How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

Hey, kids, didja read the news today? POLITICO is reporting that   Eddie Munster  Paul Ryan is  scared shitless he will lose reelection in 2018  thinking about putting down his Speaker’s gavel and walking away from D.C. at the end of his term. If the tax cut bill that will enrich the uber-wealthy and destroy the middle class goes through, and he succeeds in decimating Medicare and Medicaid, then he will consider his job done. He wants to go home and jerk off to Ayn Rand documentaries  spend more time with his presidential aspirations  family. But wait, there’s more!

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At the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House, someone else got her ass fired  decided to leave. The Apprentice villain  star  and all-round opportunist Omarosa Manigualt-Newman is walking away from her very important position. The Honorable Omarosa served as the director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison and nobody knows what the fuck her job was, because she didn’t do a fucking thing other than make sure she was the only African-American working directly for Twitler. At least, that’s her story. From THE HILL:

According to a report from CBS News, Manigault Newman tried to enter the White House residence after chief of staff John Kelly told her that her employment in the administration would end in January.


April Ryan, a journalist with American Urban Radio Networks, reported during an on-air appearance with CNN that “everything blew up” when Kelly attempted to discuss Manigault Newman’s walk-in privileges and access to Trump.

Ryan reported Manigault Newman saying that “all hell will break loose” if she lost walk-in privileges. Kelly, according to Ryan, said “OK, all hell is going to break loose.”


The White House said Wednesday that Manigault Newman provided her resignation and that her last day of employment would be Jan. 20. The White House did not confirm that Manigault Newman was fired.

The Secret Service said it was not “involved” in removing Manigault Newman from the premises, but said the agency deactivated her credentials.

So what does this all mean? Well, for one thing Twitler, who doesn’t have a loyal bone in his bloated body, is a fucking moron for allowing a nosy fame-seeker like The Honorable Omarosa, who doesn’t have a loyal bone in her body, to wander around the White House taking notes. For another thing, the taxpayers will be paying her salary even though she’s not even allowed in the office. It also means that The Honorable Omarosa will tease the media about all the dirt she has on everyone in the White House, but she won’t tell them what it is, because if she did, then she wouldn’t get to be on TV anymore, and she wouldn’t be able to sell her tell-all book to the highest bidder.

So, if Eddie Munst…I mean, Paul Ryan is unleashed and no longer has to protect Twitler, will he tell whatever secrets he knows? And will The Honorable Omarosa get paid enough to spill her guts about what she saw not only in the White house but at The Apprentice? Will a couple of grifters help take down the biggest grifter of all? Poetic justice, if it happens.


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8 responses to “How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

  1. Omarosa is just about the most disgusting woman that I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing on TV. Yep she is full of herself and will make up lies just like her ex-boss. I read that folks at the WH wondered what her job was. I think she had a title but it was only for show and tell. I say good riddance but she will be getting a pay check through 1/20/18.

    Lets see now. How many folks have come and gone since DT took office?

    • The only thing Omarosa cares about is being famous and rich. She figures one feeds the other. The more famous, the richer she is and vice versa. Twitler is exactly the same, but he’s a lot dumber than The Honorable One. If he didn’t realize that she doesn’t give a shit about anything except herself and would use being in the White House to her own gain, then he’s a fucking idiot. Well, he’s a fucking idiot anyway, but he’s even a bigger fucking idiot. She is just like him and has no loyalty, not to the country and not to another person. If she saw something (and we know she had to have seen a shitload) that she can make sensational, she is going to do it, and she will take every else down without a second thought.

  2. the loony tic

    i love the crossed out versions of your post. they are hysterical! omarosa’s only talent is in playing into the ignorance of the american public. she has a year’s worth of dirt and fluff to sell to the highest bidder to make herself a millionaire. she’s no dummy but she certainly is a disgusting person. how unfortunate that someone even more disgusting will pay for her gossip and sensationalize it. and how even more pathetic that there will be millions of people clamoring to buy her book. and worst of all is that this scheme seems to be the ‘merika way.

    • If only we could cross them out so easily. Omarosa apparently has more talents than that. Google her name, and you’ll see that she managed to talk her fiance into rewriting his will just months before he died so she would get the bulk of his estate. To tell the truth, as much as I despise her, I don’t care if she becomes a billionaire if she dishes some really good dirt on the shithead who made her a celebrity. Not only did she wander through the White House for the past year, but she was on the set of The Apprentice for more than one season. Who knows what sexual harassment of other female contestants she might have witnessed? I just love irony.

  3. Is that Atlas Shrugged porn on the wall?

    I could never figure out what Omarosa’s job was anyway, other than “hang around and be visible to the rest of us look less racist”.

    I do wonder who will be chosen as Speaker if Ryan leaves. The Speaker doesn’t have to be a member of the House. I understand Roy Mo[lest]ore is currently looking for a job.

    • Doesn’t everyone need a framed reminder of Atlas Shrugged on their wall to remind them how selfish they are?

      From what I have heard on the television machine, Omarosa was mostly involved in making sure she was the only African-American in an advisory position in the White House. She never did any outreach to anyone, and she was despised by everyone.

      If Eddie Munst…I mean, Paul Ryan steps down, it won’t be until after the next election. It’s looking pretty good for the Dems, and they might take back the House and maybe even the Senate (poo-poo-poo, spitting three times so I don’t jinx anything). If that happens, I am hoping Pelosi will not be Speaker again. She was a very good and effective Speaker, but it’s time for some new blood. Get someone younger and more telegenic in there, maybe even from a red or purple state. If the Rethugs keep the majority, I have no idea who would be a good choice for them. Everyone hates all of them.

  4. That Paul Ryan is such a tease. Why wait a year? Why not go now? All the cool kids are doing it. (I have to wonder if there is a sex scandal in his past. Please, please, please. Preferably with a young guy (who I feel badly for even though I don’t even know he exists)

    • OMG! Great minds think alike! The first thing I thought when I heard he is looking at the exits is that he’s screwing a staffer, and he thinks he can keep the affair going for another year, but not much longer, so he has to start making noises about leaving now.

      I think we should start combing the internets now for pictures of Eddie…I mean, Shithead with his hand on anyone’s waist, male or female. We take all the pics to Kristen Gillibrand, and she can demand his immediate ouster. The rest of the Dems will follow. Genius! 💡