Just Like Dr. Pepper, So Misunderstood!

From Politico:

After enduring three days of brutal postmortem attacks, Sarah Palin and a group of Republicans who worked with her during the presidential race are pushing back hard against claims that she was a “diva” who helped tank John McCain’s campaign.

“I never asked for anything more than a Diet Dr Pepper once in a while,” Palin told reporters as she returned to the governor’s office Friday.

It’s true! Princess Sarah is still the same sweet undemanding girl she always was, as Miss Wasilla….


…and when she was hunting and field-dressing moose in the wilds of Alaska….


She said she “never forced anybody to buy anything for her” — a reference to the $150,000 in clothes and makeup the RNC purchased.


And, as the Associated Press reports, she lashed out at unidentified GOP sources who told Fox News that she didn’t know that Africa was a continent and couldn’t name the parties to NAFTA.

Palin said it was “cowardly” for people to make those charges anonymously.


Good old Princess Sarah, just as upbeat as ever!


To be continued…..


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18 responses to “Just Like Dr. Pepper, So Misunderstood!

  1. jlms qkw - jenn

    poor princess sarah! i believe your collection will be well used in the future, too, nonnie!

    and start collecting pictures of those republican senators – i think we are going to hear from cantor.

  2. jlms qkw - jenn

    oh, i read an alleged quote from a rnc staffer: they told princess sarah to buy 3 suits and hire a stylist for the convention.

  3. jeb

    Nonnie, love the old Dr. Pepper posters. Boy do those go way back (I guess I do too if I remember them).

  4. jeb

    I don’t feel sorry for the Princess but there is also something very seedy about the way those folks in the campaign are throwing her under the bus. It’s like McBush would have just won if she wasn’t such a diva? Give me a break. And also, thanks to all of you slime-buckets for confirming how empty-headed she is. When were you going to tell us if they’d won? When she was taking the oath of office because the old President was incapacitated or dead?

    It’s fun on one level to watch the Rethug cannibalism orgy, but on the other hand, it confirms why they shouldn’t be allowed any where near the government.

  5. jenn,
    there is more to the collection, but i didn’t have enough time to include them all. i could have used an entire week for dr. pepper ads. i love using old ads.
    if memory serves, it was nicolle wallace who told princess to buy 3 suits for the convention and get a stylist.

  6. jeb,
    the old ads are the most fun to work with!
    i don’t feel sorry for her in the least bit. if you went to a doctor, and he said he was qualified to treat you when he wasn’t, and you got sicker, would you forgive the doc? she knew she wasn’t qualified, but she accepted the position anyway.
    every single person who is now throwing her under the bus should be ashamed. how dare they not tell everyone how ignorant she is! how dare they put country first on their banners? and how dare faux news keep the lid on this story!

  7. Natasha from Moosylvania is such an “old-fashioned girl” that her face looks right at home in those old ads.

    As for why the McCain campaign waited until now to throw her under the bus, maybe so many of them were deluded enough to think they could actually win and that Natasha was their ticket to doing so that they didn’t dare.

  8. nightowl724

    Ah, nonnie, your terrific ad redo’s have brought out a bit of fractured nostalgia in my mind…

    “We don’t give passes to girls who are asses.”

    “I’m a Pooper – I mean Pepper!”

    Sarah’s IQ: 10 – 2 & 4 = 12

    I particularly enjoyed #2: “TWO WORLD-FAMOUS Faces.”

  9. jeb

    My, my, speaking of lunkheads, it looks like Joe Liarman is going to finally take his toys and leave. Good riddance, I say! http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2008/11/07/1663265.aspx

    And if that possibility doesn’t tickle your toenails, look at this. Science is actually going to be allowed back in the White House. Yippee!!! http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27628719/

  10. Hmm. Diet Dr. Pepper must go well with the product Alaska is so famous for–methamphetamine.

  11. Ha ha ha ha haaaaa!!!! Nonnie you just killed me AGAIN. Brilliant, just brilliant.

    Yeah I hate that imbecile Ms. Moosemeat but what the hell are the GOP doing sliming her all over FauxNoise? Welp. I’m not going to complain. Looks like Caribou Barbie is the catalyst that might split the GOP in half. Now THAT’S gonna hurt!


  12. neon vincent,
    princess is the typical rethug woman in many ways. one of them is clinging to the 1950’s. they have a delusion that leave it to beaver and ozzie and harriet were nonfiction. they try to tell the rest of us that those are the values they cling to, and, in women, those ideals are evident in their clothing and hairstyles. of course, behind the scenes, they are more dysfunctional than the rest of us.
    as to not leaking the info earlier, you would think that there would be at least one patriotic person in the capt u camp that would have worried more about the country than about capt u and princess. it really pisses me off that rethugs have the gall to say that they are more patriotic than everyone else.

  13. nightowl,
    i like when i happen upon old ads, especially the really old ones. it’s also fun to find ones that i have seen in the past but completely forgot about.

  14. jeb,
    sorry you got stuck in the spam filter!
    i would not miss joe mcliebercain at all. i look forward to him becoming more and more irrelevant. i am wondering if obama might offer cabinet positions to some rethugs who live in states where dem governors would appoint dems to the empty senate seats. that would be fun, huh? 🙂

  15. karen,
    dr. pepper, meth, and stds! it’s the alaska trifecta! throw in an eskimo pie, and what else do you need?

  16. helen,
    isn’t it fun watching the rethugs tear each other apart? 😆 i look forward to more! the fundies will be pissed, and, if they cater to them, then they lose the moderates. there really is very little they can do at this point, except point fingers at each other in order to try to save themselves. 😆

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