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Virginia Republicans Gov. Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli have gotten their way; the state board of health has followed their directives to approve the unnecessary abortion provider regulations proposed by the state legislature, which are meant to close as many abortion clinics in the state as possible. Just a few months later, the effects of that legislation are already being felt.

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Hillcrest Clinic has offered safe, legal abortion care for four decades. But now that care will be coming to an end. Hillcrest recently announced it would not be seeking renewal of its license, deciding that the new architectural regulations required by the state—widening hallways, changing the size of rooms, adding specialized sinks and sprinklers—would be too much of a financial burden.


Because it is so early, it’s unclear how many other clinics may follow in Hillcrest’s footsteps. After Pennsylvania passed a similar targeted regulation of abortion providers (TRAP) law, the state went from 22 clinics down to 13, and some of the clinics that remained open had to stop accepting patients for periods of time while renovations were completed.

The clinics that do stay open are likely to see those doorways darkened by abortion opponents. Hillcrest had long seen anti-choice protesters at its building. With the closure, those anti-choice protesters are going to look for a new place to roost.


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  1. hi kids!! so sorry to be so scarce lately. i’ve been up to my eyeballs in cakeballs. graduation and mother’s day are coming, so we’re busy once again, but i found this poster a while ago, and i’ve been itching to use it.

  2. Hey hey Nonnie! Although this won’t be the last time we hear of the those two Virginians, at least they stirred up a post from you. This is a busy season for you, so good luck … .and I hope all this also means the business is going well.

  3. 😆 The FBI is now using McDonnell’s magic vag wand on his butt. 😆

  4. Hopefully the FBI will expose McDonnell’s duplicity and hypocrisy in such a way that we Virginians get rid of him. Unfortunately, the Democrat that will be running in the future is not a strong candidate against Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, so we may end up with Cuccinelli by default–auggh!

    Glad to see you back Nonnie, and I’m craving those cakeballs! FYI — I gave you a shout-out in this week’s blog that is celebrating my 100,000th hit (“Celebrate, Good Times–Come On!”). Happy cakeball making! ET

  5. I’m so glad I live in Virginia. Next I’m moving to Kansas, then Texas. I want to be able to contend that I’ve lived my life in all the stupid places. It’s a crappy goal, but a goal is a goal in my book.

  6. Good poster. It’s simple but gets 100x more creepy once you’ve looked at it for a few seconds. Of course what this mandatory ultrasound stuff really suggests is some kind of niche fetish porno (It’s probably being filmed somewhere even as I type), but I understand you wanted to spare yourself, and us, the nausea.

    Still hoping the good people of Virginia — who did, at least, vote for Obama — will finally get these freaks out of office and out of other people’s private, er, business.

  7. Every time I think I’ve seen a new low point in politics, especially among the GOP, somebody saws the floor out from under me.
    Glad to see you back – or glad to be back, whichever fits better! 😀 Hope your PC problems are all done.

  8. What in God’s name is a “cakeball”? And how could you prefer them to toiling in Photoshop for free? =D