Forget the wall, put up a revolving door!


President Trump’s longtime aide and head of Oval Office operations, Keith Schiller, is leaving the White House and Washington, CBS News confirms, according to two sources familiar with the situation.

Schiller plans to re-locate to Florida. Financial considerations and some friction with chief of staff John Kelly are at the heart of the decision.

lord of the flies

left to right, front: Keith Schiller, Steve Bannon back: Anthony Scaramucci, Sebastian Gorka, Jason Miller, Michael Flynn (trying to hide from Robert Mueller), Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer

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Schiller is one of Mr. Trump’s closest friends among his employees, and their relationship long pre-dates Mr. Trump’s candidacy. Schiller had universal walk-in privileges to the Oval Office before Kelly arrived.


Schiller’s planned departure comes just weeks after Kelly joined the White House. Kelly has tightened all access to the president in the Oval Office, and that included Schiller.

The news comes after some high-profile departures, even since Kelly joined the White House.

From Daily Mail:

Schiller’s departure, which could come as soon as a month from now, would follow the recent exit of Steve Bannon, the sixth top-shelf aide to depart since the president moved to Washington. Bannon’s ouster also left high-profile national security aide Sebastian Gorka unprotected; he was fired last week.

Others in the West Wing departure lounge have included former national security adviser Gen. Mike Flynn, chief of staff Reince Priebus, press secretary Sean Spicer and communications directors Jason Miller, Mike Dubke and Anthony Scaramucci.

Trump has also dismissed FBI director James Comey in early May. it was Schiller who hand-carried the official letter to the FBI saying he’d been fired.


CNN reported on Friday that has Schiller chafed at new chief of staff John Kelly’s attempts to professionalize the West Wing and control who meets with the president.

Schiller has complained that if he wants to reach the president, he now has to call the White House switchboard and ask.

Previously, the former New York City police detective had ‘walk-in’ privileges in the Oval Office, whose door Trump typically kept open between meetings.

If Schiller departs, Trump will only have two remaining aides who followed him to the White House from his real estate firm: interim communications director Hope Hicks and social media guru Dan Scavino.

The 6’4″ hulk famously ejected Univision reporter Jorge Ramos from an August 2015 campaign press conference after he refused to stop pestering then-candidate Trump about illegal immigration.


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7 responses to “Forget the wall, put up a revolving door!

  1. Lori Holt

    These are all great! You should do Day of the Jackass, a mock-up of Day of the Jackal, Three Nazis and a Baby, The Old Pisser Files for The Odessa Files, The Man Who Knew Too Little, North Korean Exposure. The possibilities are endless! Lol!!

    • Hi Lori, welcome to The Raisin! 😀

      Thanks for the suggestions. I will take them under consideration. Put your feet up and browse, and you might find some of those movies. I know I’ve used some of them in past posters.

      Hope you will visit and comment again soon. 😀

  2. Eight months in office and I think that I counted nine folks that have either been fired and asked to resign. It that not an all time record for a president?

    He needs to be worrying about North Korea but he just keeps yapping and flapping his gums as he continues to piss off folks that are supposed to be our allies. The GOP needs to wise up and put a gag on T before he helps destroy the planet with a nuclear war.

    • I read that Kelly is targeting Omarosa, because he doesn’t like the influence she has on Twitler. I don’t know if that means she will be leaving, because she likes saying that she works in the White House. Meanwhile, a lot of people, including Rethugs, wonder why she was ever there in the first place. The ones who weren’t fired are leaving, because their access has been cut off. They don’t want to play by the usual rules, so they take their tiny balls and go home. I can’t think of even one who left on a matter of principle.

      • Goof thing if Omarosa is removed. I have wondered as well, what in the world could she possibly be contributing to help run the country or I should say the White House.The woman is totally in love with herself.

  3. Spicer’s still hiding in the shrubbery, I see.

    It’s clear the turmoil will never stop. The crew of nutjobs, thugs, and weirdos Trump has assembled around himself can’t get along with anybody, including each other. When someone like Kelly tries to bring in a little sanity, they like it even less. And fewer and fewer people want to come and work for Trump, so he’ll have only more barrel-bottom scrapings to hire in place of those who leave.

    Trump is unworthy of the title of “Lord of the Flies”, though, given his history of problems with keeping his zipper closed.

    • I had to put Little Seanie in the foliage. He’s too scared to come out, just as Flynn has to hide (not sure if he is hiding from prosecutors, of if he has spilled the beans and has to hide from Twitler). Twitler loves when everyone around him is fighting and clamoring for his attention. It allows him to think that there are people who like him and can’t stand not having his attention. Of course, they were all their for their own selfish reasons, and when access got cut off for the ones who didn’t get canned, they left. Twitler and everyone he surrounds himself with have one guiding philosophy: What’s in it for me? They have no principles other than that, which is the reason a shitbag like Gary Cohn wrings his hanky over his boss supporting Nazis and then stays in his job.