What’s that awful smell?

Republican Speaker Eddie Munster Paul Ryan:

The president’s new at this. He’s new at government. He’s not steeped in the long running protocols that establish the relationships between DOJ, FBI and White Houses.

So, Eddi…I mean, Speaker Ryan, just when can we expect that new president stench to wear off? We need to know, because, Lordy, like the gastrointestinally-delicate James Comey, we are really nauseous!


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You sure you want to stake your reputation  your political future on a man who is too fucking dumb to handle the job of President? A man who embarrasses himself and this country and anyone who supports him on a daily basis? You try to pass yourself off as thoughtful and reasonable, but you are nothing but a fucking Teabagger caught up in your fevered Ayn Randian wet dream, and you are willing to support a person so ridiculously unable to perform the duties of the most important and powerful job in the world, never mind the peril to this country and the world. Your balls are about the size of your president’s tiny hands.

But back to this “newness” bullshit. Will that be your excuse when he flubs the response to the next natural disaster that hits this country? The next terrorist attack? When he gets us into another war? As other people’s children die because of his ineptitude, will his newness give them comfort as they watch coffins being lowered into the ground.

How about when when he disses our allies and rewards our enemies, like Vladimir Putin and Russia? When he insults and assaults women? When he shits on minorities, gold star families and disabled people? When he makes targets out of journalists? Will newness be the explanation then? Oops, those ships have already sailed. That all happened before he was inaugurated. Was he new at being a human being? Is that why you were able to look the other way and support his candidacy? No biggie. After all, it wasn’t your wife’s pussy he was grabbing, and you’re a lily-white grown-up altar boy with the best health insurance government money can buy. As long as you got yours, fuck everyone else.

Just keep making excuses, Eddi…Mr. Republican Speaker (I call you that, because Democrats don’t seen to matter to you, even though we are more than half the country). Wear your loyalty on your sleeve to Hair Fuhrer like a good little German, and forget about how he told everyone to watch Jeanine Pirro on Faux News the very night she opened her show with a call for you to step down. Because, Eddi…Mr. Republican Speaker Ryan, if you are too stupid to realize it already, with Twitler, loyalty is a one-way street, and the loyalty bus he will throw you under will be headed right at you the next time he needs a distraction. That should be in another 5 or 10 minutes.

In closing, so sorry if I have said anything to offend you, Eddi…Mr. Republican Speaker. I would be better at ranting publicly, but I’m new at this and not steeped in the protocols that establish relationships between bloggers and fucking unpatriotic assholes.


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16 responses to “What’s that awful smell?

  1. Please, Nonnie, PLEASE keep offending Eddie … maybe he will take his toys (and his prez) home. 🍾

  2. Donald Watson

    I wish you would just come out of your shell and tell us how you really feel Nonnie. Keep up the good work! If anyone asks my opinion on this subject I will simply say “What Nonnie said.”

  3. the loony tic

    bravo! i can feel the burn! eddie munster is obviously unqualified for his job too or he would know better than to make such absurd statements. i’m sorry to have to tell him that, ‘no eddie, we’re not half as dumb as you seem to be.’

    • Thanks Loony! The entire Rethug caucus are unqualified if they don’t realize and admit what a danger Twitler is to the world. 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Nonnie…just when I think couldn’t get any worse or stupider, a Republican speaks up and excuses some outrageous behavior of #45 that they would have crucified President Obama over. The hypocricy is making me vomit.

    • It’s not so much the stupidity and/or pandering and/or collusion of the Rethugs in power that bothers me. We have come to expect that from them. What scares the shit out of me is the stupidity and/or ignorance and/or willingness of millions of American people to go along with this bullshit. Does racism, sexism and fear of the “other” consume them so much that they can so casually dismiss all the connections to Russia and the stupidity of the resident of the White House?