Rick Scott, Floridiot

From Bob Norman’s Pulp (Blog) at  BROWARD PALM BEACH New Times:

A group called Public Policy Polling (PPP) discovered the obvious: Floridians are having some dramatic buyer’s remorse when it comes to electing fraudster Rick Scott as governor.
A poll of 500 Floridians found that his approval rating from diehards remained about the same as a similar PPP poll in December — 32 percent. But the percentage of those who disapprove of the governor rose from 43 percent all the way up to 55 percent.

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From the PPP’s website:

Scott’s net -23 approval margin makes him the least popular currently serving governor on which PPP has polled.
As a result, Scott would overwhelmingly lose in a rematch to [Alex] Sink, 56-37. 16% of those who say they voted for him would switch sides, as would 21% of all Republicans. Sink wins the independent vote by a whopping 61-29 margin, while exit polls had Scott winning them by eight points in November.
Remember how Scott was the first candidate for governor in Florida’s history to refuse to visit newspapers’ editorial boards? Well, now he’s just trouncing all over our Sunshine Law. The St. Petersburg Times recently dubbed Scott the “Prince of Darkness” for his lack of transparency, which includes — and this is incredible — his refusal to use email because it leaves a document trail and would expose how he thinks on issues. He substitutes open government — the cornerstone of American democracy — with shallow events on Twitter and Facebook.
The Times‘ editorial editor, Tim Nickens, reported on how Scott, unlike all his predecessors, also won’t let reporters attend dinners he has with state legislators and other officials at the Governor’s Mansion, effectively making them private functions.
“This is not just a routine skirmish between a governor controlling his message and a frustrated Tallahassee press corps. This is not about new media such as Twitter vs. traditional media such as newspapers. This is about a lack of respect for the constitutional rights of all Floridians to have access to their state government and the information necessary to hold it accountable. Scott is more hostile to open meetings and public records than any governor in more than 40 years, and he has created a dark cloud over Florida’s Sunshine Laws.”


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14 responses to “Rick Scott, Floridiot

  1. jean-philippe

    Poor people of Florida… first the oil spill, then their governor… Well, on this one, it’s pretty much their own damn fault…

    • i thought i had included it, but i liked this quote from the blog entry:

      It just goes to show that a large slice of voters are, well, total morons. It’s like they went to the pet store and decided on a pit bull — and then suddenly realized it was a bad idea when it bit the neighbor’s arm off. Oops.

  2. Wow! This is the least phallic picture I’ve seen of Scott.

    Looks like Floriduh (though I LOVE you Florida!!!) has its own Dick Cheney. 😯

    • in some ways, this shithead is even worse than deadeye dick. i think that deadeye dick has really deluded himself into thinking that his evil was just a means to a good end. rick scott, on the other hand, doesn’t even bother to delude himself. he wanted to be governor in order to further enrich himself. everything he does as governor makes him richer. he wants state employees drug tested, because he owns a business that does drug testing. he wants to close state health clinics, because he owns for-profit health clinics. he wants corporate tax breaks, not to being business to floriduhhh, but so he can pay less taxes. he’s an evil, selfish piece of shit, and anyone who voted for him deserves what s/he gets. sadly, the rest of us have to suffer, too. 😡

  3. jeb

    How many of those media folks that are whining now supported him and gave him the cover and breaks he needed to get where he is? I despise the bastard and what he’s doing but some of the ones whining may have made their own beds. Of course the people get screwed over as always.

    • he actually didn’t have a lot of support in the media (other than faux news and the fringy sites), but they wouldn’t come out and call him the crook that he is. they wouldn’t list all of his crimes and what he did to cover them up. on the other hand, they loved making a big deal when alex sink took a phone call during a break in one of the debates, and treated that incident as though she had robbed a bank or kicked a puppy.

  4. Damn, it’s so hard to figure out which one of these new republican governors is the worst. They keep out-doing each other!

  5. More buyer’s remorse than Scott Walker or Rick Snyder–wow!

  6. Maybe the voters were impressed by your criminal gov being able to keep the 500 million he swindled. Very republican! Now the question is: are voters dumb or stupid? Back when Ronald walked the earth in his human form, I got to thinking about what person in American life would exemplify the average voter and my conclusion was Junior Samples, the lovable doofus from HeHaw. Sadly, the voters now are dumber and certainly meaner. But lets not leave out stupid. Back when a certain failed oilman/military deserter decided to run for Texas gov, he put his poison toad Rove to work to discredit a popular, nationaly known figure, Ann Richards, so he started with remarks like “Did you know when Ann was in college that she was a thespian?” Now ask yourself-are people THAT stupid? Correct answer is yes.

    • people aren’t only stupid, they’re lazy, too. that’s always the case. there are some people who vote against their own interests just because that’s how they always voted, or that’s how their parents voted, or they believe the shit they hear on faux news. then there are the lazy ones who never bother to vote. in this case, i wonder how much of gov fuckwad getting elected is yet another legacy of chimpy. there are people in floriduhhh who, after the 2000 and 2004 elections, feel like it doesn’t matter if they vote or not; their vote is going to not count or be miscounted. maybe the dems should have implied that gov asswipe was a thespian, because being a proven criminal doesn’t seem to bother voters, but sexual orientation does.

  7. Just a quick note from Wisconsin…. petitions for recall of two State Republican Senators have successfully completed,,, with six more to go and, with 45 days left to complete the petitions, well within reach. What is important to remember…. only 8 of 19 republican Senators were eligible for recall. Without boring anyone here with a lot of math….if all recall campaigns get the gathered signatures…. it would represent 25% of signatures needed to recall the Governor in JAN. 2012. This in districts now controlled by REPUBLICANS!! It does not consider the population heavy districts of Madison and Milwaukee…. usually heavy Democratic strongholds. So… where ever you are, whomever the douche is in your district…. keep on blogging, marching, petitioning…. The Truth Goes Marching On!!

    • honey, bore me all day long!! i love hearing the numbers coming out of wisconsin. i haven’t yet forgiven the voters there for not reelecting russ feingold, but they’ll be back in my good graces if they get rid of the rethug scum in the senate and the piece of garbage that’s in the governor’s office. 😀

      p.s. i’m gonna smack you if you don’t fix your link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😯