King Gorge the Turd


When he assumed his nation’s highest office, he had no previous governmental experience. Born wealthy, he’d never worked for anyone else. Now his nation’s commander in chief, he had never served in the military.

For his every move, he relied on a secretive, eccentric advisor bent on reshaping the nation’s political order. Demanding absolute loyalty, the new ruler did not trust anyone more popular than he was, and detested all opposition.

If these facts sound familiar, they fit not only President Donald Trump but America’s last king, George III.


Original painting (with apologies to Nathaniel Dance)

George III, shunned by his dissolute father, lived with his mother and eight siblings until the day he inherited the throne. Home-schooled by the reclusive John Stuart, Earl of Bute, he learned to abhor Parliament and opposition of any kind.

Still unmarried when a courier interrupted his daily ride to tell him the old king was dead, George promptly fired his brilliant and popular prime minister, William Pitt, replacing him with his tutor, a man so unpopular that crowds often attacked his carriage.

While George prided himself on being the first Hanoverian king born and bred in Britain, he feared an Englishwoman would have powerful court connections. Bute advised him to seek a bride in Germany, home of his ancestors. George never met 17-year-old Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz until she arrived with her ladies-in-waiting and went right into isolation.


Suffering from porphyria, a rare hereditary metabolic disorder, George took advantage of severe insomnia — he once went entirely without sleep for 72 hours — to write nocturnal notes, letters, critiques of cabinet ministers and generals, letters to citizens with complaints. Nothing was too great or trivial, from the stipends of parish clergy and the royal laundress’s pension to his comments on military campaigns.


Even as Parliament refused to pay for a private secretary, George advocated importing cheaper workers to drive down wages and increase employers’ profits.


[H]e lavished money on renovating the new royal residence, Buckingham House.


And George III chose a playwright as the commanding general of his most fateful military expedition.

At first, as Americans protested Parliamentary taxes, George wrote he believed the “mother country” should practice “moderation” and “firmness” with her recalcitrant colonies. But after the Boston Tea Party, he wrote, “The colonies must either submit or triumph. . . . We must not retreat.”

Read the rest at the SALON link above. I just wanted to wish the lovely Raisinettes a wonderful and safe Fourth of July as we celebrate our independence from a tyrant who once said:

king george iii tweet



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9 responses to “King Gorge the Turd

  1. Heh…..Of course I see the reduced hands, the golf club, the framed fake Time cover, the phone, and the KFC bucket. The MAGA-cheesy-ized crown lacks only a “made in China” tag — or maybe “made in Bangladesh” since that was part of the British Empaaah. I was going to say the tie doesn’t go with the outfit, but that’s not really fair — they’re both too excessive to go with anything.

    Fun fact: The fired Prime Minister, William Pitt, has a city in the US named after him — Pittsburgh. It was a former French fortress which was renamed in his honor by the British general who captured in in 1758.

    George III sounds like he would have been quite the Twitter twit in his time, had it existed. Interesting that he was descended from a German immigrant, imported cheap foreign labor, and appointed incompetents to high posts. It has been said that history repeats itself, but the second time as farce.

    • Good job, Infidel! You only left out Fox & Friends on the telly. I added the chandelier, not as a joke, but because I’ve been watching HGTV all day, and I thought the room needed a focal point. 😆 You know that I usually add a made in China or Bangladesh tag, but they were so small they were too hard to read, so I left them out.

      I didn’t know that that’s where Pittsburgh got its name. I learn so much here. This repeat of history is surely a farce. A dangerous one.

      George III also married a foreigner. He had never met his German bride. The royal mail-order bride of that era.

      I’m watching 1776 on Turner Classic Movies and thinking of how the Founding Fathers are probably spinning like Fidgets in their graves right now.

  2. the loony tic

    remember the mag, ‘childrens’ highlights’? and remember the page with a picture/drawing & we were supposed to find hidden things in it that didn’t belong there? i study your posters carefully to see if i can find all the clever hidden details. it’s so much fun!

    • I love HIghlights! Did you know you can go online and play Hidden Objects? Yeah, I just wasted a bunch of time playing. They are harder than I remember. Maybe my eyes just aren’t as good as they used to be.

  3. Friend of the court

    Push the golf carts into the Largo! It costs $200,000 to be in King Donald’s court. I hear there is beautiful Chocolate Cake there.

  4. Hoo boy this is a good one. Your poster is wonderful and so very accurate. I made note of the KFC bucket and Fox and Friends and especially the tiny hands holding a golf club.

    One of the commenters said history repeats it self. Who could have predicted such an effed up administration as this one? As you wrote a day or so ago, it’s like diarrhea that keeps returning. That’s an excellent analogy.