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Yesterday, TV ratings for April 2010 came out, showing that Fox News had “finished first in viewers and key demographics for 100 months in a row. In prime time, Fox News averaged about 1.9 million viewers for the month of April. That beat the combined audiences of MSNBC, CNN and HLN.” To celebrate, Fox News placed a full-page ad in the print version of the Washington Post today declaring the network “The Most Powerful Name In News.” […] The ad features Fox personalities Bret Baier, Shep Smith, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Greta Van Susteren. But what’s most interesting is who is NOT in the ad: Glenn Beck, who appears on air between Smith and Baier.

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So why did the network leave Beck out of the ad? It’s not like the shot was too crowded — there’s even an open spot for him to be photoshopped in between Smith and O’Reilly, in front of the giant #1. He was also just named one of Time’s top 100 influential people. Additionally, three of the people in the ad — O’Reilly, Hannity, and Van Susteren — aren’t even considered part of the Fox “news” operation, which runs only from 6:00-8:00 p.m. each evening.

Beck has claimed that network executives stand behind his controversial, incendiary antics, with one vice president even reportedly telling him that he is the “key” to surviving a “global economic holocaust.” However, the fact that today’s ad leaves him out may indicate that Fox is finally getting frustrated with the fact that he is draining advertisers [his ratings have fallen almost 30% this year], with some sponsors abandoning the entire network because of Beck.

(You can see the ad at the THINK PROGRESS link)


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18 responses to “Ad Pauseum

  1. writechic

    That’s funny they left Beck out. Good. (Excellent title, too.)

    You wanna know what’s funny. Look at Broadcast News’ total numbers:

    NBC Nightly News-7,640,000
    ABC- 7,080,000

    NBC beats Fox’s total viewers with just the coveted demo (25-54). ABC ties Fox’s total viewers with ABC just using the 25 to 54 year olds.

    (25 to 54 year olds)

    The most powerful name in news is regular broadcast networks. That’s a fact. 🙂

    • they always leave out that a lot of cable companies have faux on basic cable, but people have to pay extra to get msnbc. even with that, you are absolutely correct that most people get their info from network and local news. faux news is very much like the teabaggers. the immigration rallies were much, much larger than any of the teabagger rallies, but how much of them did you see on the news? faux news’s audience is far less than network news, but they get all the attention.

      • writechic

        And NBC and MSNBC are pretty much the same news team. They cross report.

        And you can bet if Fox News could make money doing traditional network, they would get into it. They obviously cannot.

        • uncle rupie has his entertainment channel to serve up propaganda like 24. how many faux news viewers think 24 is a documentary?

          • writechic

            I never watched that show. Fuck them for glorifying torture. They probably used 24 as training video to explain management’s version of the world to the rubes on the the cable side.

            Now, The Simpsons, House…love ’em. I liked that show Fringe, too, but I got sick of shows being shuffled so I stopped watching TV.

            • i watched the first couple of seasons, and that was quite enough for me. i love house and i used to watch fringe, but not lately. i think those are the only shows i watch on fox except glee, and that’s been getting on my last nerve, so i only watch it if everything else are reruns.

          • MNLatteLiberal

            Well, with all due respect (and a lot is due for another faux news fact catch, nonnie), “24” is among dubya’s top 5 fave shows

            Of course, it’s still ways down from his prophetic numero uno “Lost”. Not to be overlooked is that preceding “24” @ the #4 spot is the question most of the nation is still asking about dubya (and Ms Palin as well).

            ~ Latte

            • hey latte! 🙂

              thanks for the link. that’s hilarious! however, i think they left out cartoons. i can easily imagine chimpy laughing at elmer fudd, wile e. coyote, and other villains while exclaiming what wonderful actors they are (à la leonard in night shift commenting on the acting prowess of barney rubble). know what’s funny, latte? i’ve used at least 7 of the shows on the list, many of them parodizing him and/or members of his maladministration.

  2. Mellisa is right about how NBC an MSNBC can use the same material, because they are legitimate journalists. They will even do a correction to a story, if needed, the same way any valid nespaper does. Our local news on KDFW-4 NEVER uses Fox stories on anything of importance because they would have no credibilty. The gap in the new poster that left spazBeck our reminds one of those old soviet photos where Trotsky sort of didn’t exist. He started digging his grave by insulting anyone raised in a religious tradition that teaches compassion for the injured and downtrodden. “Run…run as fast as you can!!” And they are running, from his crappy show.

    • cnn and cbs use the same correspondents, too, at times. anderson cooper is on 60 minutes pretty often.

      faux news never issues a correction. they never admit that they’re wrong about anything. i think it’s because most of their errors are deliberate, especially when they immediately change the party affiliate of an R to a D when he’s caught up in a scandal.

  3. They probably agonized over including Beck- with chalkboard & dunce cap. I bet the network has had a record # of complaints about him & the bottom line is when advertisers bail- for programming as bad as Beck’s, they entirely bail.

    Oh! Let’s not forget the Princess– I heard the Discovery channel is about to get a little feedback re Sarah:

    CREDO, a publication of Working Assets, announced this week that they have collected over 215,000 signatures in opposition to the planned Discovery channel show: “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” That’s more signatures than they’ve ever collected on one action. Combined with our other wildlife enthusiast organizations, most notably, Defenders of Wildlife, the number of people who’ve asked Discovery to cancel the show includes over half a million disgruntled Discovery watchers.. Those numbers are bound to give any television exec pause.

    Next week, Discovery Communications will hold a shareholder meeting in Washington, DC. In advance of the meeting. CREDO states “it’s important that we bring as much pressure to bear as possible. Let’s show the Discovery shareholders that it hurts their brand and their bottom line to get into bed with anti-environment extremists like Sarah Palin.”

    CREDO is working to rally additional 25,000 signatures by next Wednesday. when the annual shareholder meeting is scheduled. Those offended by this choice continue to make their voice of opposition heard . Those who wish to add their voice to those offended by Sara Palin as a wildlife spokesperson are invited to read and sign the petition.
    *Kudos to the Immoral minority blog for posting this article.

    Sarah Palin’s Alaska is not news, but with enough pressure, it may be history!

  4. The news I watch more than the other channels is MSNBC– I gave up on Fox as news long ago—–and as far as their ‘statistics’?—ha! …un-trustworthy.

    • hello rockymissouri,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i watch cnn during the day and msnbc in the evening. i don’t watch faux at all, except for the snippets i see on youtube or at media matters. i’m physically repulsed by faux.

      hope you’ll stop by and comment again soon!

  5. one day i will give all you guys a good lesson on ratings (considering i sit on the National Media Rating Council and have been a client of Nielsen’s for 0ver 20 years)

    it is eye opening.

    i have actually been to nielsen in tampa several times to audit them for a variety of things

    i wish i could write about it but i can’t