Let the Mudslinging Begin!

From The Caucus at The New York Times:

When Representative Michele Bachmann hits the campaign trail, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Mrs. Bachmann never mentions her rival Mr. Perry, who in a matter of weeks since he entered the Republican race for the 2012 nomination has captured a fair share of her Tea Party base.

But a political action committee that supports Mrs. Bachmann is not nearly so discrete. An advertisement it has created attacks Mr. Perry for raising spending in Texas and borrowing to cover deficits. “There is an honest conservative,’’ the ad concludes, “and she’s not Rick Perry.’’

datenightOriginal movie poster

The independent group that created it, Keep Conservatives United, has said it will begin airing the spot Monday on television stations in South Carolina. It opens with an image of Gov. Perry in a cowboy hat and the question, “Tea Party Guy?’’

Mr. Perry’s campaign hit back hard Thursday afternoon, disputing point by point what it called false claims in the ad.


The attack ad is evidence that the Republican race is entering a new phase as the field — particularly the most conservative candidates all seeking Tea Party support — attempt to sharp draw distinction with their rivals. The sparks will no doubt continue flying when Mr. Perry makes his first appearance in a national debate of the candidates Sept. 7.

The ad is also a sign of things to come, as such so-called super PACs, which can raise unlimited funds, ramp up their activity and begin spending the millions of dollars they have already raised for this presidential campaign.

(Watch the ad at The New York Times link)


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34 responses to “Let the Mudslinging Begin!

  1. John Erickson

    And so the vermin turn on each other. I’ll take a pass on the debates, and watch “Sons of Guns” on Discovery. Rednecks building bigger and better firearms, then testing them by blowing stuff up. Definitely FAR more intellectual than watching the GOPers babble.

  2. Reading about these clowns is about as exciting as watching paint dry on the wall.

  3. great poster for the two biggest asses in America. in the end – watch the hypocrisy – they will ALL love each other – because nothing is more important than defeating obama – evenif the whole country collapses

    • thanks, dcAp! there will be plenty of hypocrisy, but this year’s batch of imbeciles are the type to hold grudges. i don’t think the losers will be bending over backwards to help out the eventual nominee. i don’t predict any lovefests.

  4. jeb

    Oh dear me, spilt tea everywhere. This is not the way one should behave at a tea party. Who are these boors and who invited them into our lovely little party?

  5. jean-philippe

    OMG – Sarah Palin is gonna be so pissed that you used Tina Fey for Bachmann…

  6. elizabeth3hersh

    Looks like they both have a little ‘bed head’ going on…these two going at it would be far more interesting than a Clinton/Lewinsky tryst…a little Marvin Gaye anyone?…♫…let’s get it on…♫

  7. Last time I tried watching the Republican Ntl Convention, I fell asleep- snoring!
    That’s just how compelling they are.

    Will dishrag Lieberman be pitching the republican candidate again this time too???

    • i think this debate will be pretty entertaining. botox batshit bachmann knows she’s against the ropes, so there’s no telling what she might say. she’s been pretty disciplined up to now, but she was up in the polls. now that she’s behind even ron paul, it’s a whole new ballgame, and she might go batshit right there on the stage.

  8. Laugh out loud funny picture! Looks like “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” coming out of the NoTell Motel after a night of too much Champale and poonlust. Might actually watch since it is on a real network and the questions will be more sophisticated than what’s your favorite color and do you prefer puppies or kittens. The temptation to shoot from the hip will be too great to stay on script, so look for major gaffes……and a veiwing note for BB and her MustJew TV viewing: just got through watching The Frisco Kid, all about a Polish rabbi emigre (Gene Wilder) teaming up with a bankrobber (Harrison Ford) Oy! It did have its funny moments.

    • 😆 they do look like they just came out of a no-tell motel! 😆 if that was the case, i suspect marcus would be more likely to walk out with gov little ricky goodhair than bbb. not that there’s anything wrong with that. the cover would be either a katherine heigl-style rom-com (just a note-i won’t watch any movie that has heigl in it) or a lifetime movie where the 2 of them collaborated in doing away with their spouses so they can be together.

      i vaguely remember the frisco kid. i know i watched it, but i didn’t even remember until you mentioned it, so i doubt it was one of my favorites.

  9. If I were in Bachmann’s campaign, I’d try to sic Ron Paul on Goodhair and turn the debate into a verbal gunfight between two Texans.

  10. Snoring Dog Studio

    I’ll probably watch some of the debate, more out of my need to satisfy a gawking instinct. It will be interesting to hear how each of them define the Tea Party platform in their own ways. We’re going to see some ugliness, though. Perry is a nasty man and Bachmann can be wicked.

    • i already bought extra popcorn! i also bought a big tarpaulin. i’m going to cover myself with it when the b.s. and the stoopid starts flying right out of my tv set.

      • elizabeth3hersh

        Lol!!! I’m guessing it won’t be nearly as much fun as the tarpaulin used to cover the audience in the Cirque du Soleil ‘Love’ show, but the acrobats will be much the same.

  11. I love that image. Perry looks priceless!