Profiles in Sewage

From RawStory:

According to a report in the Washington Post, GOP lawmakers in both the House and the Senate have grown weary of having to provide a daily defense for Donald Trump’s actions which may have an impact on whether he is impeached or not.


According to the report, “Republican senators are lost and adrift as the impeachment inquiry enters its second month, navigating the grave threat to President Trump largely in the dark, frustrated by the absence of a credible case to defend his conduct and anxious about the historic reckoning that likely awaits them.”

Summing it up, one anonymous GOP senator said, “It feels like a horror movie.”

the last horror movie

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“There’s frustration. It feels to everyone like they’re just digging a hole and making it worse. It just never ends. . . . It’s a total [expletive] show,” added a GOP strategist who has been in contact with multiple Republican senators.

The report also notes that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has shared “concerns in private conversations with other senators” and was forced to hold a meeting explaining how impeachment could play out.

According to William A. Galston, at the Brookings Institution, Republicans have brought their Trump woes on themselves.

“They normalized a president whose conduct they are now being asked to judge as so abnormal as to warrant his removal from office,” he explained. “To the extent that they quietly harbor conscientious objections to what the president is doing — or, even more spectacularly, how he’s doing it — they have to weigh the calling of conscience against political considerations. There’s a reason why ‘Profiles in Courage’ is a very short book. Courage is not the norm. It’s the exception.”



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7 responses to “Profiles in Sewage

  1. it gets worse before it gets better maybe? But with the killing of “bad-daddy” in Syria Twitler now has a feather in his cap and he will play this achievement to the hilt even though he did not have anything to do with it> Special forces with the dog did all the work.

    • I don’t think killing BadDaddy is going to do Twitler any favors for very long. He’s already being called out for revealing details that should have been top secret. Plus, BadDaddy was not a household word like Bin Laden. Nobody outside of the intelligence community, politicians and a smattering of reporters knew who he was, so the impact on the general population was nothing more than meh. On top of that, we are always hearing about the #1 or #2 guy in these terrorist organizations getting killed, but then another one pops up. It’s like terrorist whack-a-mole. One more thing—they didn’t kill him, he killed himself. That doesn’t take away from the troops (and that brave doggie!) who went after him. You can say they caused his death, because he wouldn’t have blown himself to smithereens if they hadn’t gone after him. Howevah (because there is always a howevah), his followers will extol his bravery and his dedication to their cause. The evil enemies didn’t kill him, he chose to leave this mortal coil and meet those 72 virgins in the hereafter.

      One more one more thing. Why did that fucking idiot belittle BadDaddy after he was dead? Hundreds of ISIS prisoners escaped when the Orange Shithole stabbed the Kurds in the back. Did he really have to rile them up by desecrating their dead head honcho? That’s just beyond stupid, but what else should we expect?

      • Thanks and yes you put it exactly how it goes with terrorists who just keep multiplying. But what you have written and what his followers believe are two different things> Twittler supporters grab onto his every word and the reality and logic has no bearing as far as his rabid fan base is concerned. Then there is party loyalty and the elimination of BadDaddy is a huge feather in Trump’s and the party cap.

        As I read about Twitler’s recount of the event, I cringed at his description. It was in extremely poor taste and for lack of better words- I think it was morbid, crude, and vulgar and irresponsible. Again, it is all about Twittler.

        And yes, he unleashed all those Isis prisoners and from those people a replacement for BadDaddy will arise if there is no one to take his place. I am sure though that there are men aplenty that have their ear and gear already in motion for their next move.

  2. therub

    yes, to add insult to injury was the way twitter enjoyed describing how al-baghdadi died and disclosing top secret info. about the attack. if rethugs aren’t concerned about the security threat twittler poses to our nation by now then they never will be. btw, those eyes are downright scary. twittler walks around with the eyes of a mad man. the fact that he has a cult who thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread is what’s really scary.

    • The orange turd just endangered troops overseas as well as their canine helpers. All his talk about how BadDaddy died was pure bullshit. It was probably a description of how he would act when he gets put under arrest. Not one person in his administration has said that it was possible for him to know how BadDaddy acted before he died.

  3. Despite the prestigious Criminals’ Choice Award, this one is flopping with all but the most dedicated fans of the Creature from the Orange Lagoon. The monster is still scary enough, but his act is getting old and tired. And nobody’s going to want a sequel next year.

    • I don’t pray, but if I did, it would be that nobody is going to want a sequel next year. Let’s see if he and his thugs get away with trying to smear the latest witness, Lt. Col. Vindman, a Purple Heart recipient. The vile Laura Ingraham, along with Mr. Torture John Yoo and sneering asshole Alan Dershowitz, has already branded him a Ukrainian double agent. Twitler has already dubbed him an anti-Twitlerer. That might fly with some, but what is someone like Martha McSally going to do? The only thing on her thin resume is that she was in the service. Is she going to trash a veteran? Surprisingly, Liz Cheney, daughter of chickenhawk Deadeye Dick who ate up Yoo’s torture memo, called Vindman a patriot and called the attempt to call him unpatriotic “shameful.” She didn’t even have to be prodded. Some other Rethugs like John Thune and Roy Blunt called Vindman a patriot, too, but we know that they’ll clutch their pearls and shake their heads as they vote against impeaching Twitler.