Stand by your man

So, I am sure that all you kids saw the abomination of a press conference today at Twitler Tower. There is plenty of consternation across the board for the asshole-in-chief, but I have noticed that there is a severe lack of condemnation for those who support him and those who were literally standing by him.

hitler youth

Original Nazi propaganda poster

From the guardian:

Donald Trump defended far-right protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Tuesday, insisting: “Not all of those people were neo-Nazis, not all of those people were white supremacists.”


The event was initially intended to be an announcement of an executive order to speed the infrastructure permitting process. Trump stood flanked by the chair of the National Economic Council, Gary Cohn, and the treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin, on one side and by the secretary of transportation, Elaine Chao, on the other. Both Cohn and Mnuchin are Jewish and Chao is Asian American. The new chief of staff, John Kelly, stood off to the side, where he was photographed with his arms defensively folded, holding his head down as he stared blankly at the floor.

There were questions after Twitler left for the remaining shitheads. From CNN:

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao stood shoulder-to-shoulder Tuesday with President Donald Trump, the same man who railed against her husband, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, last week and demanded that the lawmaker “get back to work” on health care.

“I stand by my man — both of them,” Chao said, when asked by reporters what she thought of her boss’s criticism of her husband.

Sorry, my darling Raisinettes, but I have to rant again. First of all, if you watch the video at the CNN link, you will notice a couple of things. First, Gary Cohn stands like either a ballerina or someone who desperately has to pee (or maybe like a ballerina who has to pee). Secondly, Mrs. Yertle was all smiles and giggles. Seriously, kids, who the fuck are these people? How can anyone stand next to a lying sack of shit as he makes excuses for Nazis, white supremacists, racists and antisemites and stand there and smile and then giggle afterwards? There comes a time, especially for those who are supposed to be leaders, to stand up to that which is WRONG. The moment the hate spewed from one of “her man’s” lips was the moment for any decent person to walk away. No, I take that back. It was the moment to storm away. To cry with righteous indignation that they will not stand by someone who stands by Nazis. This was the moment for them, and for John Kelly, who stood nearby hanging his head in shame, to be true patriots…shit, to be true human beings…and scream at the top of their lungs in front of the national media, in front of the American people, that they will no endorse hate, that they will not endorse murderers, that they will no longer endorse or aid or abet the monstrosity that now taints the Oval Office.


Just one more things, kids. What the fuck is wrong with the media? Why did they ask Mrs. Yertle the reality show question about her chinless fuck of a husband and the tweets of her dickless fuck of a boss? Every question to all of them should have been, “You heard what was just said by your boss. Do you agree with him?” The same should be asked of the walking bowl of Cream of Wheat, Mike Pence, and every single member of the Cabinet, especially the KKK poster boy Jeff BeauBeau Sessions.


You might get tired of the Nazi references this week. If so, I am sorry. It hurts my heart to feel it necessary to use them.


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17 responses to “Stand by your man

  1. Nonnie, I have outrage fatigue. Traitor Trump keeps the stupidity and insanity at such a high pitch it leaves me breathless. And you are right about all of those who stand with him. How can they?

    • Apples, I think we all have outrage fatigue, yet every day, another well of outrage appears. I am so angry. My grandparents worked so hard and went through so much to come to this country and escape the horrible fate that befell most of their family members. I’m glad they are not here to see this. It would break their hearts.

  2. Friend of the court

    way to rant! the cowards waited until the WWll vets are mostly gone. These folks do not honor their fathers, and their grandfathers. dumb shits.

    • Diana, it seems like all I’ve done this week is rant. I didn’t think of it before, but you are right. The cowards waited until most of the people who lived the horror of the WW2 era have died or are too old to fight. They saw firsthand what fascism looks like, and they would never allow it to rear its ugly head again.

  3. There are no words for effed up Model T and his crap heads that stand with and or beside him. I am sick of this whole mess and T, just keeps stirring his pot full of crap every time he opens his mouth. He continues to divide the country and could care less about how his so called announcements affect the people of our nation. At the rate we are going, civil war seems a possibility and then Russia will step in or the neo-Nazis. We are headed for disaster unless Twitler is removed from office. The GOP seems unable or does not care to do anything about T. who is lacking in common decency, morals and intellect.

    • I don’t know if taking him out of office would even help. Cream of Wheat Pence will replace him, and he certainly is not leader enough to encourage people to reconcile and to disdain the evil beings in our midst. Eddie Munst…Paul Ryan is a wimpy little asshole who can’t even put Twitler’s name in his tweets that supposedly pooh-pooh what the shithead says and does. Yertle is only concerned with how much money his mega-rich father-in-law can make while his daughter is in charge of transportation, which directly affects his shipping business. I think it’s up to the people to fight the tyranny and just ignore the shithead stinking up the Oval Office.

  4. Every time I think this can’t get any worse, it does. Collaboration with Russia to subvert an election seemed like the ultimate outrage, then this happened.

    I’m not terribly surprised at Chao’s reaction. Giggling and smiling is how some people manifest extreme embarrassment. She and some of the others present reacted with inanities because they had been blindsided by Trump’s shocking statements.

    Like so many others, they had willfully not seen the implications of Trump’s hiring people like Bannon and Gorka, because they wanted the positions of power Trump offered. They sold their souls to the Devil, but they never expected the Devil to come and collect on the deal as soon and as brutally as this.

    I do keep wondering what Eisenhower would have said if someone had told him that someday a Republican occupant of the White House would be reacting like this to such a situation.

    Don’t worry about the Nazi references. The slimebuckets in Charlottesville put the Nazi references on the table in the form of their flags and salutes. We can’t pretend this isn’t about Nazis.

    • I’m not at all surprised at their reaction. Sickened, but sadly not surprised. I do owe at least one reporter an apology. He did ask Chao what she thinks about Nazis, and she gave a bullshit answer and then changed the subject to infrastructure. I don’t think her reaction was due to any surprise or embarrassment on her part. On the news today, it was reported that Twitler’s opinions on race are well known by the people who work for him.

      They all certainly made a deal with the Devil, and they knew that sooner or later, the Devil would collect. They didn’t care. What bothers them is that they did no expect for their greed and complicity would be so publicly aired from coast to coast in a way so blatant that there would be no way for them to weasel their way out of it.

      Infidel, I’m Jewish, and most of my family was wiped out in Europe. I hate when anyone throws around Nazi references just to make a point. However, in this case, I didn’t think there was any hyperbole in posting Nazi references. Twitler and his collaborators/fellow sympathizers/Judenrat/apologists deserve every Nazi reference they get.

  5. the loony tic

    i understand that the nazis are planning more marches. will the national guard be called out to protect our country since these marches have become another avenue for terrorism? silly me asking a stupid question again!

    • I believe Gov. McAuliffe called out the National Guard the morning of the Charlottesville march. I think it was when they declared the event to be unlawful. Not sure what happened or when they actually got there. There was definitely a failure of the police in controlling the crowd and the aftermath.

  6. E. Chao has become rich and powerful by aiding the right-wing white power government, why wouldn’t she smile? Qui Bono?

    • Long time, no see, Gene! 😀

      Chao was rich and powerful long before she had anything to do with government. Her daddy is a shipping magnate. You know, shipping–that thing that might be affected by the actions of the Transportation Department. No conflict of interest here!

      Stop over again soon, Gene. Always nice to see you.

  7. Actually, I want the Cabinet members to stay — but Just long enough to sign the paper invoking the 25th Amendment.

    • It would take Pence-ildick and at least 13 Cabinet members to get rid of Twitler under the 25th Amendment. I don’t think anyone could name 13 of them who would actually sign on. There are 24 Cabinet members, and they share 1 1/2 testicles between them. Ain’t gonna happen.