayvon. and his father? (from huffpo)

          In the chapter, “Who Are The True Racists,” according to Think Progress, Zimmerman uses words like “pathetic,” “self-serving” and “disgrace” when describing the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP and Martin’s funeral director, among others. He says he believes they are promoting a racist agenda in the United States and around the Martin case.

  6. It is totally sickening.

    Good to see you though, Nonnie.

  7. Hi Nonnie, I just wanted to add my voice of solidarity with those who still believe in justice, in the face of such naked injustice. Empathy and justice, where art thou.