Russian to the Microphones


Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) said on the House floor today that by passing health care reform, Democrats “will finally lay the cornerstone of their Socialist utopia on the backs of the American people.”

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Earlier today, Nunes brushed off reports of protesters shouting racial epithets at Congressmen, ascribing them at least in part to Democratic “totalitarianism” that makes people “act crazy.”

Today on the House floor, Nunes railed against the Democrats’ plan, saying “this debate is not about the uninsured, it’s about socialized medicine.”

He continued: “For most of the 20th century people fled the ghosts of communist dictators. And now you are bringing the ghosts back into this chamber.”

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But what are they saying in Little Devie Nu-nu’s district? From Bill McEwen at The Fresno Bee:

I want the old Devin Nunes back — the one who was conservative, smart and knew how to get things done for his Congressional district and the Central Valley.


Of late, he’s sounding more like flame-throwers Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck than someone seriously attempting to bring more water to farms and jump-starting our region’s economy.

While Nunes’ cartoon act might play well in the far-right echo chamber, he is undercutting his credibility and his ability to help the Valley.

In a segment on Beck’s television show, Nunes likened the Obama administration’s water policy to Saddam Hussein’s reign of terror in Iraq and Robert Mugabe’s brutal 30-year destruction of Zimbabwe.

The Obama administration deserves criticism for its ignorance of California water issues and its indifference to rural America. But Nunes’ comments were inflammatory and over the top.

Nunes appeared on Beck’s show before House Democrats passed their health-care reform bill. Beck queried Nunes, a Republican, about Democratic wheeling and dealing — in particular the possibility that Jim Costa and Dennis Cardoza voted yes in return for increased water deliveries to Valley farmers.

“Are they getting water for their votes?” Beck wanted to know.

Answered Nunes: “Well, I think it’s kind of worse than that. What you have to look at is, we’re only getting 25% of our water [allocation] for 100% of their health-care bill.

“When you look throughout history, Glenn, it’s important to note out that there are a couple of examples — current, recent examples — one being Saddam Hussein, who starved his people of water, and Robert Mugabe, who currently starves his people of water. We have 129% rainfall this year, and what the Obama administration did, they upped the ante from 5% to 25%.”

Later in the show, Beck asked Nunes what he meant “by saying Mugabe and Hussein are the ones who did this? Are you comparing this kind of activity in the United States government now to those guys?”

“Yes,” Nunes said. “It’s a direct comparison because it’s true.”

Such is the state of the Republican Party — marching to the drumbeat of right-wing radio and Fox News commentary. Maybe in Nunes’ case, he is following the orders of his ally and mentor, House Minority Leader John Boehner.


Maybe if the Republicans return to power, Nunes will regain a grasp on reality and show his old form. For now, it’s disappointing to see him hanging out on the fringe.

Oy vey! There’s only one solution that I can think of. Beer summit!!!

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40 responses to “Russian to the Microphones

  1. I wonder when these idiots will realize that all their bitching about red menaces and communism and stuff is about as relevant as calling someone a Whig or a Tory?
    I just loathe stupid asses.

    • they don’t really know what communism means any more than they know who the whigs or tories were.

      • writechic

        True dat. That’s was another thing I thinking. Send these fucktards back to 5th grade social studies and make them learn to use these words properly!!

        • you should have to pass some kind of test in order to qualify to run for congress. these idiots are really dumbing down the country, and it’s not like faux news needs any help with that.

  2. writechic

    Omg, the melodrama.

  3. congratulations – you found someone more stupid than Duncan Hunter or Louis Gomert

    their stupidity and evil know no low

  4. Nunes, are you sure you can spell Communist?

  5. Socialist utopia?

    Not if there are still GOP wingnuts in the picture.

  6. They are at the end of the road. Their loyalist attitude didn’t prevail. Couldn’t even be a proper Whigaroo. The monied class ain’t setting any slaves free. Against government interference in matters like child labor, safe workplace, 40 hour week, etc. Civil rights? You have the right to know your place in the presence of your betters. And now on the losing side of HCR. So all this begs to ask the question: Have you ever known a conservative that didn’t think the crappy movie Red Dawn was a documentary? I haven’t.

    • they bounce from looking like whiny morons to frantic conspiracy theorists. they’ve become a party of extremists. well, except for capt underpants. he’s become a do-nothing. i wonder if that means he won’t be on the sunday morning shows from now on.

  7. Next step in this insidiously foul (and yes, I dare say socialmalistic) plan – Tie said Utopian cornerstone to the ankles of brave commie-fighters like the congressman and take them out for negative buoyancy tests over the Marianas Trench.


    • you’re on a roll, darkblack. i am so jealous of your last 3 graphics at your place and now this one. :mrgreen:

      • Nonnie, thank you. With artists like you about it’s all I can do to keep up now.


        • i hope you know that i really mean it. if you gave photoshop classes, i would pay to attend.

          • I mean it too – some of the crap I shuffled out the door a couple of years ago would never pass muster now, thanks to meddling kids like you!


            Of course, I now proffer only the finest crap that I’m capable of…


            • when i look at some of my own stuff from not very long ago, i’m embarrassed. 😳 i thought about cleaning them up, or in some cases redoing them completely, but then i figured i wouldn’t mess with the archives. they are what they are, and they’ll stand in all their ingloriousness.

  8. No No Nonnett! Your archive work shows the dedication of what was supposed to be a one time monkey expose that has developed into an mature forum of much value to all the dedicated raisins and even the casual visitor express their delight of your creative humor. It’s just your artistic temperment that demands perfection but any painter type will tell you they are never really satisfied and get to the point where they just have to “stop” and move on to something else. Consider what the great muralist Benson did half way through his career he pulled out half his earlier work and burned it! You’re early stuff is OK, gets better over time, compostion of press material adds to overall understanding of particular issues of the day, and, of course, your invaluable snark! No fear my dear, it will stand the test of time. It only gets better!

    • awww, you’re so sweet, jerry. i assure you it’s not a matter of artistic temperament that makes me cringe at some of the early stuff. some of them are really bad. i didn’t realize how bad some of them were until my son bought me a new monitor. yikes! 😯 however, there are a few that i am quite proud of, especially because they were made in mspaint. if i tried to recreate them in paint now, i couldn’t do it. i really don’t remember how i did most of them without all the awesome tools photoshop has. by the way, as the official raisin historian, you might want to make a note that the first poster done almost entirely in photoshop was in the diary titled ‘shmuckaroo’ (i looked in my old email to find out). apparently, i fixed up the white house in the background in mspaint. that was back in july 2007.

  9. I would seem a lot less dumb if I cited BENTON! Anyway, your work would be good even if you used those old colorforms we played with as kids (if that ain’t making one feel old). Can you give a tech tip on how to acces your stuff posted a D/K. I enter your screen name, time parameter, etc, always says no listing?? I was really jonesing to read those comments where they were giving you a hard time for using vagina on that sign. Remember to use a more lady like term like ginch. Good thing you didn’t offer lemonade!

    • i love colorforms!!! do they make them anymore? they were so much fun. at least, until they got all grungy and wouldn’t stick until you cleaned them all off with windex.

      i honestly don’t know what the formula is for searching for specific words in comments over at dk. here’s my page, and you can click on comments or diaries at the top to go back and forth. there is a way to look for specific phrases for a particular user, but i never remember what it is. i don’t remember what the complaint was about the va-jay-jay word being on the sign (i think you’re referring to the capt u/princess campaign signs?). i think it was just general tut-tutting from those with more tender sensibilities at the big orange. oh, and i did post the lemonade over there, more than once if i am remembering correctly.

  10. jeb

    Mmmm beeeeer. Where do I sign up comrade?

  11. Good/Bad news. The good is your DKos diaries from the first are safe in the archives. Fancy yourself a lyricist eh? I can get a derby and some sleeve garters and roll the old Story & Clark over sometime. Your greeness at posting is funny to read and inspiring to novices like myself. I swore I’d never own one of thes damned contraptions till sis forced it on me last year…..but alas… getting around the Bad News: those capitalist bastards at Photobucket absconded with your ponies! They took all of them. Sorry Nons.

    • the big orange diaries never disappear unless the diarists or one of the frontpagers delete them. to this day, it makes me nervous to post a diary over there (which i haven’t done in some time). i used to be nervous when i posted at american street, too. no nerves here at the raisin. it’s like posting for family, even though i know that a lot of people who i don’t know lurk here.

      i forgot all about the ponies. i set up a separate photobucket for them, but i haven’t opened it for eons. when you don’t use photobucket for a certain length of time, all the pics you’ve posted disappear. i should check around at other sites or maybe move my pics here, so when i croak, the movie posters will live on for the historians to see. πŸ˜‰

  12. Only way to be sure: Hard Copy. I learned early that real important and truly unique things got to get a trip through the printer ’cause they either go away or can’t be found later. Here is my achival advice. Get a big load of high quality paper, take out second mortgage for printer cartidges, and make multiple copies to be placed into earthen jars and sealed up. A good hiding place would be those caves above the Dead Sea valley where they would be safe for thousands of years. Hey, it worked for the Essenes. Imagine space explorers piecing the fragments together to write scholarly works on how mankind devolved back into chimps in our era. What to call the great works? The Rules of Raisin? The Noodle Documents??