The Zombie GOPocalypse

Lisa Murkowski on the floor of the Senate:

I rise to address the trial of Donald John Trump. The founders gave this body the sole power to try all impeachments, and exercising that power is a weighty responsibility. 


The President’s behavior was shameful and wrong.  His personal interests do not take precedence over those of this great nation.  The president has the responsibility to uphold the integrity and honor of the office.  Not just for himself but for all future presidents.  Degrading the office, by actions or even name calling, weakens it for future presidents, and weakens our country.


Original movie poster

The House could have pursued censure, not immediately jumped to the remedy of last resort.  I cannot vote to convict.  The Constitution provides for impeachment, but does not demand it in all instances. 


This process has been the apotheosis of the problem of Congressional abdication.  Through the refusal to exercise war powers, or relinquishing the power of the purse, selective oversight, and an unwillingness to check emergency declarations designed to skirt Congress – we have failed time and time again.  

From Paul Krugman at The New York Times (Opinion):

How Zombies Ate the G.O.P.’s Soul

Is this the week American democracy dies? Quite possibly.

After all, everyone in Washington understands perfectly well that Donald Trump abused the powers of his office in an attempt to rig this year’s presidential election. But Senate Republicans are nonetheless about to acquit him without even pretending to look at the evidence, thereby encouraging further abuses of power.

But how did we get to this point? Part of the answer is extreme partisanship and right-wing political correctness (which is far more virulent than anything on the left). But I also blame the zombies.

A zombie idea is a belief or doctrine that has repeatedly been proved false, but refuses to die; instead, it just keeps shambling along, eating people’s brains. The ultimate zombie in American politics is the assertion that tax cuts pay for themselves — a claim that has been proved wrong again and again over the past 40 years. But there are other zombies, like climate change denial, that play an almost equally large role in our political discourse.

And all of the really important zombies these days are on the right. Indeed, they have taken over the Republican Party.

It was not always thus. Back in 1980 George H.W. Bush called Ronald Reagan’s extravagant claims about the effectiveness of tax cuts “voodoo economic policy.” Everything that has happened since has vindicated his original assessment. Deficits ballooned after Reagan cut taxes; they shrank and eventually turned into surpluses after Bill Clinton raised taxes, then ballooned again after George W. Bush’s tax cuts.


It’s important to realize that the zombification of the G.O.P. isn’t a recent phenomenon, something that happened only with Trump’s election. On the contrary, zombies have been eating Republican brains for decades.


What recent events make clear, however, is that zombie ideas haven’t eaten just Republicans’ brains. They have also eaten the party’s soul.

Think about what is now required for a Republican politician to be considered a party member in good standing. He or she must pledge allegiance to policy doctrines that are demonstrably false; he or she must, in effect, reject the very idea of paying attention to evidence.

It takes a certain kind of person to play that kind of game — namely, a cynical careerist. There used to be Republican politicians who were more than that, but they were mainly holdovers from an earlier era, and at this point have all left the scene, one way or another. John McCain may well have been the last of his kind.

What’s left now is a party that, as far as I can tell, contains no politicians of principle; anyone who does have principles has been driven out.

Now, the news media, with its constant urge to seem “balanced,” has a hard time coping with this reality; it’s always looking for ways to portray at least some Republicans as admirable figures. This has made it easy prey for charlatans like Paul Ryan, who pretended to be serious about his fiscal principles. But he was always an obvious flimflam man.


I guess you might have hoped that there would be some limits to what these apparatchiks would accept, that even they would draw the line at gross abuses of power and collusion with foreign autocrats. What we’ve learned, however — and perhaps more important, what Trump has learned — is that there is no line. If Trump wants to dismantle democracy and rule of law (which he does), his party will stand with him all the way.


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11 responses to “The Zombie GOPocalypse

  1. Wow, you sure did a number on ol’ Murky with that picture. Seriously creepy. Windex eye color? And teeth?

    But if you’re gonna eat brains, sure, eat the Republicans’ brains. They don’t seem to be using them.

    When disproven ideas persist in hanging around, it’s often because they’re useful to someone, whether true or not. The claim that tax cuts pay for themselves, for example, is very useful for politicians whose party exists largely to help the ultra-wealthy plunder the state through gargantuan tax cuts. As long as the Republican voting masses (whose own brains seem to have fallen prey to termites or moths quite some time ago) continue to believe the claim, why not keep trotting it out as a justification? It’s not like people who mostly believe the Earth is six thousand years old have much grasp of the concept of “disproven”, anyway.

    OK, enough. Whoever’s in charge of making zombie movies these days should hire you to design the posters (shudder).

    • To tell you the truth, I added a shitload of cyan to the whole image of LindseyLite Lisa. I had to take the cyan out of her hair, but I didn’t even notice the teeth. I might have changed them back if I had noticed, but now that you pointed them out, I like them that way, It shows the rot that comes from within.

      Rethugs brains are finger foods now that they’ve shrunken so much. Convenient, because no silverware is necessary, and I’m sure the Twitlers have already hocked the White House silver.

  2. therub

    great analogy from paul krugman and great interpretation of it. i think it’s important to keep in mind that twittler and the rethugs are a symptom of a serious problem in a democracy. if the electorate isn’t educated or informed of the issues then they’re not qualified to vote. the only reason the likes of yertle McConnell get re-elected for decades is due to a state population that doesn’t have enough common sense to vote for their interests. if people aren’t aware of or don’t understand the issues then zombies like twittler and McConnell are allowed to persist.

    • What gets me about LindseyLite Lisa and some of the other Rethugs (among a lot of other things) is that they are arguing that removing Twitler would mean disenfranchising 60+ million voters (they don’t mention the majority who didn’t vote for him or the others who would have voted against him but whose votes were taken away) is that in 5 states, including Zombie Lisa’s Alaska, the Gooper primaries were cancelled. The Rethugs in those states don’t get a say in who they want their candidate to be.Their choice was taken away, because the bloviating orange baby is too insecure to face anyone anywhere, even in bright red states. Fuck them, and fuck anyone who votes for them.

  3. Yes, it is as you have written. I am now too tired of the whole damn mess of the republican party that act as if their excrement does not stink. I am out of words and will agree with all that you have written. I don’t know if you have ever read Margaret and Hellen who live in my state. I will send you a link- just in case you have never read them. I never comment there but they are so funny and write it like it is. Just something for you to read if you ever have a spare moment. Very pro Democrat. I love the old gal that writes. Mind you I love your posts too.

  4. Feckless

    He’s going to get more explicit in his calls for violence against Democrats. There will be Republican terrorism near the election, do Dems have a plan?

    • Hello Feckless, welcome to The Raisin! 😀

      I’m not sure what the Dems can do other than kick ass in November. The Justice Department under Barr won’t do a damned thing to protect anyone other than Twitler. We can’t even get his thrown off of Twitter, let alone out of the White House, no matter how many threats he makes or how many nutjobs he inspires to do violence. The states will have to step up to protect people, and I guess it depends on the state how well they protect people.

      Hope you will stop by again soon. Thanks for commenting.

  5. this is an inevitable consequence when beliefs are rooted primarily in faith and ideology, rather than in objective facts and evidence. There has been a fundamental divergence between the epistemology of the political left and right. on the right, cleaving to group identity in the face of evidence is the ultimate signal of group loyalty. It is most convenient in such cases to simply ignore evidence that makes this royalty more awkward. You just have to keep hoping set the electorate continues to reward group loyalty over honesty. So far, this has yielded disturbingly successful results.

    • Hello Jeffrey,

      Welcome to The Raisin. 😀

      Very well stated. Campaigns used to be about policy differences. Now it’s a war between facts and conspiracy theories. Politics has become nothing more than a reality TV show, thanks to a lazy media. candidates are defined by a convenient description, and it is more likely than not that the Rethugs and Twitler are the ones who decide what that description is. I can barely stand to watch the “news” on TV. It is not written by professionals, it’s just a compilation of whatever people are tweeting about.

      It looks like I’ve been responding in long, boring essays here, so I will get off my soapbox and thank your for your comment. Hope you will stop by again soon.