Slumlord Billionaire


A new report depicts Jared Kushner as a ruthless landlord who sues his low-income tenants until their deaths


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Everyone is fully aware of Jared Kushner’s multitasking capabilities. This son-in-law of President Donald Trump wears many hats in the White House. He’s a senior adviser, the director of the Office of American Innovation and is charged with fixing peace in the Middle East. He’s also a slumlord, apparently.

Alec MacGillis, reporting for The New York Times Magazine and ProPublica, spoke with tenants of low-income housing in the Baltimore area that is managed by JK2 Westminster, the management arm of Kushner’s real estate empire.

One harrowing story — involving Joan Beverly, a probation agent who was named in a lawsuit brought by JK2 Westminster for $3,810.16 — epitomizes the way Kushner’s real estate empire has treated its tenants.


Beverly was dealing with pancreatic cancer at the time, which caused extreme financial stress because she was not able to work. In the suit, Beverly submitted evidence showing financial hardship, but JK2 Westminster persisted with its case regardless. The Baltimore County District Court eventually found in favor of Kushner’s company with a total judgment of $5,500 against Beverly.

She died two weeks later. The case is still pending in court, New York Time Magazine reported. While JK2 Westminster no longer exists as a corporate entity, the Kushner Companies is still the owner of that complex — and though he has stepped down as CEO, Jared Kushner is still connected to his family’s real estate holdings and fortunes.

This is just one story. Read more about this smarmy shitgibbon’s greed and what it does to people who can’t fight back. Here’s the link to ProPublica‘s story The Beleaguered Tenants of Kushnerville.



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14 responses to “Slumlord Billionaire

    • There are so many horrible stories over at Pro Publica. The worst part is that his company will get away with it in most cases, because the courts take the side of corporations, and most people don’t have the resources to hire attorneys to fight these assholes. This is why the people most affected by these kinds of things need to vote. They are the ones who suffer the most.

      • Smh….so right..

        It’s such a shame with what they get away with

        • It’s not just them. It’s all kinds of corporations. Credit cards, mortgage companies, insurance companies, cable companies, etc.. No matter what your honest dispute is with any of them, you are most likely going to lose if you choose to fight them. Years ago, a hospital sued me after they sent me home with a raging infection they neither recognized nor treated. I went back to the same E.R. a day later in agony, and they diagnosed me correctly and gave me antibiotics. I refused to pay them for the first visit, because their own E.R. said that they were negligent the first time. I went to court, and the judge told me that in every way–logically, morally, ethically, I was in the right. However, legally, he had to side with the hospital. This is our unjustice system. People don’t realize how screwed they are until they go up against a corporation. This is why it is so important for them to vote, but that doesn’t register until they have already been fucked over (excuse my French, but any other word would not suffice).

      • Well, there is something the rest of us can do about it — publicize this behavior as widely as possible. Shame them, make sure they’re known for it wherever they go. Thanks for doing your part.

        • One of the sad things, Infidel, is when you get a minor win from these corporations (and by “win” I mean that you settle with them having to give you something, even though you should be entitled to far more), you have to sign a nondisclosure agreement so that you can’t warn anyone. You are not even allowed to contact your representatives in government, or you risk losing whatever pittance you got, so you have no hope in trying to change the laws to work more fairly. I would go into more detail, but I an not allowed to, because I had to sign one of those. My shithead lawyer didn’t tell me I would have to sign one, or I never would have settled. I could have refused at that point, but there was no way I could have afforded a new lawyer and more court costs. And this is how they win.

          • mplo

            I can sort of identify with them in a way, because I worked for a number of years in the Customer Service department of a small local publishing company. Most of my years working there were okay, but then a new supervisor who was brought in to reflect certain changes that were occurring within the company got so overzealous that half the six people in our department, including myself, ended up filing grievances against her.

            One of the women, a bi-racial woman, did an MCAD (Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination) case, which got denied.

            Another woman, a lesbian, who also had ADD (attention deficit disorder) and a seizure disorder, also filed a grievance for harassment against this particular supervisor, but ended up going to California with her partner.

            As for myself, I ultimately filed a grievance against this same supervisor for similar reasons, but I fared somewhat better; I got a severence package, along with some retraining money, and a letter of reference from the other supervisor who’d been there longer.

            At this point, the company had recently had someone sue them for three million dollars, and they wanted no more grief, which is why I won. The department had wanted to fire me, and leave me in the lurch, with absolutely nothing, but I left with my dignity intact. (My job was slated for elimination, anyway, as it turned out, but still…)

            I was told not to repeat anything, and I had to sign a nondisclosure agreement, as well, however. Since this was a little bit over 20 years ago, however, I can state what happened now, without fear.

            What I went through was not nearly as bad as what a lot of other people, including the writers on this website had to go through, but it was difficult enough. I’m glad I did file a grievance against my new but overzealous supervisor, because standing up for myself made me stronger.

            • Hello mplo,

              Welcome to The Raisin! 😀

              Congratulations for settling your suit in a way that benefited you and made you feel stronger. I think that you are in the minority when it comes to people who are suing their employers or big corporations (and even in the cases where you are dealing with small companies, you often wind up fighting with huge corporations, because insurance companies come into play in ERISA or Workers Compensation suits). Sadly, there is no entity to which a lowly worker can appeal to advocate for him, especially with the demise of unions. Instead, people who can’t afford it are forced to either hire an attorney or just let the case drop. People don’t realize it until they are unfortunate enough to get hurt or sick or discriminated against, so they learn the importance of unions or some kind of collective action entity until it’s too late. In the meantime, the corporate side of the equation gets more and more powerful every day, with the help, of course, of paid-for politicians and the Supreme Court.

              Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you will visit and comment again soon, mplo. 😀

  1. It’s not a surprise that J.K. is a slumlord -after all he married into a family of greed and endless law suits. J.K. is a sleazy. slimly money grubbing piece of work, just like Model T. People that are named Trump or a part of the Trump family are heartless and care nothing about folks who are ill and/or poor.

  2. mplo

    Jared Kushner really is a vicious guy, if he’s really into the things he’s doing. It’s shameful that a member of a group with a history of such horrific persecution can rise up and act in such a sleazy, vicious fashion towards people who don’t have the resources with which to fight back and resist.

    • Jared and his vapid wife are spoiled entitled asswipes, and as a Jew, I hope that nobody thinks that they are representative of Jewish people. I’m not religious in the least, and regard my Jewishness as my cultural touchstone. My grandparents lost most of their families in the Holocaust, as did many Jewish families did, including Kushner’s. My grandparents were always grateful to live here. My father and uncles all served during WW2, one almost dying in the Battle of the Bulge. Gratitude and service are two words that don’t seem to be in the Kushner’s family’s vocabulary. As for Ivanka, she’s about as Jewish as the Pope. She converted only because Mama Kushner would not allow her precious little Jared to marry someone who was not Jewish. I don’t buy their phony piety. There is nothing about them that says Orthodox Jew. I don’t know who their rabbi is, but it’s amazing how he gives them permission to break the Sabbath for no good reason.

      Like I said, I am not religious at all. However, my grandparents (especially my grandfather) were religious. They always told me that there is no guarantee that there is a Heaven, so a Jew should always do good things (mitzvahs) for other people here on earth, I am pretty sure Jarvanka would never have that embroidered on a throw pillow. They are all about enriching themselves, and screw anyone who gets in their way, even if it’s some poor person living in one of the slums they own.