The U-Word

From The Palm Beach Post:

Have you heard about the uterus rebellion?

It started this past week in the Florida House of Representatives when Rep. Scott Randolph, D-Orlando, suggested during a floor debate that his wife ought to incorporate her uterus.

If women’s wombs were businesses, Republicans would have no interest in regulating them, Randolph was saying.


The Republican House leadership responded by admonishing Randolph for his language and banning the word “uterus” from being spoken from the floor.

bodypartsOriginal DVD cover

I recommend, in an abundance of caution, that all state representatives should refrain from driving Volvos until this can be sorted out.

Banning “uterus” might prove to be a tough task for state lawmakers who continue to dream up new ways to regulate it.


Meanwhile, the American Civil Liberties Union has already weighed in, giving Randolph its “Defender of Freedom” award for using his wife’s uterus in a sentence. The group also admonished Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon, R-Winter Park.

“When the speaker applies direct pressure on the content of what elected representatives can say in debate on the House floor, it freezes free speech and handcuffs democracy,” said Danielle Prendergast, the ACLU’s Florida director of public policy.


[Mark] Pafford [D-West Palm Beach] said state Democrats are so outnumbered in the 120-member House that they barely have a voice as it is.

“We’re down to only 39 members,” he said. “The other day one of us was criticized for using Gov. Scott, his wife and Solantic in the same sentence. Now we can’t say ‘uterus’?”

As news of the word ban spread, a social-media-driven rebellion began.

A uterus Facebook page was created, and it didn’t take long for Randolph’s wife, Susannah Lindberg Randolph, to chime in.

“We should start a powerful, secret society known from this day forth as: The Uterati,” she wrote.

She followed it up with another post about her uterus forming a political action committee and leadership fund called “U-Pac.”

“Who’s in?” she wrote. “It’s time to bring power back to the uterus.


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31 responses to “The U-Word

  1. Wait … this isn’t an April Fool’s joke?

    It’s not from the Onion?

    Sigh … You know, my wife and I decided long ago that we’re going to use real names for body parts, rather than engage in the absurdity of making up cutesy names (which will still embarrass you … so why bother?).

    Perhaps these folks should reach the same level of maturity that we expect from our toddler?

    • is this ridiculous, or what? then again,one of the best ways to control the messaging is to control what the opposition is allowed to say. i really, really hope this backfires and let’s the idiots who voted for these bozos see that they elected people who are not only intolerant, but extremely immature. can you imagine these people having a hearing on health care?

  2. I damned near spit out my lemon water here!
    A ban on the word uterus in the house of congress?

    The photoshop is hilarious.

    Count me in the Uterati tribe & “U-Pac” is clever.

    One body part word will inevitably always be in constant use when it comes to Congress…..


  3. jeb

    I can agree with the FL Rethugs on this. When Cheney was VP, I thought that we should ban Dick.

    • at photobucket, you can’t use the name dick. if you search for ‘dick’, you get a big warning saying that they don’t have inappropriate sexual content. i had to use the tag ‘cheney’ for deadeye dick, because ‘dick cheney’ was not allowed.

      • Funny you should mention Dick Cheney– He’s the guy who said (and I quote)
        “Go f@#k yourself” on the floor of congress.

        So he makes the uterus monologues seem tame & polite.

  4. Last week on afternoon TV, there was Dr. Oz with a uterus on a plate. He picked it up and poked it a little. Quite scary looking out of its natural habitat, looking like a bad piece of uncooked chicken. Don’t know if he just “found it somewhere” or if it might be free range. Glad to see the Florida state house is jumping out front in the major dumbassery events. Till I heard this nonsense, the dumbest-of-the-week had been Early Cuylers 800 pound girlfriend Crystal telling him “Don’t you be touchin’ my front butt”.

    • i didn’t see that. the floridiot rethuglican-controlled legislature probably outlawed any naughty lady parts being shown over the airwaves.

      p.s. dr. oz’s first name isn’t hannibal, is it?

  5. An interesting post … but not even close to the awesome comments!

  6. An interesting post … but not even close to the awesome comments!

    PS: Thanks for visiting yesterday. Hope you saw my response about a tree for you.

  7. Thanks for bringing this story & the praiseworthy Rep. Randolph to my attention –hadn’t found any mention of it here in NY. There are now two Facebook pages & FL ACLU has set up – which apparently is getting so much traffic it’s now impossible to log on. The names women are using for their “incorporated” uteri are hysterical (pun intended)…. And speaking of hysterical, thanks to wken too for the Onion link.

    • that’s too funny! that’s what these imbecile rethuglicans never learn–when you say and do really stupid things, there’s going to be a backlash that spreads like ripples in a pond. at first, only floridiots were aware of how stupid and radical our politicians are. now the whole country is finding out.

  8. Colon Rectal idiots………..?

  9. This is about “Jobs, jobs, jobs!” how?