Mean Girls

From The Mercury News:

While most of President Donald Trump’s offspring and their spouses have been mired in scandal or investigations, or have just been the butt of late-night jokes (see: Eric and Tiffany), Eric Trump’s wife Lara Trump has managed to glide above the fray.

That was until Thursday when former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman released a secret recording of a conversation with Lara Trump. Manigault Newman played the recording on MSNBC to bolster her contention that Trump’s loyal daughter-in-law tried to buy her silence after she was from the White House staff by offering her a $15,000-a-month contract to work in his re-election campaign.

the payoff

Original DVD cover

On the recording, Lara Trump, a senior member of the president’s 2020 campaign, can be heard discussing salary considerations and a job that didn’t sound as though it had any clear responsibilities. Lara Trump also addressed the likelihood that Manigault Newman would have “some things in the back pocket to pull out,” before telling her she would be expected to only say positive things about the president, his campaign and perhaps his family.


In a written statement to the Washington Post, she declared the recording “a fraud” and claimed that the snippets that were aired “took place in numerous phone calls over the course of several weeks.”

Lara Trump also said she had felt betrayed by the former “Celebrity Apprentice” villain. She referred to their time campaigning together for Trump in 2016 and said she had come to regard Manigault Newman as “a friend and a campaign sister.” Lara Trump concluded, “I am absolutely shocked and saddened by her betrayal and violation on a deeply personal level.”

Of course, play the old victim card. Lara Trump is a crisis actor.


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12 responses to “Mean Girls

  1. “Lara’s final reward is ERIC!”

    That must be a tad disappointing as a final reward. Now his money, on the other hand…..

    I count five clandestine microphones plus a tape recorder. Nothing’s gonna be off-the-record here.

    It’s remarkable how closely Trump here resembles the gangsterish guy in the original image.

    A lot of bloggers are saying Omarosa is a sleazebag. I wouldn’t know. But I’m cool with anything she comes up with that helps take the Trumplings down. Perhaps one must send a sleazebag to catch a sleazebag.

    • Do you really think Beavis…I mean, Eric has any money? I think it’s all on paper and there is no real wealth. They are all probably mortgaged up to their weak chins.

      I didn’t realize until you commented that I made one of those puzzles where you have to find the hidden objects. I love those! This one is no fun for me, though, because I know where I…I mean, Omarosa hid them. 😦

      Twitlers head fit right over the guy in the original DVD cover. It was easy sticking his head on there. It was more trouble shortening his finger.

      Omarosa is a sleazebag. However, she’s a sleazebag with recordings, so right now, she’s out sleazebag. Just like Pauly Walnuts had a scumbag like Rick Gates to mentor, Twitler had Omarosa. I don’t think she actually learned anything from him. However, she did learn a lot about television and how to stay on it. People are comparing him to Dr, Frankenstein and O to his creation, but I think O was fully formed by the time she got on The Apprentice. She was already ruthless and self-absorbed, and she loved being the villain. She plays both sides of the fence, so when one side loses, she can declare victory. She’s a horrible person, but you don’t send a Boy Scout in to wrangle an alligator. You send in someone as mean as the alligator and smarter than the alligator. Like O said on The Daily Show, if she gets into a fight with a bear, you had better pray for the bear. I think Twitler and everyone else in the White House is scared shitless of her. And that’s just the way I like it! 😀

  2. When I read about the tapes yesterday or when ever, I thought YESSSS! This makes my day. It seems that Ms. O. has outwitted Twitler and his mob and don’t you just know they are having diarrhea after learning that they had all been taped? This is better than a spy novel because it really happened. It is like a spy novel, only funnier.

    • It’ll be fun watching how carefully they step as they navigate the eggshells, because none of them know what she caught them saying. Just one negative remark, and out comes another tape! 😆

  3. the rub

    i’m making popcorn. anyone want some?

    • I’ll get the barrels ready, because I think we are gonna need lots and lots of popcorn. Anyone know the stock market symbol of Orville Redenbacher?

  4. singe

    So you are running the White House like Kelly and you meet with people and you don’t say something like…”Hey doesn’t that new fangled whatchamacallit have the capacity to record what we are saying? Why don’t you go put it in the lock box before we talk.”
    I mean the principal of a high school would know to tell the kids he is meeting with in his office to leave their cell phones outside his office.
    These are not only the most corrupt people to run our country but they are the fucking stupidest.

    • Most of the Trumpling inner circle are in their 70s or late 60s, and being rich, they’ve lived lives rather insulated from the real world. They’re dinosaurs left over from a bygone era who don’t have much of a clue about the technology of this era.

      • But Empty Barrel Kelly was the head of Homeland Security. You’d think he’d know a little bit about security.

        • Wasn’t it Homeland Security that came up with the ridiculous gropey TSA “security theater” we pointlessly endure in airports to this day? And Kelly didn’t think to make sure Ms. Manigault was not equipped with a clandestine recording device. Doesn’t sound very competent or technology-aware to me.

          • Empty Barrel is neither competent nor technology-aware but wouldn’t you think he’s watched a television show or a movie at least once? The villain (or is O the anti-hero) always has a recording device.

    • Shocking that Kelly didn’t make her go through a cavity search. We know how distrustful he is of women of color.