Bloody Hell!

From VICE:

Missouri’s top health official reportedly testified Tuesday that he once tracked the menstrual cycles of Planned Parenthood patients through a spreadsheet.

Dr. Randall Williams, the director of the state’s health department, was speaking before the Admistrative Hearing Commission tasked with determining the fate of the state’s last abortion clinic. He said the purpose of the spreadsheet was to identify what he considered to be failed abortions, according to the Kansas City Star.

another period

With a nod to Another Period and The Knick

The spreadsheet included identification numbers and the date of each patient’s last menstrual period, and was part of a wider investigation to determine whether patients returned to a St. Louis branch of Planned Parenthood more than once to complete their abortions, according to the Star. A state investigator also had access to the spreadsheet.


The St. Louis clinic is currently fighting for the ability to continue performing abortions after the state’s health department refused to renew its license over “deficiencies” it found through an investigative process earlier this year.

In exchange for a renewed license, the state wanted Planned Parenthood to complete a series of tasks to be in compliance, including making its physicians available for state investigators. That was the only ask Planned Parenthood wouldn’t agree to, since several of their physicians aren’t direct employees and can’t be forced into interviews.


The clinic is still open and performing abortions. The Administrative Hearing Commission’s hearing will continue all week, but a ruling won’t come until February at the earliest, according to the Associated Press.

Who is this weaselly shithead who cares so much about human life? From The News & Observer:

Williams, an obstetrician/gynecologist, was appointed North Carolina’s public health director in July 2015. He became embroiled in controversy over the safety of household well water near coal ash ponds. He was also a candidate for Raleigh mayor in 2011.


In testimony last year related to a lawsuit, state toxicologist Ken Rudo said state health and environmental officials tried to “play down the risk” of coal ash contamination of drinking wells.

Williams and former Department of Environmental Quality Assistant Secretary Tom Reeder rescinded a do-not-drink notice in March 2016. Rudo said in his deposition that the state was telling people the water was safe when it knew it wasn’t.

In a deposition, Williams said he rescinded the warning notices because they were stirring up unwarranted fears.

The state Department of Health and Human Services disputed Rudo’s account.

Megan Davies, an epidemiologist who was section chief in the state Division of Public Health and Rudo’s boss, resigned last summer over how the department and former Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration portrayed Rudo’s testimony.

She and another colleague had also testified about concerns they had about rescinding the warning notices.

I bet pregnant woman and babies were drinking that delightful water, chock full of mercury, cadmium and arsenic. Yum!


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8 responses to “Bloody Hell!

  1. Holy living $#!T, what an utter weirdo. I just bet he’s a religious nut too. May his punishment include being put on a diet of North Carolina ash-pond water for life.

    Those coathangers should not be in the wastebasket. Sounds like people in Missouri will soon be needing them.

    I feel like there should be more to say about this guy, but my power of language is just not up to the task. Gaack.

    • Holier-than-thous assholes like this one is very selective about the lives they want to save. What really gets me is how he was ever hired in Missouri after what he did in North Carolina. The fundie Rethug employee pool must be really small (and filled with coal ash).

  2. therub

    what’s really frightening is that this creepo and people like him get to vote. yikes!

  3. Unbelievable about the things that folks will admit to. it is both disgusting and shocking but then I should not be aghast at what has been going on in all levels of services and businesses in the United States.

    • He not only admits to it, I’m sure he’s proud of it. He thinks he’s some kind of medical detective. Instead, he is probably breaking all kinds of HIPAA rules and intruding on the privacy of Planned Parenthood’s patients.

  4. Williams was appointed to his position by the Rape-publican sex slavery criminal MO Gov Eric Greitens

    • Turds of a feather flock together. McCrory never met an anit-choice law he wouldn’t sign, and he forgot to mention that he owned stock in Duke Enery (the company that dumped the coal ash) and sold it after the coal ash dump became known. A day before McCrory left office, he appointed Williams to the Oil & Gas Commission. What kind of experience does an gynecologist have in oil and gas?