Twitler Über Alles

Washington (CNN) Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna [Romney] McDaniel is attempting to clarify a tweet she sent on Wednesday that warned anyone who does not supports President Donald Trump’s agenda “will be making a mistake.”

“Complacency is our enemy. Anyone that does not embrace the @realDonaldTrump agenda of making America great again will be making a mistake,” McDaniel tweeted Wednesday night.

german propaganda poster ronna romney mcdaniel

Original German propaganda poster

The tweet drew widespread criticism online for its perceived threat to Trump’s critics.
While she did not retract the comment, McDaniel said Thursday in a follow up tweet that her comments “didn’t translate well” on Twitter, which has a 280-character limit.
McDaniel’s tweet was extracted and slightly reworded from her interview Tuesday with Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs.
“We have got a lot more to do, and we cannot risk losing that in these midterms,” McDaniel told Dobbs. “So, complacency is going to be our enemy, and anyone who doesn’t embrace the Trump agenda and doesn’t recognize the issues that propelled us to victory in the White House is going to be making a mistake.”
In the same interview, she declared that the “Republican Party is the Trump Party.”
McDaniel’s original tweet sparked outrage from fellow conservatives.

“I’m old enough to remember when Ronna Romney McDaniel spoke in a way befitting a citizen of a free republic, before Ronna McDaniel started sounding like a spokesperson for an authoritarian government,” another conservative commentator, Bill Kristol, wrote on Twitter.
GOP strategist Rick Wilson, who has been highly critical of Trump, quipped, “Will the RNC be offering an official Trump brand so everyone can sear His name on their bodies as a sign of loyalty? Asking for a friend.”


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13 responses to “Twitler Über Alles

  1. Thee you have another bigot, racist white person spewing threats to the general population in order to get Twitler, the dictator elected again. I repeat myself here but we are living in a society that is controlled by individuals that want to suppress anyone that is not white or wealthy or in love with Trump.

    McDonald rewording her tweet is no different from the her initial try. She wants to keep her job and is brain washed. I wonder what she is paid? Another person who has sold their soul to the devil.

  2. before Ronna McDaniel started sounding like a spokesperson for an authoritarian government,” another conservative commentator, Bill Kristol, wrote on Twitter.

    Well, tough. What does he expect when the entire party starts acting like an enabler for an authoritarian government.

    Wingnut trolls (if you allow them here) will be outraged by the image, but it serves them right. When the regime is dragging small children away from their parents at the border and putting them in cages, with the party by-and-large making excuses for it, it’s long past time for complaining about Nazi analogies.

    • I allow everyone here, and if the wingnut trolls don’t like the Nazi image, they shouldn’t be kissing the ass of a fascist. They are putting barcodes on the kids who were separated from their parents and put into government custody. I guess tattooing numbers on their forearms was too much trouble.

      As for all the pearl-lutching, hanky-wringing conservatives who are now shocked by Twitler and everything he stands for, they exactly what they were asking for. They looked the other way and/or made excuses for Deadeye Dick. Remember him? That’s the guy who brought us John Bolton, for one. Whenever I hear someone praising Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace for their unswerving condemnation of Twitler, I think of how they were responsible for Princess Sarah’s prominence on the world’s stage. Along with Deadeye Dick (and his moronic puppet Dubya), Princess Sarah is responsible for much of the nastiness in American politics as well as the dumbing down of the political process. So, I will not slap Schmidt or Wallace on the back for their bravery for opposing Twitler. As far as I am concerned, it is penance. The same goes for Rick Wilson, Charlie Sykes and some of the other righties who planted the seeds of hatred and are now aghast that hate has taken over. Instead of getting kudos for their sudden enlightenment, they should be doing community service for the damage they did that made Twitler possible.

      Oops, I almost fell off my soapbox.

      • Bar codes are just machine-readable numbers. Same deal really.

        The degeneration of Republican politicians has been scary. Remember when Dan Quayle was the embodiment of political dumbth? Then Bush II came along and we thought, OK, this is as dumb as it’s possible for a politician to get. Then came Palin, and we thought the same thing, again. And then came Trump. I’m not sure it’s possible to go any lower, unless they nominate an actual rabid baboon next time.

        Keep the soapbox handy. When Trump is gone and the fever finally breaks, the wingnuts are going to try to distance themselves from him the same way they did from Bush II once it was no longer possible to paint him as anything other than a disaster. It’s important not to let them do that.

        • Bar codes are handier, because they can be taken off, so the administration can lie about how many kids were “concentrated” in their “camps.”

          I just watched Jim Jordan, congresscritter from Ohio being torn limb from limb by Katy Tur. He has a law degree, but he stood there, grinning like an idiot, and making absolutely no sense whatsoever. He looked like a complete doofus. There are so many of them, there is not room to name them all. I’m thinking rabid baboons might be a better way to go.

          I expect that we will all have more than a few soapbox splinters in our feet before we get back to something that at least appears normal. In the meantime, let’s keep notes, because a lot of people need to pay the piper.

  3. Hmm, I wasn’t planning to embrace the Trump agenda, but i do recognize the issues that propelled him into the White House. First, what I consider a weakness in our Constitution that favors electoral votes over popular votes. Second, a Democratic opponent who inadvisably used private email to conduct Secretary of State business. And third, an FBI director who cast a dark shadow of suspicion over Hillary just a week before the election.

    If the Dems can avoid making dumb mistakes, and if the FBI will stop screwing up, maybe embracing the Trump agenda will prove to be the biggest mistake this November.

    • Hi Tippy!

      There have been other people in government who used private email accounts for government business (James Comey) and private (RNC) servers (Karl Rove) who never got the scrutiny that Hillary did. There was bias against her from the beginning. Why? I suspect hatred of anything Clinton and/or misogyny. I think the issue that propelled Twitler to the Whore…I mean White House is the underlying racism that is constantly bubbling under the surface in this country. Add to that the Electoral College, voter suppression, the Faux News/rightwing crazies effect, Comey, assholes like Susan Sarandon and her Jill Stein-loving ilk, Trey Gowdy and the bullshit Benghazi hearings, the Russians, free airtime for Twitler on every TV news station, and all the other shit that went down during the past presidential election. It took all that for Hillary to lose by a handful of votes, but there are still people who say she was a weak candidate. Any other candidate who came up against that pile of shit would not only have lost by millions and millions of votes, but he would have been run out of the country.

      That’s all past history, but we have to learn from history. This time, we can’t make the same mistakes. We have to fight fire with fire. I think the Parkland kids and Michael Avenotti need to be advisers on every campaign. They seem to know exactly how to respond to the crazies on the right in a way that ridicules and gets under their skin. That’s when they make their biggest and stupidest mistakes.

      • I guess there were a lot of issues at play. It seems to me like the Parkland kids and Avenotti stick tenaciously to the facts. Trump and Company . . . whoops I mean Twitler and Company hate facts. Perhaps facts will finally win in the end.

  4. Nonnie – I can’t laugh and enjoy this one as I have for every other one since I was first treated to your talent on Kos. This cut too close to the bone. This made me cry. And this needed to be done. Thank you. Love, Sherry

    • They are putting barcodes on innocent kids in detention camps. There are tiki torch parades in the streets. White supremacists are running for office. The truth is no longer the truth, and there is not such thing as checks and balances anymore, because the Rethugs are in goosestep…I mean lockstep with Twitler. What other imagery would work as well.

      Love you, too! ❤