Let the GOP Civil War begin!

From Roll Call:

Rep. Mo Brooks said if he was Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, he would resign in the wake of the latest failure of the GOP health bill.

Brooks, R-Ala. said McConnell was “responsible” for the bill’s failure and that he was putting the GOP’s policy plans in jeopardy.

“If Mitch McConnell cannot get the job done on this, how is he going to get the job done on the rest of President Trump’s agenda over the next 3½ years?” Brooks asked in an interview with CNN.

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“At this point, if I were Mitch McConnell, I would resign, and let somebody else see if they can provide the kind of leadership that is necessary to address health care now, tax reform next, infrasrtucture next, and on down the list,” he said in an interview with Fox Business.

Brooks is currently running in the Republican primary against Sen. Luther Strange, who is serving out Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ term, as well as former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, among others.


Brooks’ attack on McConnell is part of his campaign strategy of distancing himself from establishment Republicans like McConnell. In turn, a McConnell-affiliated super PAC is blasting Brooks for skipping a vote on a bill to assist Capitol Police officers injured in the line of duty.

Counting on President Trump’s popularity in Alabama, Brooks and Strange have released ads bitterly contesting which one of them is the greater ally of Trump’s agenda. Brooks promised earlier in July to “read the King James Bible” on the Senate floor to filibuster any spending bill that doesn’t fund Trump’s border wall.

Brooks has had to shore up his Trump bona fides as a result of criticizing him during the presidential campaign for “serial adultery.”


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9 responses to “Let the GOP Civil War begin!

  1. Friend of the court

    if he whips out his king James, and there is a vengeful GOD, the lot would turn into salt sticks, and it would rain frogs.

  2. Brooks is delusional and full of himself. My how they trash each other when it gets down to the wire of re-election. Hate filled comments are so normal for the GOP. He is another trash mouth braggart. I doubt he has done anything for the good of the US since going to Washington.

    • They would throw their own children under a moving train if it meant they could get some sympathy votes. Brooks, Strange and Moore are even more racist than BeauBeau Sessions whom they all want to replace.

  3. Donald Watson

    Luther Strange. I thought this was one of nonnie’s jokes! Luther Strange sounds like the name of a Super Villain. That is just to perfect a name for Republican.

    • Don, it’s Alabama. Their state treasurer is named Young Boozer. I kid you not. The President of the Alabama Public Service Commission is named Twinkle Cavanaugh (she got busted for DUI, by the way–Twinkle, Twinkle, leave your car, The breathalyzer needle moved too far). She’s running for governor. Of course, they are all more grateful than Frank Schmuck who wants to run for governor in Arizona.

  4. Is that Trump’s face in the partly-visible red-tinted square?

    Brooks is currently running in the Republican primary against Sen. Luther Strange,

    That’s probably the root of the feud. Strange has shown he’s willing to be an obedient lackey for McConnell, so McConnell is backing him against Brooks and Ayatollah Moore.

    I wonder which part of the Bible he wants to read out for a filibuster? The part where Lot’s daughters get him drunk and shag him? The part where the she-bears rip up the 42 kids for dissing a prophet? It’s a book so full of uplifting morality. Actually, if it’s to support Trump’s wall, the perfect passage to read would be the story of Jericho.

    • When I was working on the poster, I was thinking that I hope it’s worth all the trouble to put Twitler in the red square (no pun intended, but I wish it was, because if I had realized at the time I was dealing with Red Square, I would have considered myself a fucking genius! Le’ts just say my genius was subliminal), because there’s a chance nobody would realize it was him. Then I thought to myself that Infy (that’s what I call you in my head) might show up, so someone might find it after all. 😀

      I think Brooks went after Yertle, because Twitler is not happy with turtleman, so he figures it’s a good bet to diss him to make the Alabama voters happy. They all have to out-racist each other. Good thing for them that it all come naturally. Wonder if they will show up in white sheets for their debate.

      I’ve never read the bible, but I did see the movie. I think they should start with a children’s bible, maybe one of those coloring book ones. And may they each get a thousand papercuts from them.