The No Talk Express

(CNN) — Meghan McCain has drawn headlines for her unfiltered take on the presidential campaign, but there’s one topic the outspoken daughter of last year’s Republican presidential nominee won’t touch: her father’s running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Original DVD cover.

In an interview with the Monday Morning Clacker blog, McCain […] said she was “inspired by Bikers For McCain and want[s] to go back to Sturgis next year and do bike week right.”

Oh, yeah, Sturgis! Does ‘doing it right’ include vying for the Miss Buffalo Chips title like your dad thought would be awesome for your mom?

But she wouldn’t be drawn into any assessment of Arizona Sen. John McCain’s vice presidential pick. “Sarah Palin is the only part of the campaign that I won’t comment on publicly,” she said.

From The Christian Science Monitor:

What’s the easiest way to make news? Just say you won’t comment on it. It’ll get printed for sure.

Our favorite is when someone says “I’m not commenting on that” and then starts commenting on it.


But that didn’t happen with Senator John McCain’s daughter on Monday. When she said she wouldn’t comment, she meant it. But then the interviewer didn’t seem to push her either.

Why is this news? Why else? It’s about Sarah Palin.

Here’s the scoop…. The guys over at MondayMorningClacker (a site we’re big fans of) sat down and spoke with Ms. McCain – not surprisingly – on Monday.

They talked about a lot of stuff. Her campaign blog, the campaign trail, the New York Times, Dita Von Teese (the former Mrs. Marilyn Manson), swimming, high heels, and her love for bikers.


“Sarah Palin is the only part of the campaign that I won’t comment on publicly,” she said.


She’s talked about her before. Right after her Dad head-faked everyone and selected the previously unknown governor, Meghan gushed about her.

“I am incredibly inspired by my dad’s selection of Governor Palin as the first woman Vice Presidential candidate of the Republican Party. This is a great moment for young women everywhere who can look to her as a role model. As I was standing on stage, I found myself getting emotional about today’s historic event and the evolution in the role of women as leaders in politics. I couldn’t be more proud of my father!”


Back in September, Meghan told Larry King […] that Palin was not only “very chill” but considered her a role model.

“She’s very smart,” McCain said. “She’s very, very, very shrewd – very smart. I’ve heard her talk about issues.”

She did? She heard Princess Sarah talk about the issues? Were they the only ones in the ladies’ room at the time? Nobody else ever heard her talk about them!

So what are the tea leaves here? Who knows. But there are plenty of those in the blogosphere with opinions.

Wonkette, for example, has some choice words for Meghan and the campaign. They say that Meghan refuses to accept that it was her father – not Palin – who was responsible for the failed campaign.


WomenOntheWeb has a more toned down reaction although they believe the reason she’s not talking isn’t good.

“Well, that just means we’ll have to imagine what she thinks — and we imagine it’s not very flattering!” they say.

Here’s a part of the interview from Monday Morning Clacker:

Looking back on the campaign, what would you say was the high point of the experience for you, what was the low point and what surprised you the most?


The lowest point for me was the infamous New York Times article.

As for what surprised me most, I guess it was the pro-Obama media bias that I perceived. I think it’s hard to dispute a media bias when, at the conclusion of the campaign, Time Magazine’s D.C. bureau chief joins the Obama administration. That’s just one example. I hope this changes in the future and journalism can somehow go back to its intended purpose.

Yeah! You tell ’em! We all know that intended purpose of journalism is to eat ribs at the Captain Underpants Sedona cabin. Remember all the fun? (scroll down)

If you could change one thing about the election what would it be?

“Nothing, it was the most liberating experience of my life and I am such a different person now than I was when I started the blog. It was truly an invaluable experience and I sit here today as an incredibly proud daughter and member of the Republican Party.”


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18 responses to “The No Talk Express

  1. Dusty

    Well done Nonnie! I think the kid will step in it one of these dayz and spill her guts about least I hope she does. 😉

    Did you know Palin ain’t going to Obama’s party for McSame this weekend? Everyone else on the campaign is…interesting no?

  2. dusty,
    just last night, i was googling to see if she had been invited. i couldn’t find if she had been or not, but i’m not surprised she isn’t going. ordinarily, she would go, because she’d figure she would get her stupid mug on tv. however, since the obamas will be there, most of the attention will be on them, and poor princess would be ignored. so sad! 😥

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    i so wish i could be a fly on the wall at the mccains

  4. dcAp,
    i bet meghan and cindylou sit around every night, boozin’ it up and trashing princess, while capt underpants is in the other room with his pals, joe mcliebercain and lindseypoo, watching gladiator movies.

  5. nightowl724

    Too funny, noonie! Thanks for the laughs.

    Mayhaps Ms. McCain is saving her comments on Princess Palin for a tell-all book!

  6. nightowl,
    i did some reading over at meghan’s blog, as much as i could stand. beneath the lollipops and unicorns, there were a couple of things that made me gasp. for one thing, she said her mother could tell if beer is fresh by the taste. ummmm, why is a drug addict drinking?

  7. nightowl724

    Hey, did you catch that I accidentally called you “nOOnie?” OOPS! 😳

    As for Cindy Lou, I suppose she has to wash down the pills with something! And, it can’t be easy being Mrs. Captain Underpants…

  8. yes, i saw it, but it never surprises me. ever since i have been online, people have been making that typo. it doesn’t bother me.

    it’s very easy to be capt underpants when you’re a multimillionaire. you simply get a divorce. however, cindylou is still obsessed with her outlaw father’s quest for respectability, so she stayed with him in hopes of becoming first lady. now, she’s stuck with the old coot, so they will once again live their separate lives in their various separate houses.

  9. jlms qkw - jenn

    isn’t meghan the one who said the bedrooms at the white house were too small?

    bleah i say, bleah. on her.

  10. she said that, jenn? 🙄 it doesn’t surprise me. she’s a spoiled little rich girl who lives in mansions. why would the white house impress her?

  11. writechicpress

    OMG, he does look like Captain Underpants!

    (Meggie isn’t too fond of Karl Rove, either. She took the black baby lie very personally.)

  12. Who the f is Meghan McCain and why would anyone care about her take on Grandpa’s failed campaign anyway?
    Weren’t her 15 minutes of fame up about two years ago?
    Even the kids of *actual* past presidents are relegated to the dark recesses of Wikipedia.
    Ask yourself what’s new with Amy Carter, Susan Ford or Trisha Nixon. Who knows?
    Who cares?
    This little twit should only peep up when she’s ready to call her father a rageoholic, her mother a junkie and Sarah Palin a c-word.
    Until then, she should STFU and get lost.

  13. What KarenZipdrive said— only with the F-word spelled out. 😉

  14. wcp,
    that’s what i hate about politics. meggie hates what rove said about her sister, yet the capt underpants family embraces the man who employed him and wholeheartedly endorsed the lie.

  15. karen,
    meggie was privy to what happened behind the scenes, and her silence speaks volumes. it’s probably better than if she spilled her guts and told the horror stories about princess. while meggie matters little, the bashing (even if it’s silent bashing) of princess is important. hopefully, the citizens of alaska will finally wake up, do the responsible thing, and dump her.

    you’re correct about the kids of past presidents don’t matter much–amy carter, susan ford, caroline kenn….. 😳

  16. oh c’mon, saitia! it’s fun to diss princess sarah! 😉

  17. Silence does not make for an interesting read.
    Nor do the views of a silver spoon brat born of a skirt chasing old geezer and his trophy wife.
    Somehow the urge to read between the lines of her silence about Palin doesn’t cut it for me.
    I don’t need any kid to tell me what a turd Palin is, was and will always be.
    Meghan needs to get a real job and forget about authoring booklets.

  18. karen,
    it doesn’t have to be interesting to you or me. there are some people who still read meggie’s blog and like her, and they aren’t democrats! the rethugs are the ones who will wonder what it is that meggie isn’t saying. let their little imaginations run wild, and maybe they won’t be as enthusiastic about princess in the future. i think we’ve already seen the fascination with her wane. i think her 15 minutes are almost up.