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From Dawn Laguens (Executive Vice President, Planned Parenthood Action Fund) at THE HUFFINGTON POST:

Mitt Romney: It is time to withdraw your endorsement of Richard Mourdock.

We can’t go a week in this campaign without another out-of-touch politician showing his true colors on women’s health issues. First, Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin said, “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” Last week, Representative Joe Walsh said that abortion is unnecessary because the life of a mother is never at risk. Just yesterday, Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said pregnancy as a result of rape is “something that God intended to happen.”

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Mourdouck’s response to the outrage his comment created makes it even clearer that he has absolutely no idea about the real-life decisions that a woman and her family may face: “If there was any interpretation other than what I intended, I really regret that…anyone who goes to the video tape and views that understands fully what I meant.”

Yes, we do understand. This isn’t just about what politicians like Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, Steve King and Joe Walsh say — it’s about the policies they would enact in partnership with a Romney-Ryan administration.


It’s not enough for the Romney campaign to issue a tepid statement “disagreeing” with Richard Mourdock’s appalling remarks. Mitt Romney must rescind his endorsement of Mourdock and demand that Mourdock take down the campaign ads featuring him.


Over the past few weeks, the Romney campaign has worked overtime to mislead voters on Mr. Romney’s agenda for women’s health, even going as far as outright lying about his position on access to birth control. But Romney’s strong endorsement of Mourdock reveals his true beliefs. Even before Mourdock’s outrageous statement yesterday, it was clear he and Mitt Romney share an allegiance to the Republican Party platform, which would ban safe and legal abortion without any exceptions, give full constitutional rights to fertilized eggs, and repeal the birth control benefit.

Since President Obama took office, he has done more than any other president in history for women’s health. President Obama doesn’t need a binder to tell him that pay equity, access to health care, and the ability to make their own health care decisions are what matter to women and their families. Mitt Romney would take our country back not just four years, but forty years when it comes to women’s health.

Sorry for not being around too much lately, kids. On top of the computer still acting up (the damned thing turned itself off before I got a chance to save the poster, and I had to start all over. That’s understandable, though, because this gang turns me off, too), my sister and I have started our own little enterprise, and it’s taking up most of my time. We’re trying to build our very own cakeball empire!  If you want to see what we’ve been up to, click here.


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  1. Sherry Shirk

    Hi nonnie – was so happy to see your e-mail and the content is terrific! I miss you so much at night owl time – it’s just not the same ole fun place without you. Take care. Sherry

    • thanks, sherry! i really miss you and the gang over at the big orange. i do lurk there for a short while every day, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day lately. i’ve been trying to keep up with what’s going on in politics, and these assholes are really pissing me off. what do men know about being raped or being pregnant? any woman who votes for mittsie and eddie munst…i mean, paul ryan, is an idiot. if you don’t think abortion is right for you, then don’t have one. however, don’t make the rest of the population live according to your beliefs. the same for marriage equality. if you don’t believe in it, don’t marry someone of your own gender. it really is that simple.

      oops, sorry to rant. i’ll end on a nicer note. thanks so much for sticking by the raisin, sherry, especially when i’ve been so lax in following up. i really and truly appreciate the raisinettes. ♥

  2. elizabeth3hersh

    Well, these are soitenly a trio of nyuk-nyuk-nyukucleheads. Republicans seem to have more in common today with the 3 Stooges than William F. Buckley who I revered. I didn’t think it could get any worse after the Paul Broun video (wrong!) which unfortunately didn’t get covered much by national/cable news. Harvard professor Steven Pinker wrote an OUTSTANDING piece for the New York Times today on why states are red and blue. He adopts a historical perspective and pulls back the camera lens over hundreds of years until geographic politicization finally starts to make some sense. It is most definitely worth a read:

    • nyuckleheads, indeed. i used to say that things could not get any worse when it comes to the teabaggers, but they always did. i hope that congress is swept clean of the baggers so that things can actually get done. it’s a damned shame what has become of the rethuglican party. i remember decent, thoughtful republicans like howard baker. you don’t even have to go back that far. olympia snowe and susan collins used to be reasonable until they had the teabaggers breathing down their necks.

      thanks for the link, elizabeth. very interesting read.

  3. Good news seems to be that majority of Missouri voters will come through … not too sure about Indiana. Unfortunately, these 2 goofballs get a heck of a lot of votes – now that I find both sad and scary!

    It’s good to see you back again. Then again, a person has to do what one has to do. Sorry that the computer is still acting up! Stop by when you can. Good luck on the new venture with sis. Woo hoo! Nonnie, the Queen of Cake Balls!

    • nice to see you, too, frank. so sorry i haven’t visited in a while. i usually just sit at the computer, check my email, pay bills, and then turn it off. i’m exhausted and sore, but it’s good to have a reason to get out of bed.

      if any of these jokers win, the states or districts they come from should be embarrassed. unfortunately, they’re not the only ones who will suffer if these clowns win.

      • Nonnie,
        First and foremost, take care of yourself. That said, no need to apologize. In terms of voters, it’s one thing to be uninformed, but misinformed is a different problem. It’s one thing to have a philosophy or ideology, but another when it’s rooted in questionable core values

        Hang in there, and take care of yourself!

        • as you say, being uninformed and misinformed are different problems. however, i think the biggest problem is that there are a lot of people who have blinders on, and their being misinformed is completely voluntary. they ignore logic, science, and facts. they want to be misinformed so that their own biases are reinforced. it’s the same mentality that people in cults have. they don’t believe it when they see it, they see it when they believe it.

  4. Snoring Dog Studio

    Hi, nonnie! Glad to see a post from you! I would hope that Romney would lose some votes given that he supports Mourdock’s ridiculous belief. C’mon, women! Snap out of it! Even if the economy is your only issue this election, don’t take us back several decades!

    • hi sds!! glad to be posting. i’ve been so outraged my these morons that my fingers have been itching to do a poster. i had to remind myself how to photoshop.

      even if the economy is the only issue someone is voting on, rmoney is not the person to turn to. government is not a business. the goal of business is to make a profit. the goal of government is to make people’s lives better and more secure. never the twain shall meet.

  5. Hey nonnie, great poster. It’s as if someone paid that guy to say the wrong thing at exactly the right time. Unbelievable misogyny.

    • hi cynical one! doesn’t it seem like, every time the dems have their backs against the wall, a rethug comes along and says something so unbelievably stupid that the focus changes completely? 😆

  6. Friend of the court

    no one deserves a two finger eye poke more than those dumb asses. those cake balls are the bombz.

    • a 2-finger eye poke after really ling acrylics have been applied! 😉

      i wish i could serve all the raisinettes some cakeballs. you’ll all have to come down to floriduhhh. 🙂

  7. Good to see you Nonnie! Perhaps if you give two of your cake balls to each of these GOP candidates they might each have some balls? Although I guess that would be a waste. Good luck with the biz!

  8. You know, I really SHOULD be angry with you for debasing the Stooges with these idiots’ faces. But, since it’s ALWAYS a treat to see your posts, and since your PC is still being a silicon-plated schmuck, I’ll let ya off the hook. THIS time. 😉 😀

  9. Well, hello, Nonnie! It is so good to see you back again. I purposely stopped by today to see if you’d done a post on the concept of yet another Republican man claiming to hear God’s voice regarding the demoralization of women. Yet the news says that Romney is closing the gender gap. How can this be? Yikes!

    All the best in your latest endeavors. If Obama wins, I’ll come back and celebrate with you :); if Romney wins, I’ll return and sit shiva! 😦

    • hello lovely eleanor! i’m glad that i finally sat down and made a poster, because i wouldn’t want you to come over here and be disappointed.

      if rmoney wins, we’ll sit shiva together. we’ll rend our garments, cover the mirrors, and eat cakeballs until we’re in a sugar coma. 😉

  10. elizabeth3hersh

    Bill Maher just tweeted:

    “I’m tired of every Republican politician being a medical supergenius on vaginas. I want to hear gynecologists talk about the national debt.”

  11. I’m glad to see you back around, Nonnie! And good luck with the cake balls.

    As for these pols, I really wish that they’d quit talking about God. I don’t know who they’re talking about. but it sure isn’t the God that I know. I’m trying to picture Jesus saying, “Look, I know you were raped, but it was a gift!”

    It doesn’t work. I can picture Him telling Mourdock that he’s a jerk, though.

    • wken!! so good to see you!

      i think it’s so unbelievably disgusting for these holier-than-thou types to shame victims of rape. isn’t it enough that they were traumatized in the first place? anyway a woman (or a man, for that matter) chooses to help her deal with the trauma of being raped is fine with me. it makes me sick that ignorant men want to make decisions about things they not only don’t know anything about but will never experience.

      • Absolutely!

        And then they pretend that God told them to say whatever crap they want to say so that if you argue with them then you’re an evil monster.

        John Adams once asked George Washington to stop using so much religious rhetoric so that his political rivals wouldn’t have a challenge in sharing the same faith. And Washington was (arguably — he was a slave owner) less onerous than these reprobates. I know people who think that becoming a Christian means having to hate gay people, women, Muslims, Socialists, Big Bird, and public school teachers. Adams had a real point.

        Anyway, off the religious soapbox, … I can’t imagine why any woman not a native of Stepford would vote for these people or ever forgive a man who did. The misogyny is just so obvious right now, and anyone who doesn’t condemn it has to be seen as complacent and enabling it. This stuff is well beyond pro-life/pro-choice debates, it’s into whether women — especially women who have had just about the worst thing I can imagine happen to them — deserve compassion, love, dignity, and respect or to be treated as little pet projects in need of guidance. These guys really think that rape victims need to be told by men (who will never face the same prospect) how to handle what happened to them.

        • i think that it’s amazing that everything is so absolute in their thinking. there are never exceptions for anything, unless something happens to one of them. then there are suddenly loopholes as big as my after-cakeballs rear end.

          any woman who votes for rmoney and ryan or any of the other assorted misogynists must have some issues with their own gender.

          p.s. i think pro-birth is more descriptive than pro-life since so many of the so-called pro-life movement are very comfortable with war and with the death penalty. maybe we should just call them hypocrites.

          • Agree with you completely about the pro-life label. Anyone who cheers for letting people die because they couldn’t afford insurance, or laughs at “collateral damage” in war, thinks it’s okay if we kill people via pollution, and doesn’t even care whether the people we execute are really guilty (much less why we’re killing them) can’t be called pro-life.

            Nor are they really for small government. A government which wields the power of life and death can’t be called small.

            They’re not even really pro-birth, because they don’t want to help assure good prenatal care, maternal health, or care at childbirth. Really just anti-abortion. “Hypocrite” works, though.

            • they are susceptible to every drop of bs some millionaire from a pulpit or a boardroom throws their way, and they insist that they’re the most independent-minded people on the planet. it would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

              • I love having dittoheads tell me that they’re free-thinking while quoting a disk-jockey-wannabe on matters of serious policy.

                And then I get depressed because I realize that they vote.

  12. Fran

    LOL! Eliz 3 Hersh re the Maher quote.
    That’s great! Why do these blowhards feel so comfortable with va jayjay chat. If Pelosi or any other woman in congress started having penis chat, it would be *an outrage*.
    Who the hell finds a *silver lining* in rape?
    One of the most violent & abusive crimes- Ugh!

    The life of the Mother is never at risk in pregnancy????

    Better these extreme nut cases be exposed before ballots are cast & to know Mittens has aligned with & endorsed those ilk of candidates- Eh?

  13. Nonnie, my dear–cake balls it is! But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that we won’t need the cake balls or the ashes; we’ll be lifting champagne glasses together! In fact, the minute we cross the finish line on election night, I’ll drop by your blog and proposes a toast! Cheers!

    • oh dahling, there’s nothing like champagne and cakeballs! while i have the melted chocolate out, i’ll dip a few strawberries for us as well. 😉

  14. By the by, i mentioned you new endeavour to the wife, and we need some clarification. Cake balls – so, you’re an erotic baker? Or do I just REALLY not understand how cakes are “made”? 😉

  15. Sedate Me

    Clearly, all these vagina-haters didn’t get enough tail back in the day and are out for revenge.

    • people fear that with which they are least familiar. 😉

      • Hey, I didn’t get ANY tail for over 25 years, and I LOVE …….
        (You know, there is NO way I can finish that sentence and not go wrong. 😯 )

        • you really miss blackjack, don’t you? 😉

          • Yeah I do, but much like most male GOPers, he had no acquaintance with the human female reproductive system. 😀

            • but he smelled better than most rethugs and had more integrity.

              • Sedate Me

                So does my dog…and he eats his own poop.

                • I was gonna add a witty rejoinder (or half of one 😉 ), but then I saw a commercial for one of our local guys (Columbus). Frank can vouch that we are actually seeing signs for “Drown the Judge” (okay, it’s technically “Drown For Judge”, but it’s funnier with “the”). Now we have Robert Cupp running for something, and I can’t help but wonder, when he gets distracted by some scandal or something, that instead of his usual full service, we’ll only get a quarter Cupp…..
                  (Yes, I AM that sick, as if you didn’t know that already! 😀 )

  16. Okay, I’m a little late to the party, but I liked this image! I’m so relieved that Akin, Mourdock, and Rivard lost their races. Vile people like that have no place in public office.