Land of 10,000 Lakes and a Few Flakes


A new survey of Minnesotans shows that a majority of residents — 56 percent — are embarrassed by Rep. Michele Bachmann.

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The release of the survey, commissioned by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Democracy for America and Credo Action, follows recent high-profile statements by Bachmann that she believes President Barack Obama wants to “annihilate” conservatives, that the U.S. faces a “curse” – and extinction — if it fails to support Israel, and that government must “wean” Americans off of social safety net programs like Medicare and Social Security.

The Bachmann survey results, released exclusively to the Minnesota Independent, measure responses to the question, “Do you think Congresswoman Michele Bachmann does Minnesota proud in Congress or embarrasses Minnesota?” While 56 percent of respondents statewide said they were embarrassed by Bachmann, 29 percent answered that they were “proud” of the Sixth Congressional District Republican, and 15 percent were “not sure.”

Predictably, 87 percent of Democrats polled said they were embarrassed, while only 12 percent of Republicans agreed (58 pecent of Republican respondents said they were proud of Bachmann).

The survey of 600 Minnesotans gauged feedback based on gender (by four percentage points, more women favored Bachmann than men), race (55 percent of whites are embarrassed by the congresswoman, while 80 percent of people of other races held that sentiment) and congressional district.

Some surprises: While the Minneapolis-area district represented by Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison led the state in finding Bachmann an embarrassment, the relatively conservative District 8, the northern Minnesota area represented by Rep. James Oberstar, came in second, with 69 percent of respondents responding negatively to Bachmann. In Bachmann’s own district, only 39 percent found her embarrassing. However, a majority of surveyed independents — a population likely to tilt the scales in Bachmann’s November election against either DFL Sen. Tarryl Clark or Dr. Maureen Reed — responded negatively to Bachmann, with 62 percent answering that she was embarrassing.


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26 responses to “Land of 10,000 Lakes and a Few Flakes

  1. writechic

    Is that bat poop falling toward Minnesota and on her forehead? 😉

    The nuts on the bracelets are a nice touch, too. Is that a pecan (screen right?)

    And that’s a hell of a lot of folks embarrassed by her!

  2. She should spend a less time in front of a mirror and read up on what has been the steady formula for decline of the big players: endless stupid wars and a bankrupt treasury. I tire of all the “later day rain” women and their inane pronouncements.

  3. ‘In other state news, 29 percent of respondents answered that they were “proud” of having tertiary syphilis, and 15 percent were “not sure.”
    Pollsters were uncertain that the two events (voting for Michelle Bachmann and active collection of venereal diseases) were unrelated, or symptomatic of a regional trend’ –Reuters


    • in another poll, 100% of sane people believe that 44% of minnesotans are just not paying attention. of course, if they knew about the tertiary syphilis, they would probably change their answers.

  4. I used to conduct political surveys & they are such a load of crap. They are usually rife with loaded questions, such as
    “Do you like Congresswoman Bachmann, or would you prefer to be thrown off a steep cliff?”

    That being said, I remember our blog pal D Cap writing a great piece about how stingy & reprimanding the GOP is about so-called “entitlement programs”– (Medicare and Social Security). Like is if they were somehow doing us a favor– when all of our working lives, money was taken out of our checks to pay for these programs.

    My Mom, bless her heart, worked until she was 76 years old. She is 85 now, and thanks to Bush-O-Nomics– her life’s savings & hard work, that went into the house, had lost more than half it’s value due to the deluge of foreclosures from the sub-prime debacle, ruining the home values of an entire zip code (region) & the nation in general.

    Talk about a domino effect…. she worked all her life, plus 11 more years after standard retirement age, then got screwed on the sale price of her home & now must go on Medicaid because of it.
    Oh and one more ripple effect- she thought the house would be an inheritance for her kids…. now there will be nothing, not a penny.

    So when the Michelle Bachmanns of the government, talk of the need to “wean” Americans off of social safety net programs like Medicare and Social Security, I want to scream foul.

    Not only did people EARN that money by having paid into the system, but GOP screw ups created a bigger need for it.

    “A one finger salute to Blunder Woman”

    • she wants to wean people off medicare and social security, while her family gets $250K a year in farm subsidies for not growing anything! if she wants to wean people off government programs, maybe she should start at home. she can start with the farm subsidy and then give up her government-run health care and refuse her government pension.

  5. what about the question….

    Would you re-elect the bimbo?

    • instead of that, i would love for the people who voted for her and who support her to take a short civics test. i bet they couldn’t pass the most basic quiz on what’s in the constitution or elementary-school-level history.

      • elizabeth3hersh

        That would be comparable to atheists knowing more about religion than fundamentalists. 🙂

        • perfect comparison. those who bloviate the most are usually the ones who describe themselves as adherents but know little about what they profess to be their beliefs.

  6. There are people who think she’s good-looking. I’m not one of them. I see her head photoshopped on Linda Carter’s body and she just looks hideous. YUCK!

    • Oh, yeah, and Wonder Woman was a true feminist. Madame Representative is nothing of the sort!

      • i don’t think she’s good looking either. her inner ugly shines through. i knew someone would be mad at me for sticking her head on linda carter’s body, so i made sure to make her arms flabbier and gave her a bulge above the belt. i also would not allow her to have an eagle sprawled across her chest. that’s reserved for people who are actually good citizens, and she is certainly not. in fact, i think tweety should do a penetrating investigation of her anti-American rantings. 😉

        i think she’s a ridiculous woman, so i made her look ridiculous. at least, i hope i did. that was the plan.

  7. Minnesota has to be the weirdest state, politically speaking, in the nation.
    Jesse Ventura, Al Franken and this bitch? WTF?

  8. elizabeth3hersh

    If I were running the world, all politicians would have to pass tests (and demonstrate proficiency) in basic science and technology. That said, I am a science lover, staunch atheist, liberal at heart and generally vote Republican. Go figure (I can explain…really…don’t shoot me nonnie).

    • even republicans are welcome here, elizabeth (especially the recovering kind 😉 ), as long as they can keep an open mind and don’t spout the usual talking points.