The Babysitters’ Club

From The Washington Post:

John Kelly, former chief of staff to President Trump, said Saturday he warned the president before he left the White House not to replace him with a “yes man” because it would lead to Trump’s impeachment.

Kelly also said he believed he could have prevented the current impeachment inquiry against Trump if he had stayed in the job.

Tell it like it is. Twitler doesn’t need or have a chiefs of staff, he has babysitters, and they are doing a shitty job.

babysitters beware

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His candid remarks, made during an interview at a political conference hosted by the Washington Examiner, suggests he blames acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and others in the West Wing for not doing more to stop Trump’s behavior.


[…] Saturday, in a statement to CNN, Trump denied that such a conversation took place and said if Kelly had, he would have “thrown him out of the office.”

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham elaborated on that with another statement to CNN.


“I worked with John Kelly,” Grisham said. “and he was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great President.”

The White House confirmed both of the statements to HuffPost.


Kelly also said that the current administration doesn’t have a proper system to prevent Trump from being vulnerable to impeachment probes.

“The system that should be in place, clearly — the system of advising, bringing in experts in, having these discussions with the president so he can make an informed decision — that clearly is not in place. And I feel bad that I left,” The New York Times quoted Kelly as saying at the event.


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7 responses to “The Babysitters’ Club

  1. “The genius of the president.” That is so laughable but it really is not funny. Twister’s yes men go to great lengths to protect the man that demanded utmost loyalty when he brought them into the fold. You have to hand to Grishman, that was pure genius on her part. She thinks fast on her feet.

    • Grisham drinks. She’s been arrested twice not that long ago and was charged with DUIs (with a suspended license). She lost one job for cheating on expense reports, and another job at an ad agency for plagiarizing. I don’t think McDonald’s would have hired her, but she gets a job in the White House. Only the best people!

      • After I wrote the comment, I looked her up on Google. My oh my, the sorry people that Twiltler manages to find. One look at her photo and I could see that she has a problem and looks meaner than a snake.

  2. It’s not easy when the baby has the power to fire the babysitters — and there’s probably a Justice Department policy that he can’t be spanked.

    Perhaps Mulvaney’s chicken logo should be a dodo? His public statements have been bumbling even by Trumpling standards, and he’ll probably soon be extinct from that job.

    I don’t think McDonald’s would have hired her, but she gets a job in the White House.

    Well, the White House doesn’t discriminate against cheats and thieves — it’s run by cheats and thieves.

    • …there’s probably a Justice Department policy that he can’t be spanked. 😆 If there isn’t one now, there will be once Bill Barr hears about it.

      I guess there are a few birds that would fit Mulvaney. A parrot, since he just repeats what Twitler tells him, a canary, because he sang and spilled the bean before he tried to backtrack, an ostrich for constantly sticking his head in the sand so he can say he didn’t see all the corruption, or an albatross or a turkey, for obvious reasons.

  3. the rub

    poor pathetic kelly. he’s still trying to be relevant.

    • I don’t think it’s a matter of relevance. He’s trying to repair his reputation for history. It won’t work. It never does when you’re a racist and/or help to put children in cages.